Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Bulgaria

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Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Bulgaria

As a corporate and company lawyers (acquisitions lawyers) in Bulgaria, our work is connected with some company transformations. The process of mergers and acquisitions in Bulgaria is regulated by the Commerce Act.Mergers-acquisitions-lawyers-bulgaria, M & A law office Bulgaria, Company acquisition law Bulgaria, Merger lawyer Bulgaria, Corporate restructuring Bulgaria

There are specific rules for public companies in Bulgaria specified in the Bulgarian Public Offerings Securities Act (POSA). Takeover bids for public companies are regulated under special conditions. As corporate and company lawyers in Bulgaria, we follow the legal procedure.

The main goal for company mergers and acquisitions is creating a consolidated company that benefits from the synergy of the merging companies.

Differences related to the type of company

The foreign Investors in Bulgaria need some legal advices from corporate and company lawyers when they plan, acquire or take over legal companies in Bulgaria. They must know that there are different rules applying to specific types of companies in Bulgaria. Some company mergers and acquisitions differ for joint-stock and limited liability companies. The main differences apply to the documents necessary to be prepared for merger or acquisition, and approval with registration required. Only joint-stock companies are eligible to elect to be public or non-public tradable companies. We offer you mergers and acquisitions lawyers. You will save money and precious time. Our experience lawyers make us proud and convinced that we are one of the best law firm in Bulgaria.

Company restructuring – documents.  Merger & Aquisitions Bulgaria

Mergers-acquisitions-lawyers-bulgaria, M & A law office Bulgaria, Company acquisition law Bulgaria, Merger lawyer Bulgaria, Corporate restructuring Bulgaria

The Commerce Act stipulates that certain types of documents are compulsory for mergers and acquisitions in Bulgaria. Mergers and demergers require a plan for transformation, agreements, management reports, audit reports and certificates of good standing.

To transfer shares from limited liability companies in Bulgaria, a share purchase agreement and new Articles of Association are required. Transfers of shares from a Limited Liability company or Joint stock company require fewer documents in general.

As corporate & company lawyers in Bulgaria, we inform our clients that mergers and acquisitions in our country require approximately 25 business days.

This depends on the type of company and the approvals and regulations required. Bulgarian laws are investor-friendly and the provisions applicable to Bulgarian investors apply to foreign investors as well.

The law office D.Vladimirov & Partners represents buyers, sellers, and advisers in planning, negotiating, and executing company mergers and acquisitions in Bulgaria.

Our Bulgarian law firm includes lawyers in related practice areas who focus on competition, tax, real estate, intellectual property, environmental, and labor to ensure that complex M&A assignments are handled seamlessly.

We approach each M&A transaction with a thorough understanding of our clients’ industries, the business context, and the concerns of all involved parties. This knowledge enables us to structure transactions to achieve our clients’ business objectives and to anticipate and resolve industry-specific issues raised in the process.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Legal & tax due diligence;
  • Mergers;
  • Acquisitions;
  • Demergers;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Strategic alliances.

You need legal law advices, if you are involved as a party in mergers or acquisitions.Our legal team can provide you with all legal assistance necessary.  For more information, please contact us.

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