Debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria

As Bulgarian litigation procedures & debt collection lawyers, we work with many companies and natural persons who have problems in collection their debts in Bulgaria. Our law office & debt collection department works with a network of specialist law firms to enable you to initiate legal activities in all of european countries.

We provide additionally provides you with professional advice on the feasibility of your legal action and insight into the expected outcome. Linked together in an integrated network to deliver a flexible international solution, our team provides special and detailed local expertise. This covers a diverse range of individual business cultures, debt colelciton laws and regulati­ons.

Our Legal Collection services activities include:

  • Legal advices on possible legal action and the expected outcome;
  • Legal access to our legal networks including: lawyers, knowledge and expertise;
  • Legal collection activities, preparation of documents before bailiff, court actions and legal enforcement measures);
  • Accompanying you throughout the legal proceedings;
  • Cost effective action due to preferential rates pre-negotiated with legal practices
Debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria

Debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria

Should trade companies or individuals in our country find themselves unable to pay their debts, entities dealing with debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria are advised to procure specialised legal help.

We complete all the legal procedures required for the purpose of debt recovery.

Our debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria will be happy to represent you and your company if you need to undertake legal actions regarding outstanding debts.

The public authority in Bulgaria responsible for debt collection is the National Revenue Agency.

Debt collection lawyers are supposed to contact the debtors and to convince them to pay their debts voluntarily or by withholding certain benefits, should they be delayed in repaying.

For example, they will refuse to provide them with documents required to obtain bank loans.

Legal Steps for Debt Collection in Bulgaria

The process of debt collection in Bulgaria consists of several legal steps. It involves simple procedures at the start and might involve legal actions, should it be required.

Regardless of the selected method of approach to the debtor, the debt collection entities shall require complete access to all the necessary debtor-related documents, including, but not limited to: identification details, correspondence, contracts, agreements and invoices.

Step one is contacting the debtor and clarifying details of the outstanding payment. Should the debtor fail to make a voluntary payment, the next step is sending an official letter.

The regular deadline for response to this letter would be ten days from the day or receipt.

In case the debtor agrees to pay, the parties shall agree on a payment plan, calculate installments and a deadline for full repayment of the debt.

These legal procedures precede any contingent legal actions and they aim at avoiding more complicated debt recovery through legal action.

Should the debtor fail to respond to pre-legal debt recovery procedures, the next action is the ultimate remaining option.

Usually, this process involves two phases: pre-litigation and litigation.

Our debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria prepare all necessary documents for the litigation procedures. In this situation, a petition shall be filed to a Bulgarian court of competent jurisdiction.

Our debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria provide you with full professional legal services in collection your debts and legal details about the litigation procedures in Bulgaria.

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