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Every trusted corporate and company lawyers will save you money, time and number of omissions you might make if you deal on your own with business.

Insurance Cases

If ever happened to you or your family to get involved in a road accident through no fault of your own, our insurance and transport lawyers will assist you in claiming your right to get compensation.

Litigation and Cases

Legal assistance and assistance in issuing, appealing and executing administrative acts. Appeal of individual administrative acts before an administrative court.


We provide legal services in connection with your investment needs related to the business in Bulgaria or with Bulgarian and/or European companies. Our legal team of Bulgarian Attorneys in Bulgaria will take care of your legal needs. We have an extensive network of corporate Lawyers , Legal counsel experts, specialized in Bulgarian Law as well as European Law that will provide you with exceptional services, whether in company or corporate law, customs or government permits, legal regulations, debt collection, insurance cases in Bulgaria.

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Our team consists of legal experts, long-time lawyers and lawyers specializing in the following areas

Debt collection & Commercial Disputes

We are sure that nowadays successful company & commercial business lawyers in Bulgaria are able to offer our clients immediate, strategic appropriate legal advice and actions to achieve best results in supporting different business activities in Bulgaria. You will get more confident in conducting yourself in most efficient way. Legal advice now!

Construction & Property Lawyers

The fact that foreign investors ignored the Construction Law proceedings caused a lot of problems and financial loss for them later. In many cases despite of the fact that the investors had paid large sums many of the construction projects had never been either started or finished. Legal advice now!

Banking disputes before the court

Our legal practice as a banking & financial lawyers give us the chance to work with people, having a problems with financial product marketed must be preceded by careful familiarization with all the terms and conditions applicable to it, as set out in the contract and the general terms and conditions applying to that product, are advised by the central bank.

Real Estates & Property Lawyers

Our law office is acting very quick & effectively to ensure that the process runs without a glitch. Whether you are selling, buying, investing in or re-mortgaging your second or investment home or the house you have chosen to make home for yourself in Bulgaria, our property specialist lawyers will be happy to assist. Legal advice now!

Insurance & Transport Lawyers

Our insurance & transport lawyers in Bulgaria will help you negotiate fair insurance compensation and give you confidence when you need to file your judicial claim for insurance compensations. Very often insurance companies take advantage of their potential customers who do not use legal help when they take out insurance policies. Legal advice now!

Commercial & Company Lawyers

Processes as company registration, entry in the Commercial Register, drafting of legal contracts, transactions, company terms and conditions, accountancy rules, mergers and acquisitions, competition issues, negotiations with your business partners and so on are essential for your business establishment, development and good reputation. Legal advice now!

Litigation & Civil Lawyers

Our international law office is specialised in litigation procedures and civil process trials in Bulgaria. We work with many foreign clients and legal entites for debt collection, real estates.We are corporate lawyers who can prepare and perform various cases, mostly in the sphere of debt recovery, torts, non-performance or breach of contract, failed property developments or real estate purchases/sales, inheritance disputes, unsettled divorce relations, etc. Usually forming a case involves a lot of associated legal work, that has to be done precisely and with professionalism by a legal practitioner.

Construction Law

We perform direct negotiations with property construction companies, Building & developers companies, technical suppliers, surveyers, investors, and final buyers of assets in Bulgaria. We also provide our clients’ Bulgarian property legal survey and comparing prices of similar real estates for clearing the client’s view about the investment rates on the local real estate market. Every case is important and our lawyers are here to lead you in every step of the way ensuring you receive a service tailored to meet your needs. Legal advice now!

Debt collection services

If you owe someone money, you are a debtor. If you are sued, you are the Defendant. After there is a judgment saying you owe money, you are also called the judgment debtor. Creditors sometimes sell debts to debt collectors rather than spend time and energy to collect debts. If a debt collector buys your debt, it becomes the creditor. You can represent yourself in a debt collection case, or you can hire a lawyer to represent you. If you represent yourself, you must follow the same rules lawyers do. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for not following them.

Inheritance Lawyers

The main characteristic of the will is the opportunity of the testator to alter the order of successions by law. The will expresses the unilateral declaration of testator’s intention how to distribute his/her property. The distribution of property represents a disposition of rights to real property after the testator’s death. The will has to be made in written, and it is a form of validity rather than variability. Legal advice now!

Family & divorce lawyers

Our law office has a strong and proven history in the area of family law and civil litigation. We are protection the philosophy of successful family law practice – effective listening, practical solutions – to all areas of our legal work, adopting a client and child centred approach to legal disputes and practice. Legal advice now!

Civil Litigation & Trials

We perform on behalf of our clients the recognition and registration procedure of foreign judgments at the local Bulgarian court, for reaching approval and enforcement decision in favor of the creditor. This includes filling all needed applications, actual representation in court, obtaining of the issued court approval and as well legalized official translation of the initial judgment document.


International Law Office D. VLadimirov & Partners offer all kinds of legal services. Depends on your need, we do representation of Bulgarian or foreign citizens, legal persons and companies before any court, jurisdiction, state, municipal institution, administrative authorities and arbitrations.

Our clients are foreign companies and individuals from different countries. They are served by professional lawyers in the field of commercial, corporate and civil law directly in their native language. We are highly experienced in commercial law, civil law, insurance and property deeds and others. Our validated and qualified experts led by the principles in our firm will help you with knowledge, dedication, loyalty, confidentiality and individual approach to each of you.

They dealt exclusively competently and professionally to my case which I am extremely grateful and happy for. In the future, if I need a quality legal service again, I will refer to the same services lawyer.
Richard NeibouroughEmployee

I express my gratitude to for the valuable work of adv. D. Vladimirov. I am pleased with his service and professional assistance. The case was quite complex and I felt tangled with no hope to get better but finally everything ended up successfully.

Mark SpencerEmployee

I appreciate the work of adv. D. Vladimirov who was able to help me in the period 2015-2016 to buy profitable trade areas and collect receivables through their already created and established businesses…

Nils StolsgardEmployee

I am grateful to attorney D. Vladimirov for the work and the results achieved. Despite the difficulties, he managed to complete it and to finish the job successfully.

Evelyn Ashford, UKEmployee

I am very pleased with the work of the lawyer Vladimirov. Though all  very problematic documents and uncertainty of the task that I set, I got surprisingly good results and managed to get back the amounts due for years which I am truly grateful for.

Daniel HoffmannEmployee

I am very pleased with the work of the lawyer Vladimirov regarding my real estate deal. Thanks to his attitude and experience, I spared major hassles on relatives whom I had a dispute over property with. I am happy with his work.

Elizabeth Mc CarthyEmployee
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