Getting enforcement order Bulgaria

Getting enforcement order Bulgaria Procedure for issuing an order for payment The order for payment procedure is a court procedure that is used to simplify the enforcement of monetary claims and the restitution of movable property. Its object is obtaining of a writ of execution without a legal trial. More about the order for payment […]
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Register a Joint-stock company in Bulgaria

Register a Joint-stock company in Bulgaria The joint-stock company (JSC) is a type of a company whose capital is divided into shares. A JSC may be formed by one or more Bulgarian and/or foreign physical or legal persons. The total amount of shares in a JSC forms its capital. The shareholders are responsible for the […]
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Liquidation Lawyers in Bulgaria

Closing a company in Bulgaria. Liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria We would like to speak about liquidation lawyers. Closing a Bulgarian trade company is not easy to be done. Especially if this company has got any trade activity or assets in Bulgaria. Our company and liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria call this ”liquidation of the company”. The […]
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