Practice areas

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provides a wide range of professional legal services to business entities and individuals in Bulgaria. Our lawyers are here to meet your needs for you being a company manager or a civilian. You can fully trust our firm when you decide to undertake your business activity - our commercial and company lawyers will assist you in every step on the entire way from the start-up to the subsequent growth of your company. They will lead you and assist you to make your company registration, purchasing a property in Bulgaria, data and brand protection, drafting contacts. Our law office support individuals and legal entities in a debt collection process, as well as to set an insolvency or liquidation procedure. And if your case is a family or civil one, our lawyers will protect your rights of possession, child custody, inheritance and other material and non-material items of discussion. International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners has got its litigation lawyers who can proceed with your case before any other Bulgarian legal institution.

Practice areas

Lawyer in Bulgaria. Property Lawyer in Bulgaria. Legal Adviser in Bulgaria. Company Registration in Bulgaria.

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners serves Bulgarian and foreign clients. We are keen on providing people with as wide as possible  scope of legal services of high quality to private companies and physical persons. The areas of activity we are working in include all essentila and crucial legal actions for property purchase and registration of a business company in Bulgaria. You don’t have to be aware of all documents and actions necessary for it is our job to inform you and help you with it.

Lawyer in Bulgaria. Property Lawyer in Bulgaria. Legal Adviser in Bulgaria. Company Registration in Bulgaria.

Lawyer in Bulgaria. Property Lawyer in Bulgaria. Legal Adviser in Bulgaria. Company Registration in Bulgaria.

Legal Advices for Business Companies

Functioning as litigation, corporate and company lawyers in Bulgaria, we provide overall legal services in the country and consultancy related to incorporation and management of all types of companies. Our legal activities are focused on drafting legal contracts, preparation of documents and applications for registration in the Commercial Register. We provide assistance in negotiations and compilation of documentation regarding all types of transactions, transfers, sales, purchases or partition of shares.

Corporate & Contractual Lawyer in Bulgaria

Our corporate & contractual lawyers in Bulgaria offer you a full spectrum of legal advices for you as a corporate entity. They work for all your business needs, from the company establishment to its reorganization and, if happens, buyout. This core area of practice draws upon our proficiencies in taxation, intellectual property, securities, real estate. We are experts of incorporation of a business, purchases and sales and also deal with leases of properties, structuring and securing debt financing. You can have best advices about partnerships and franchising, amalgamations, dissolutions and divisions, shareholders, joint ventures and others. Our lawyers can draft your contract, prepare and obtain all documents, licenses and permits required to direct a particular business.

In some cases, our clients are forced to conduct long negotiations with their partners before reaching any agreement. We provide constant assistance in it and incorporate into the agreeds on modifications in a contract whether commercial, civil or company one.

Real Estate Lawyer, Property Lawyer in Bulgaria

There is a huge demand for legal services when it comes down to a real property both Bulgarian and foreign investors are interested in. The lawyers at international law office D. Vladimirov and Partners conscientiously defend your rights in this field. Our property lawyers in Bulgaria prepare preliminary contracts and check up the property for encumbrances before every transfer of ownership of your property.

We will assist you in the due diligence of the property's status throughout the negotiations for the purchase. We will prepare all the necessary documentation to close the deal and will take care of all legal formalities which could arise in connection to the property management.

Civil Law, Commercial Lawyer in Bulgaria

You can count on us anytime when you need a proper advice regarding  property rights and obligations. We offer you our professional services in property disputes and litigation over restitution of illegally seized property. We will take the care to draft all documents as title deeds, contracts for hired work, powers of attorney which may be needed.

Tender Procedures and Public Procurement Lawyer in Bulgaria

You can rely on us about receipt the right advice and to prepare and obtain documents to commence construction. We are experienced in the preparation of the full set of documents for public procurement tenders. We will help you in case you need to contest any administrative or inspection instruments imposing social security or tax obligations. We have also experts in tax and customs law.

Lawyer in Bulgaria. Property Lawyer in Bulgaria. Legal Adviser in Bulgaria. Company Registration in Bulgaria.

Lawyer in Bulgaria. Property Lawyer in Bulgaria. Legal Adviser in Bulgaria. Company Registration in Bulgaria.

Our legal services, depends of your needs, we are providing you the following services :

  • Legal assistance in the preparation and control of contract documents.
  • Drafting & assistance in the legal assessment of property projects & deals;
  • Advice in relation to lodging claims, alternative tenders or negotiation potential.
  • Advice and assistance with different bidder issues, preparation and implementation of pre-operation discussion and negotiations.
  • Representation in appeal procedures and compensation processes.
  • Assistance in the design and drafting of specifications and tender terms.
  • Consultations for public contracting authorities regarding the implementation of procurement procedures.
  • Advising bidders in the preparation of proposals and possible procurement violations.
  • Representation of contracting authorities and bidders in verification procedures.
  • Assertion of claims for damages

Family and Inheritance Lawyers in Bulgaria. Divorce & Family Lawyer in Bulgaria

Though we all would not want it, it happens sometimes families to split up and it is not a thing we are so willing to do but we must defend our clients’ rights. We are specialized in the area of family and inheritance law. In our company work with several top experts in this field and we will:

  • Draft all necessary legal documents in divorce & family law in Bulgaria;. advise you on family and inheritance relationships and matters.
  • Prepare wills and execute inheritance by intestacy or will.
  • Provide full assistance in divorce cases – consultancy, representation in court, defense and preparation of all documents required.
  • Legal assistance in partitions in family court procedures & inheritance matters.

Litigation lawyer in Bulgaria, Court proceedings before any Bulgarian court

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners will represent you legally in civil court proceedings and will defend you before any court or other law institution in Bulgaria. We are able to provide you collaboration in commercial disputes, as well as to provide you defense and representation in enforcement procedures.

We are acting as debt collection lawyer in Bulgaria and also, leading many court actions in Bulgaria for collection your debts before every Bulgarian court and other authorities in Bulgaria.

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