International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners provide a full range of professional legal services. Main priority is legal support for individuals and businesses in all areas of their private and work lives. The lawyers in our company can help you in different cases as litigation procedures, insurance matters, property or family issues, as well as in debt collection processes and protection of your civil rights. Highly experienced and reliable, our lawyers are on your disposal in Bulgaria & abroad.

Every trusted corporate and company lawyers will save you money, time and number of omissions you might make if you deal on your own with business. On your first steps and onwards you will need proper advices and help in registration of a company, negotiations, signing contracts, branding, intellectual properties, possible conflicts, franchising and many other things, in order to keep your commercial and company steady positions.

Our taxation lawyers in Bulgaria are capable of handling taxation matters with varying degree of complexity. We can help you before other institution could do it, such as Bulgarian National Revenue Agency. Just state your case and we will be there for your tax audit, inspection or checking up, recovery of VAT, determination of your right amount for taxes etc.


Our insolvency and liquidation lawyers will support you legally by giving you precise advices regarding collection of your debt from insolvent debtors or company which had opened an liquidation procedures. We can offer you preliminary advice on your situation, outlining the options available to you against insolvent entities. We can also conduct insolvency interrogations and investigations on behalf of both liquidators and creditors.

By our public procurement and tendering lawyers we provide integrated advices on procurement law, commercial negotiations, contract drafting and dispute resolution. Clients turn to us for the value we can add to their involvement in the procurement process.We provide expertise in all areas of law affecting procurement transactions and give you assistance in your projects to fulfill all legal requirements.

Our property lawyers are able to completely assist you in any kind of concerns you may have regarding your property. Being an owner or a tenant of a land, building or other type of construction, we are on your side with all the knowledge about law and procedures on acquisitions and disposals, commercial leases, development schemes, planning, building contracts and warranties, property finance, landlord and tenant disputes, documentation necessary.

Drafting pre-marital agreements, being in state of divorce or marriage breakdown, division of estate and children or arguing over inherited properties and stuff, all those cases are pretty much distressful. Our divorce and inheritance lawyers in Bulgaria will provide you useful guidance before and during the court sessions, preparing documents requested, giving you total support to defend your personal dignity as a rightful claimant.


Businesses rely greatly on agreements that are made between each other setting the parameters and terms of trade. Our contractual and corporate lawyers are happy to help for drafting of any commercial contracts that may be needed. There may be a reliance on commercial contracts in court to protect yourself against a potential claim or to enable you to bring one about. The law is working for you – we are here to encourage every private investor in Bulgaria, as well as foreign one.

Our property and real estate lawyers deal with both residential and commercial property estates. Services we offer cover all aspects of property law occasions such as: taking commercial space – office, retail or industrial, site assembly for development, buying and selling homes, property disputes, leasehold enfranchisement and others. We do represent foreign buyers before Notary Public in Bulgaria helping them in drafting documents for purchase of property in our country.

If ever happened to you or your family to get involved in a road accident through no fault of your own, our insurance and transport lawyers will assist you in claiming your right to get compensation. Whatever the circumstance from mere bruising or whiplash to serious injuries could be, we are able to offer you expert advices and representation on your compensation. All preparation of documents you need, all details you must know to receive your insurance indemnity – here we are to give it to you and all you have to do is simply to contact us!

Our civil litigation lawyers will represent you in associated proceedings, including pretrial hearings and depositions, as well as arbitration or mediation before administrative agencies or court personnel. We know how to achieve the best possible outcome on the client's behalf, to resolve conflict and controversy and to effectively act in defense of our clients.


The financial and bank lawyers in our company will save you money, worries and even possible loss. We are compliant with the regulations and know how to safeguard your business interests, career and reputation. If anything in your contract with a bank in Bulgaria is not clear, we will explain it for you making sure you are aware of everything about getting loan, mortgage, credit, doing transactions or any other financial operation.

Our law office is actively working on registration of companies. We offer fast and reliable services and help in registration of: private companies, consortia, foundations and non-profit legal entities. As experienced lawyers, do take care of our customers by providing them with full legal assistance. We deal with company registration or opening businesses – either, sole proprietorship, Ltd. Plc, etc. In addition, our office deals with registration of the Society of CPA (OCAC) consortia legal non-profit (NGOs) and others.

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The successful work of our team at International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners is based on three principles upheld by each of us which are our guidance how to proceed and finalize with every individual case, as well as the way to develop our company itself.

International Law Office D. VLadimirov & Partners offer all kinds of legal services. Depends on your need, we do representation of Bulgarian or foreign citizens, legal persons and companies before any court, jurisdiction, state, municipal institution, administrative authorities and arbitrations.

Our clients are foreign companies and individuals from different countries. They are served by professional lawyers in the field of commercial, corporate and civil law directly in their native language. We are highly experienced in commercial law, civil law, insurance and property deeds and others. Our validated and qualified experts led by the principles in our firm will help you with knowledge, dedication, loyalty, confidentiality and individual approach to each of you.





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