Bulgarian property lawyer

Bulgarian Property Lawyer

Sell your property in Bulgaria

Selling your property in Bulgaria is not very easy, even if you have already find a buyer. That’s why you are in need of assistance. Look for a Bulgarian property lawyer!

If you have already bought a property in Bulgaria, you need to check up if this property had been registered in all the necessary authorities. And in the Municipality Office, too. Our law firm works as a professional Bulgarian property lawyer, as well. We support many foreigners who want to sell your real estate property in Bulgaria. Usually, if you have a good property, is quite easy to find buyers in Bulgaria. As property lawyers in Bulgaria, we could help you finding a buyer and getting a good price for you. It is very important to follow the legal advices of a property lawyer so that you will save money and precious time. Our experienced Bulgarian property lawyers will help you with the documents for the selling.


First Steps

Bulgarian property lawyer

Bulgarian property lawyer

Before you sell your property in Bulgaria, you should have all the documents necessary,as well as declarations needed for a sale – prepared in advance. We assume you will need  qualified property lawyers. This means, you need us.

Our property lawyers in Bulgaria are ready to assist you and protect your interests in selling your property in Bulgaria. You need just to call us or to send us an email. Then we will be ready to start the legal procedure.

Before starting every single deal, your lawyer is obliged to check for potential legal problems. He/she has to prepare all the documents necessary for the transfer of the ownership over this property. And so we do! We always check if there isn’t any property charges over your property you are trying to sell. For example, encumbrances, mortgages or pledges over your property by the Tax Office or by a third party.

Usually, when our buyer signs the preliminary contract, he/she needs to leave a deposit as a percentage of the sale price of the property in Bulgaria. When we help you finding a buyer, we require a simple power of attorney to represent you by conclusion of the preliminary contract for the purchase of the property with the buyers in Bulgaria.

Our qualified property lawyers will prepare the draft of Preliminary contract and will negotiate with the buyer concerning the transfer fees of your property. After receiving the written confirmation for all necessary legal conditions, we sign the preliminary contract for purchase on your behalf. Then we send you a copy of it. We are obliged to find buyer/-s and sell your property correctly.

When all the Documents are ready…

When all of the documents and declarations are done, our lawyers start preparing the Notary Deed for transferring the ownership over your property. You can trust us – we are specialized in property sales of foreign clients in Bulgaria. Each Bulgarian property lawyer will help you with the documentation and legal proceedings. Especially – International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners.

The next legal step to sell your property is to sign the Title Deed for the sale of your property. We will help you by representing you at the Notary Public in Bulgaria.

The last step to complete your sale is visiting the Tax Office of your municipality and remove your name of the property from the Tax Register, to avoid any future legal problems with it. We, as property lawyers in Bulgaria will highly recommend you using our legal services to complete all this legal issues & steps.

The mentioned property legal proceedings are just for your information, if you are trying to sell a real estate property in Bulgaria  Every single case has got its legal specifics & questions. We strongly recommend you to use a property lawyer in Bulgaria for legal transactions, in order to save your time, money and worries. Call us now on  + 359 2 858-10-25.


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