Insurance & Transport Lawyers Bulgaria

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and provides a wide range of legal services by its insurance and transport lawyers. We will help you in CMR convention procedures before the Bulgarian courts. You can have our legal support in cargo and logistic services in Bulgaria, car accidents happened in our country, as well as in getting compensation from insurance companies. Our team brings together strategic commercial thinking and ability to solve complex problems in order to deliver the best possible solutions for you. We are highly experienced not only in operational and regulatory advices but also in advices on large transport, insurance and risk related matters.


Insurance and Transport Lawyers


Insurance and transport lawyers

Insurance and transport lawyers

Our insurance & transport lawyers in Bulgaria will help you negotiate fair insurance compensation and give you confidence when you need to file your judicial claim for insurance compensations. Very often insurance companies take advantage of their potential customers who do not use legal help when they take out insurance policies. Practically, they offer them insurance compensations in Bulgaria which are incomparably lower than the actual coverage levels. The expert assessments they provide in case of an insurance event are not always accurate which, in turn, affects the amount of the final payout. You have the full right to object it seeking for our legal help. 

We, as insurance & transport lawyers, handle with trucking accidents and litigations providing our clients with legal support in varied insurance cases concerning car or trucking accidents. We also help our clients in personal injury cases caused by transport incidents which had not been their fault. The work in partnership with clients in the transport and logistic sector utilises our technical and regulatory experience to attain corporate commercial results to the mutual benefit of our clients.

Clients have got our support if they want to put the insurance company on trial/court procedures in Bulgaria. Our law office has enough experience in many diverse topics as owner-operator liability, CMR regulations, cargo claims and handling catastrophic losses. As part of our trucking and transportation practice, we commonly represent trucking companies on such matters as follows:

  • Trucking accidents and personal injury claims.
  • Car accident and fatality claims & compensations.
  • Cargo insurance cases & compensations.
  • CMR convention compensations.
  • Owner/operator contracts and disputes.
  • Disputes with shippers.

Do ensure you have a real protection from unexpected events and ill-intention insurance companies. Use our competent insurance lawyers’ services. International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners offers you:

  • Proper advices when taking out insurance; renegotiation of conditions; occurrence of an insurance event.
  • Assistance in case of rejection of compensation and transfer of insurance property.
  • Legal protection and representation in proceedings on compensation claims for all types of insurances and road traffic accidents.

If you need a legal support or information for your car accident in Bulgaria, feel free to contact  us on + 359 2 858 10 25 or send us an e-mail to

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