Tenders and public procurement lawyers

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provides professional legal services and full assistance in tenders and public procurements in Bulgaria. You can rely on us for preparation of all documents required in order to completely fulfill the conditions, both in procurements and auctions of the construction industry and public sector. We serve not only Bulgarian but also foreign companies. Our lawyers will advise you in any structuring tender process and its implementation (including regulatory compliance). They will help you in developing bid strategies and commercial offerings. Besides, you will receive advising on legal challenges (including urgent response during the standstill period) or regarding funding arrangements and complaints to the European Commission.


Tenders & Public Procurement Lawyers


Tenders & public procurement lawyers

Tenders & public procurement lawyers

International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners provides a wide range of legal services in the field of tenders and public procurements. Our functions include various legal activities as following:

  • Juristic assistance in preparation of all kind of legal procedures of tenders & public procurements in Bulgaria, as well as appeals in court about individual administrative acts issued by Nation Revenue & Tax authorities, municipal and governmental offices, tax checkings and penal notices. We are doing all those actions before the Bulgarian courts.
  • Legal support for all types of tender procedures in Bulgaria in road and property construction & building sector, as well as project developments in Bulgarian construction market.
  • Consultancy about  issuance of all types of necessary licenses & permission documents for transport and starting a new business.
  • Legal assistance and support to foreign clients before Bulgarian courts and authorities. Help in preparation and obtainment of registration, licenses and permits of all kind of technical documents.
  • Legal assistance and advocacy to foreign natural persons wishing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, legalization of their stay in the country or their foreigner's status.
  • Representation before all types of legal authorities, courts, administrative, municipal and governmental authorities, bodies and judicial instances.
  • Appeal of administrative acts and penalty notes. Protecting companies’, legal entities’ and citizens’ rights from violations done by officers, governmental authorities or actions on the part of administration's representatives.
  • Legal assistance in preparation of documents for awarding public procurement and participation in the tender deals.

Our law firm provides a full range of professional legal services in administrative and  public procurement deals, preparation of legal documents and services to all legal entities and individuals from the country and abroad. If you need our legal services in tender documents or have any questions and  concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on + 359 2 858 10 -25 or send us an e-mail to info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg.


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