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Bulgarian family law 

Bulgarian Family law, is regulating the family relationships, including marriage and divorce, the treatment of children, and related economic matters.

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Bulgarian family law governs family-related matters and domestic relations, such as marriage, civil unions and divorce, adoption, custody, guardianship and tutelage.

The purpose of the Bulgarian Family Code is to protect and consolidate the family, protect the children and safeguard their interests.

Legal consultation on marriage, both between Bulgarian citizens and between citizens of other countriesBulgarian family divorce law

  1.  Divorce by mutual consent – speed in the procedure
  2.  Divorce in the general claim order with or without guilt

– marriage and prenatal contract – consultations on the different regimes governing the right to property during and after the marriage (Community regime, regime of separation and negotiated regime), preparation and conclusion of a marriage contract, notary certification, registration at the Agency on the entries

– Legal assistance in obtaining certificates from the Registry Agency regarding the existence or not of a marriage contract

Under the provisions of the Bulgarian family code, both the husband and the wife have equal rights. The Bulgarian State offers conditions for the development of the family, protects the mother’s rights and offers assistance for bringing up children.

– Drafting a legal claims for a larger proportion of the property acquired during marriage

– Maintenance for children and spouse – initial determination, claims for increase and reduction of already alimony awarded, as well as assistance for its collection in case of refusal of voluntary payment, including payment by the municipality in the absence of property by the debtor.

– Cases of custody, deprivation, restraint or restoration, measures relating to personal relations between parents and children, grandchildren and grandparentsproperty & construction advisors in Bulgaria

– Cases to challenge paternity, recognition of a child born out of wedlock, actions to establish maternity, to bring claims for fathers’

– “Permit to leave the country of minors” procedure without the consent of one parent.

– “Court procedure for: disposing of property of a minor or liens under guardianship, real estate transactions, property of minors, disposition of their bank accounts, acquired by inheritance or other means

–  Legal consultation and assistance on all issues related to adoption of children

– Legal consultations on the procedures for placing under guardianship, appointment of guardianship

-Legal consultations and assistance in procedures under the Child Protection Act

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