Purchase a house in Bulgaria

Sales of property

List of Required Documents for Selling Real Estate – Part 2 In the previous article we have pointed at the three main documents which selling real estate would be impossible without. They are as follows: a document certifying your rights of ownership, certificate of a property tax assessment and a certificate of marital status of […]
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Bulgarian property lawyer

Bulgarian Property Lawyer Sell your property in Bulgaria Selling your property in Bulgaria is not very easy, even if you have already find a buyer. That’s why you are in need of assistance. Look for a Bulgarian property lawyer! If you have already bought a property in Bulgaria, you need to check up if this […]
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Buying a Property in Bulgaria

ТО BUY A PROPERTY IN BULGARIA  Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007. For аlmost 10 years the property market has changed in a very perspective and positive way. Bulgaria has got some advantages in the opportunity to serve foreign investors. Some of the advantages are as following: Bulgaria has got the lowest […]
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