Litigation & property lawyers in Bulgaria

International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners provides you legal services by our litigation and property lawyers. Just trust them and see how the property law works on your side for our lawyers act to protect your rights. We will advise you on the legal risk and will valuate the possible court decision based on the documents you take. You will know in advance your chance for success either against the property developer or the party which you wish to undertake legal actions to.


Litigation & Property Lawyers in Bulgaria


Litigation & property lawyers in Bulgaria

Litigation & property lawyers in Bulgaria

The most important responsibilities of litigation & property lawyers are to prepare all legal documents necessary for court procedures in Bulgaria required from the defense or assistance representing and defending clients before any other court & public authorities in the country.

Our experience shows that in the last years many disputes raised between developers purchasers in Bulgaria. Most often the reason is a breach in the Preliminary contracts and non-performance of obligations. Purchasers claim for compensations or refund of the money which they invested into apartment projects. Developers refuse to give back the money they had taken.

If you have property problems in Bulgaria and intend to take court actions, the litigation lawyer will advise you what is the best approach for your case is and will advise you on the steps which have to be undertaken. If you decide to reach an agreement out of the court, our Bulgarian litigation lawyers will be useful too, because we will help you to settle the agreement which you deserve and will protect your legal rights.

Our Bulgarian litigation & property usually work on hourly basis and follow a specific legal procedure in every stage of whole litigation process. Sometimes we need and require additional information from the clients or the authorities which takes more time to prepare our defense or statement for the Bulgarian courts.

During the litigation procedures before going to the Bulgarian court, we have an access to all legal acts and documents shown and could investigate the case for additional information. Regarding the cases, we should ask for copies and samples of documents to get important information with high priority from the Bulgarian authorities. In regular cases, our Bulgarian litigation lawyers are owed remuneration for their work determined on hourly basis depending of the kind of the contracts. The payment to the Bulgarian litigation & property lawyers is in accordance with the ordinance of the Supreme Attorney Council.

The Bulgarian Court & Litigation System

We, as litigation & property lawyers in Bulgaria, would like to inform you about some restrictions  in respect of our work. To represent clients in Bulgaria in front of the Supreme Court, the lawyers must have NOT LESS than five years of legal & advocacy experience in courts.

Some individuals are not allowed to work as litigation lawyers in Bulgaria. Those are convicted in crimes people, lawyers who had lost their advocacy rights of practice, sole traders or managers of trade companies. Same applies to governmental people & public office employees or individuals who had declared insolvency.

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We will support you during the entire court proceedings and will give you proper legal advices to solve your problems and to save your time and resources!


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