Commercial & Company lawyers

Commercial and company lawyers working in International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provide you a wide range of legal services in the commercial law area being experts in legal registrations, procedures of liquidation and insolvency of companies, commercial court proceedings, drafting contracts, protecting your brand and intellectual property, giving advices for best data protection, employment and resolving corporate issues. They know how to best utilise their clients for different purposes and also, to assist companies in various business operations.

Commercial & Company Lawyers

Commercial laywer , Company law

Company lawyers

International Law Offce D. Vladimirov & Partners Law Firm provide you with trusted corporate & company lawyers who can save you money and precious time. They also can help you to avoid your worries about many possible omissions you might make if you decide to undertake actions and preparation of documents for а company on your own. Processes as company registration, entry in the Commercial Register, drafting of legal contracts, transactions, company terms and conditions, accountancy rules, mergers and acquisitions, competition issues, negotiations with your business partners and so on are essential for your business establishment, development and good reputation.

We are sure that nowadays successful company & commercial business lawyers in Bulgaria are able to offer our clients immediate, strategic appropriate legal advice and actions to achieve best results in supporting different business activities in Bulgaria. You will get more confident in  conducting yourself in most efficient way.

The main legal services we offer as Bulgarian company & commercial lawyers are the following:

  • Legal advices in transactions of mergers and commercial acquisition in Bulgaria.
  • Legal aid in public and private capital raising.
  • Legal activities for supporting foreign investors and companies in Bulgaria.
  • Management of companies operating in Bulgaria.
  • Commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Legal advices in court procedures and commercial litigations in Bulgaria.
  • Property sales and purchases on the Bulgarian property market.
  • Preparation of legal agreements & arrangement, drafting and negotiation of the purchase terms and conditions.
  • Drafting of legal documents in commercial and retail leasing.
  • Legal advices to various foreign investors in summer and winter resort development in Bulgaria.
  • Company registration - Limited Liability Company or Public Company.

Our Bulgarian Commercial lawyers team is giving all the information necessary to foreigners who had set up companies in Bulgaria, as they are supposed to follow a special procedure concerning any start-up of a company. They need to be ready to make preparation of around 10-12 legal documents for the registration.

Commercial and company law function encompass the following activities:

  • Legal advices for choosing the most appropriate way to start a new business in Bulgaria.
  • Preparation of documents to set up all types of companies. Entry in the Commercial Register.
  • Help in company management, merger, acquisitions and liquidation.
  • Legal advices about preparing of business plans, setting up financial schemes and investments.
  • Drafting property and commercial contracts.
  • Assistance in negotiations and all types of transactions, including mortgages and those involving real property.
  • Providing protection in case of unfair competition.
  • Litigation and appeal of all civil & administrative decisions before the Bulgarian authorities.
  • Legal presentation in court proceedings before any juristic institution in Bulgaria and participation in all legal dispute cases.
  • Legal support and consultancy in foreign investments and setting up joint venture.

International law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners offers you subscription for comprehensive legal services in the area of corporate, commercial and company law. We are keen on keeping precision, professionalism, long-term relationships with our clients. We aim at being of utmost service to you for your business goals to be achieved by putting in practice your ideas and projects.

Our legal work includes, but is not limited to the following activities: 

  • company and partnership formation
  • business start-ups
  • business sales and purchases
  • business refinancing
  • corporate governance and directors’ duties
  • contract preparation and negotiation
  • licensing arrangements
  • due diligence investigations
  • joint ventures
  • dispute resolution
  • foreign investment
  • regulatory issues

We will accept all your inquires and will respond to all your questions concerning any legal problem of every person/legal entity. Whenever you need our professional legal advices, do not hesitate to call us on 02/858 10 25.


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