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Insurance lawyer Bulgaria. Car accident lawyer Bulgaria

While driving in Bulgaria, it is possible to occur some traffic accidents or crashes on Bulgarian roads. At that moment you definitely need a qualified insurance lawyer or car accident lawyer in Bulgaria. We will advise you how to find out Bulgarian insurance lawyer who will fix all of your problems.

Experienced insurance lawyers in Bulgaria are specialized in solving insurance and car accident cases. How? By contacting the insurance companies for getting sufficient compensation in Bulgaria and abroad.

Since 2007 Bulgaria is a member of European Union and all vehicles must have Civil liability insurance policy in Bulgaria. This is in case of crash. There are some stickers on the front glass of every car which shows you one main thing – you have a valid insurance for damages on the third party.

If you need to check up how to get compensation for the crashes in Bulgaria, you need to hire professional experienced lawyer. Prepare and show him/her all the necessary documents. Then explain him/her the entire situation and location of the accident on the road.

Insurance & Transport lawyers.Car accident Bulgaria

Our law office in Bulgaria provides legal defense and assistance to persons,  injured in car accident in Bulgaria, with damages from the car crashes or done by other type of accidents.

As professional insurance law & transportation law office, we advising our clients and suggest a legal representation to individuals and legal entities before the Bulgarian courts for insurance cases against an insurer claiming damages payable due to a car crash, accident. Our legal work with transport companies offer many different cases and settling the compensation cases by delay of freights payments of cargo damages.

Action as insurance lawyer in Bulgaria we represent our clients before insurance companies or third parties to persons injured as a result of road traffic accidents and their relatives in their relationship with insurers, in criminal proceedings against offenders and public institutions.

Insurance lawyer – what else?Car accident lawyer Bulgaria

Our law office in Sofia, Bulgaria provide legal representation before the Bulgarian courts for an Insurance Law claim of recourse brought by an insurer against a party in fault.

We advise our clients for professional legal defense and assistance for matters related to insurance of cargoes and transport vehicles, including: representation of persons in connection with any claims relating to the application of provisions of the Convention on the Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Road /CMR/; Refusal of an insurer to indemnify an insured under Road Carrier’s Liability insurance; and others

Every experienced insurance & transport lawyer will inform you that insurance compensation procedure in the case of a car accident depends on:

  • the accident,
  • damages,
  • documents,
  • driver fault(s),
  • weather conditions and so on.

If a car accident happened in Bulgaria, you should fill in an accident protocol. All of the drivers in Bulgaria must own one.

The most important circumstances need to be filled in the protocol of the accident because this is the main document for the traffic police, and for the Bulgarian courts in the future. In most insurance lawyers’ opinion in Bulgaria, the most important issue of every accident in Bulgaria is whether or not it had been due to the driver’s fault. This needs to be well described in the Protocol of the accident.

Being insurance lawyers and acting as car accident lawyers in Bulgaria, we do help the injured people. They can also be foreigners. We will support you legally to get reasonable insurance compensation from the insurance companies in our country. Call us on + 359 2 858 10 25 or send us an e-mail to

We also can consult you online. Simply contact us.


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