How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

We are supporting foreigners, who come in Bulgaria to start a new business company. That is the reason, why the clients usually ask us how to set up company in Bulgaria ?

The limited liability company is one of the most popular choices for starting business actities in Bulgaria. How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

Our clients know and using the advantages of the favorable tax level and business climate in Bulgaria.

There are few legal steps, which need to be followed to register a company in Bulgaria.

t’s very important to note that foreigners face legal instrictions on set up a new business company in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a simplified process of registering companies for foreign businesses.

How to register a company in Bulgaria ?

The clients could register a company from their countries without visiting Bulgaria and spening a money for business trip.

The entire registration process could be done through the simple power of attorney.

Think about the name of your company and address in Bulgaria. This is very important for the contact with tax office and Bulgarian authorities.

The limited liability company is a simple legal form of business activities in Bulgaria.

This is special form of established by the small and medium companies in Bulgaria

The company should have a manager, appointed by the general meeting of the shareholders.

The name of the company must be unique – thnk about the specific name of your company in Bulgaria.

Structure the process of register of Bulgarian company ?How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

The limited company in Bulgaria should have a initial company capital which has to be deposited in a local bank account.

We suggest to use our address as a sit and adress of your company and settle a scope of activities, which will be nessesery for the documents.

The entire documents and process of drafting the papers finished with signing and verification of signatures and documents.

Some of the documents for set up of LLC, needs to be signed and verified before the notary public in Bulgaria.

If the owners of business companies are not able to visit Bulgaria, they need to sign some papers before the notary public in your land.

After the documents has been signed, you should get an apostile for couple of them and send us the copies, by emial.

How to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

At times when we are facing a certain legal obstacle, whether it is a traffic accident or a commercial dispute, we often want to be aware of our legal rights. The question always will be how to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

How to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

In these cases, everyone usually turns to a law firm seeking legal assistance.

efore starting your research, characterize the legal case and find out to which branch of law it belongs.

The field in which your legal problem is located also determines the type of lawyer you are looking for.

Most lawyers  has been specialized in specific areas of law – family and inheritance, commercial, accident law, criminal, etc.

It is important to approach a person with knowledge and experience in the field of your case.

The legal way of find a good lawyer in Bulgaria ?

The reputation of the respective company is extremely important, in addition to a guarantee of good faith and professionalism, it is also a reliable tool in choosing a legal representative.

    • By recommendation of friends or Internet users

Recommendations and references from friends, relatives and acquaintances are the best way to find a lawyer

Usually these people have no direct interest, nor are they financially favored by the recommendation of a particular lawyer.

Your relatives could share with you their objective opinion about the work of the respective specialist or team, revealing both the positives and the negatives.  

  • Through cyberspace resourcesHow to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

If you are unable to find a loved one who has used the legal services of a specialist, take advantage of cyberspace resources.

You could do online research in official directories, forums, on the websites of law firms.

Our suggestion

Prepare & Draft a short list of your potential lawyers and their contact details.

This would help you organize your search.

Before arranging a meeting with the chosen person, try to describe the situation briefly and clearly on the phone.

This would allow the specialist to prepare and make your conversation more productive.

Our Bulgarian business law firm offers reasonable options for work and flexible fees doing business in Bulgaria.

Just call us on + 359 897 90 43 91 or send us a mail at

Recognition child maintenance orders

Following the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the EU, as regards the recognition and enforcement of decisions and other acts issued in other EU Member States, EU law and the standards established and incorporated in the CCP shall apply.

There is also clarity and a relatively easy way to allow the enforcement of decisions and other acts issued in other EU Member States

The recognition and enforcement of maintenance orders in EU member states is governed by Regulation 44/2001 of 22 December 2000 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

This regulation is known as “Brussels I” and has been in effect since 1 March 2002. It replaced the 1968 Brussels Convention in all the EU states except Denmark. That Convention continues to apply to other countries. Recognition child maintenance orders

The Regulation applies in civil and commercial matters and has detailed rules in a number of areas including consumer contracts and individual employment contracts.

It does not cover a range of matters including taxation, the status or legal capacity of people, matrimonial matters, wills and succession and social security.

Here we are only concerned with its role in relation to family law. It does apply to maintenance orders in family law cases. It deals with jurisdiction (i.e. which court can hear the case) and enforcement of maintenance orders.

The recognition and enforcement of judgments given in non-EU non-EU countries should be in a different procedure and order, namely the order established by the ECHR.

In Part Four, Chapter 12, Articles 117 to 124, the ECtHR sets out the procedure for recognizing and allowing the enforcement of foreign decisions and other acts (of non-EU countries) in Bulgaria.

According to part four of the KIHR, the conditions introduced in Art. 117 The ECtHR for recognition and approval of enforcement are the following:

– Decisions and acts of foreign courts and other bodies are recognized and enforced when:

– the foreign court or authority was competent according to the provisions of Bulgarian law , but not if the sole ground for foreign jurisdiction in property disputes was the nationality of the claimant or his registration in the state of the court;

– the defendant was served with a copy of the application, the parties were regularly summoned and the fundamental principles of Bulgarian law related to their defense were not violated ;

-if a decision of a Bulgarian court has not entered into force on the same grounds and for the same request ;

-if between the same parties on the same grounds and for the same claim no proceedings pending before the Bulgarian court , started before the foreign case in which the decision for which recognition and enforcement is sought;

– recognition or approval of the performance does not contradict the Bulgarian public order

It provides that, if you are a maintenance debtor (you are owed money under a maintenance order), you may sue the maintenance creditor (the person who owes you money) in the member state where you are domiciled or habitually resident if the maintenance creditor is domiciled in another member state.

Maintenance matters may also be decided by the court which is dealing with divorce or separation proceedings, provided its jurisdiction to do that is not based only on the nationality of one of the parties. Recognition child maintenance orders

Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian business lawyers offer a range of start-up business legal services to entrepreneurs, inventors, and business professionals throughout Sofia. 

We work closely with each new start-up from organization through each phase of growth and expansion, handling all business transactions and business litigation matters that every start-up in the first few years of operation. Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

Our Corporate lawyers offer more than just legal counsel

Because our Bulgarian law firm’s main focus is providing counsel to entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups – and have been successful in helping launch start-ups in a variety of business industries – we are more than just a business law firm to our clients. 

Our Bulgarian business lawyers have the capability to offer strategic insight on how to quickly integrate into new or existing markets and industries, and our business law firm will help connect new business owners and entrepreneurs to experienced, hardworking service providers; such as, legal accountants, business developers, project designers, home network professionals, insurance agents, etc.

If you’re ready to take the next step, and are looking to efficiently and effectively launch your new start-up business, or take your brand to the next level, please contact our Bulgarian business law firm to learn more. Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian Business Law Firm’s Philosophy in Working with New Start-up Business’

Regardless of the level of assistance you and your Bulgarian start-up business needs from our law firm, you can be assured of receiving quality, efficient, and personalized legal and business counsel. Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

We truly believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our new start-up clients.  Our Bulgarian business law firm has a wealth of resources that will save you and your company time and money, and allow your business to hit the ground running in a short period of time. 

We understand that new start-up has budget limitations and we will work hard to provide reasonable flat-fee’s for our legal services.

How to set up a company in Bulgaria ?

Company formation in Bulgaria falls under the requirements of the Commercial Code and to set up is quite easy and simple.
To open a company in Bulgaria you must select a type of entity, submit the required share capital and prepare the nessesery documents for verification and futher registration into commercial Register in Bulgaria.
When it comes to setting up a business in a foreign country, it is best to be aware of conditions to be met and of related procedures. Bulgaria, located in South-East Europe, is very open toward foreign investment.

Over the years, many foreigners worldwide, but especially from European countries, have successfully managed to set up a business there thanks to incentives provided by local authorities, as well as rather simple procedures.
In fact, there are no restrictions on foreign investment, but you must have a tax address to be allowed to do so. In fact, the tax address can be created by a third party and changed once the company has been set up. Our corporate lawyers in Bulgaria will help you start your brand new company in Bulgaria.

How much time need to open a new company in Bulgaria ?

Usually setting up of a business company in Bulgaria takes between two and three weeks. In the first instance, partners have to meet before a public notary to jointly define the company’s status and adopt the company’s constitution, along with establishing the hierarchy. The founder will then sign a notarized agreement. A certified copy of the declaration of incorporation will subsequently be issued. Note that these formalities should be completed within a single day.

Business transactions in Bulgaria

The legal contracts and transactions form the foundation of business contracts and business transactions should include descrption of rights, obligations of the parties. Business transactions in Bulgaria

Whether you have a small business or a large business, the payment of litigation costs are high.

We offer you legal services conducted by our experienced lawyers.

In our offices, we have a handpicked network of local lawyers, who will help you with any kind of legal issues

What we offer you, by doing a business transactions in Bulgaria ?

We provides a wide range of legal services to support your business.

We offer a day-to-day legal support, as well as legal consulting services in complicated nonstandard situations.

Our law office represents the interests of its clients at closings of transactions, dispute resolutions. We are offering a  and other legal issues between private entities and with public institutions.

Business transactions in Bulgaria

Therefore, when drafting a contract or business transaction a lawyer should always keep in mind what may happen in the future.

We have experience in litigating contract disputes at our law office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

How to structure the business transactions in Bulgaria ?

We have found that our business litigation practice enables us to spot many holes in a contract that could form the basis of a lawsuit should a dispute arise.

Therefore, we spend a good amount of time drafting business contracts and business transactions to avoid potential downstream litigation.

What is the most important issue by business transaction in Bulgaria ?

We have seen contracts written by others wherein the remedies made available in the contract were unenforceable.

For that reason, when drafting a transaction or business contract, we make every effort that should a breach of contract occur, our clients have the necessary contractual rights to recover all of their damages.

Business transactions in Bulgaria

When drafting contracts for a new or existing business, it is necessary to predict future situations your business may encounter.

Quality business contracts take into consideration a multitude of factors that may not be obvious to you

Whether you are opening and established business, you should seek the advice of a trained business transactions attorney

This will help you protect your rights and your business.


How Do I Start A Business?

You have an idea for a business, but you are unsure how to start the business. Some entrepreneurs rent a building and open their doors to the public without much thought or preparation. Other individuals may create a website to sell products or services online. However, other entrepreneurs may seek the advice of an attorney to develop a business plan, choose a business entity, review assets, andincome, determine if a patent or trademark is required, and resolve countless other business-related issues.

Do I need an lawyer to draft the Business transactions documents ?

It may be tempting to use a DIY business contract or an online document preparation service. However, there are at least four reasons why you should hire an attorney to draft your business contracts. You want to ensure that the contract is valid and enforceable. If you need to litigate the terms of the contract, discovering the contract is invalid in court can result in substantial losses. On the other hand, you also want to ensurethat you are not entering intoa contract with terms that would be harmful if you are bound to those terms. Customizing a contract template may appear easy. However, if you delete the wrong term or leave a term in the contract that should be deleted, you could have unintentional legal consequences. Lastly, you may not be protecting your best interests if you do not utilize the experience and legal knowledge of a business transaction attorney when drafting business contracts.

Does my Business transactions need a contracts?

In almost all cases, a business needs to use contracts for various transactions and relationships. You will likely have contracts for rent or lease payments, suppliers, vendors, employees, contractors, real property, building contractors, service contracts, etc. it can be difficult to understand all laws related to contracts. However, it is important to feel confident that your contracts protect your best interests while providing you lucrative returns.

Should I talk to a lawyer after I launched the business transactions ?

It is better to consult with a business attorney before you launch your business. Your lawyer can provide valuable legal advice, support, and guidance as you take steps to structure and protect your business so that when you open your doors, you are confident you can make this business profitable for years to come. However, if you began your business without consulting with an experienced business attorney, it is never too late to seek competent legal advice.

What are the important steps of business litigation in Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian Civil Procedure Code setlle the nessesery legal steps of business litigation cases are filing a petition with the relevant court desicions, summoning the defendant or third parties, the examination of the claim and attached evidences, court hearing the case and the final ruling.

Which are the main requirements for foreign investors in Bulgaria

Every foreign investor could start easy a business in Bulgaria by opening a company in Bulgaria. They can register limited companies in Bulgaria like any other place. There should be clared the sit and address of the company, the manager and size of the capital and the scope of business and commercial activities in Bulgaria. The minimum share capital to open a limited liability company in Bulgaria is 1 Euro.

Business contracts in Bulgaria, like any business agreement, involve an exchange of promises that the law will enforce, or a writing which contains the principal terms to which the parties have agreed.  Business Contracts in Bulgaria

An enforceable business contract executed in a business transaction will generally include the following elements:

  • Offer – an offer by one party to do something;
  • Acceptance – one party’s agreement to the terms of the offer;
  • Consideration – right, interest, profit or benefit accruing to one party;
  • Intention to Be Legally Bound;
  • Legal Purpose – the contract must be for a legal purpose;
  • Capacity – age, mental capacity, and legal existence are all issues of capacity;
  • Mutual Assent  – a meeting of the minds or mutual agreement; and
  • Certainty of Terms – the promises of the parties must be clear.

It must be clear from the business agreement promises that each party is making.  Without some description of the terms and conditions of the parties, a court will be unable to enforce the business contract against either party.   Our Bulgarian business lawyers call this type of contract an illusory business contract. Business Contracts in Bulgaria

An illusory contract is most often between two parties whereby one party making the promise to perform is under no obligation to fulfill the promise and thus the contract is unenforceable against said party.  The terms and conditions of the business contract must be sufficiently definite to allow for the business agreement to be enforced.

Business Contracts in Bulgaria

Every written business contract in Bulgaria should describe the substantive terms of the parties’ agreement, as noted above. 

In addition, there are numerous boilerplate clauses incorporated in every business contract that are equally important.

The following are a few business contract boilerplate clauses that our Bulgarian business attorneys frequently use: a business contract in Bulgaria like any agreement, is an exchange of promises that the law will enforce, or a writing which contains certain terms and conditions to which the parties have agreed.

An enforceable business contract will generally include the following elements: offer, acceptance, consideration, intent to be bound, legal purpose, capacity, mutual asset, and certainty of terms.

Business Litigation Law

Commercial litigation, often referred to as business litigation, is an area of law comprising the various types of disputes that can arise in the business context. Business Litigation Law

These cases include disputes such as a breach of contract, partnership and joint enterprise disputes, class actions, business torts, civil litigation, breach of fiduciary duty, and shareholder to shareholder litigation.
In business-to-business litigation, both sides often have claims and defenses rather than in consumer litigation where there is a clear plaintiff and a clear defendant.
This is because it is relatively rare for a contractual dispute to arise without both parties playing some role in the resulting disagreement (either justifiably or unjustifiably).

Our Bulgaria business litigation attorneys provide legal counsel to small businesses, inventors, professionals, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and private corporations.

Business Litigation Bulgaria

Our law office in Bulgaria provide a wide range of corporate litigation matters throughout Sofia and other bulgarian cities.

The legal services including, drafting of  statement for breaches of legal contracts, solution for completion of business disputes, debt collection samples and legal steps for preventing the business frauds.

Business court procedure matters often set a variation  in levels of complexity, ranging from simple contact disagreements (e.g., breach of contract) to complex shareholder and partnership disputes.

Our law office, based in Sofia offer a sufficiant business solution and professional services, including legal advices for partnerships, LLC’s, corporations and other entities.

We provide wide range of legal services like business litigation  to our clients and businesses, partners, shareholders, members.

The services has been delivered also to individuals, which require an understanding of the applicable law and the particular litigation issues involved.

Our business litigation lawyers works on various types of business litigation matters, representing export companies and individuals by trading with their contractual business partners abroad.

Whether it be for a start-up or a private corporation, commercial litigation in Bulgaria can often be a long and costly effort for any business and its officers and owners.

Business Litigation

Our Bulgaria law office works invensiv with start up busineses and the corporate lawyers appreciate that the involvement of legal counsel.

The business  litigation aptly responds and cultivates economic stability out of such legal hardship.c and mental strains of corporate litigation, including gathering the necessary funding for legal fees.

Our Bulgarian business law firm offers reasonable billing options and flexible fees doing business in Bulgaria.

What Is “Business Litigation”?

Business litigation mostly entails disputes related to or stemming from business transactions between individuals or companies. The essence of business disputes involve some kind of contract (oral, written, or statutory obligations) that could arise from a tenancy, a sale of goods or sale of services.

Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria

Dealing with family law issues and divorce in particular can be an emotional and stressful experience. Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria


Together with “mutual consent” the second reason for divorce in Bulgaria is the deep and irreparable breakdown in marriage”  according the Bulgarian Family code as legal motive for divorce.

This is what makes it important to have professional and impartial advice and guidance to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

The legal praxis of our law office has many cases in the field of family law, with more than half being divorce cases.

Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria Turning for help in divorce in Sofia, we offer clients a guarantee they will receive adequate legal protection from a divorce lawyer in Bulgaria with extensive professional experience

You will have the opportunity to find the best solutions in the most complex cases concerning the divorce process in Bulgaria.

We recommended to use a highly specialized lawyer – a divorce lawyer in Bulgaria , who brings the clients the main information, instead of using somebody else

How to Pick a Good Divorce Lawyer ?

Many divorce lawyers in Bulgaria offer divorce services, but to find out the difference between a really good and reliable divorce lawyer in Bulgaria and others who just claim to be such, you should meet with him in person.

Each divorce case is different and requires an individual attitude and approach, which requires the divorce lawyer to get acquainted with your problem in detail.

The patterned and hasty approach to customer issues clearly indicates a lack of professionalism when legal assistance should be provided in cases affecting the future of children.

If you decide it is time to end your marriage or consider divorce as an option, there are many factors to consider. 

It is crucial that you find the right lawyer for you to advise you on all the options available to you in order to protect your shared assets, to have a real understanding of your concerns and the concerns of your children.

How long do divorces take?

Every year in Sofia just over 2000 marriages end in divorce. 

If you are going to have this procedure too, do not consider yourself an outsider – about 10,000 families in Bulgaria annually terminate their marriage. 

In general, the divorce procedure in Bulgaria is a pretty quick process, even if there are children custody case involved or one of the spouses shows disagreement.

The simple divorce will take up to 3-5 months.Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian court will not look at the questions for division of property.

The court will just look at the divorce case the custody and child maintenence payments for the kids. 


Despite some differences between the laws of different states of the country, the general pattern of divorce is the same everywhere. 

After submitting of legal claim for divorce and providing a evidences for brocken marriage,the court forward the documents to the other person.

There is a formal divorce process and we can assist you at any stage to ensure that your claims are taken into account by the court. 

There are also many different approaches to how you may want to separate your total assets or ensure that the other party is actively involved in the upbringing of your children. 

We are here to help you decide what is the best solution for your situation.

Call us now on + 359 897 90 43 91 for consultation

Get a legal protection of your family rights with our divorce lawyer in Bulgaria !

How long does it take to get a divorce in Bulgaria ?

The divorce by mutual agreement in Bulgaria take usually between 4 to 6 mounts. All steps and time depends on the workload of the Family court. 
There are no spesific deadlines, but the court instructions is to limitate within 6 or 7 mounts. Usually about siseveral months, but if there are difficulties in summoning the parties or one of them takes actions that slow the progress of the case, it can take longer.

Who will take care of child after divorce in Bulgaria ?

When a divorce claim is already filed in the Family court, cares for the the child/ren remains to be given to the mother.  However, in deciding this issue, the court is guided by a set of criteria on which parent it is in the interest of the child to remain in foster care after the marriage. 
The both parens could considered who will take care of child after divorce in Bulgaria. Also important is the social environment of the parents, the possibility of assistance from loved ones in raising the child, living and material conditions, although the latter is not a leading one.

How much are the child maintenance costs after the divorce in Bulgaria ?

The child maintenance costs cannot be less than ¼ of the country’s minimum wage and at the moment it cannot be less than 152.50 BGN per month for 2020. The question is there is not upper limits to the child maintenance costs. In the case of a divorce by mutual agreement, the amount of the maintenance is determined by agreement between the parties. When an agreement cannot be reached on the amount of maintenance, it is determined according to the needs of the child and the options of the parent who will pay it. The needs of the child are determined according to their age, the lifestyle they have led up to now, the necessary means for food, clothing, study and sports activities and social contacts. 

Commercial litigation in Bulgaria

When you are involved in litigation, you need an attorney who can help you focus on your objectives and navigate you to a successful resolution. We understand that litigation is costly and often, mentally-taxing for you.

Our commercial litigation lawyers of International law office D.Vladimirov & Partners. endeavor to achieve the best outcome for you. Some clients prefer to resolve a dispute through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods; some prefer to fight it out in the courtroom. Whatever the outcome you desire, our focus is always client-centric at International law office D.Vladimirov & Partners.

Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous business lawsuits and disputes in state and federal courts throughout Sofia city and across Bulgaria, including breach of contract, LLC member disputes, partnership disputes, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret lawsuits, business disparagement, defamation, unfair competition lawsuits, shareholder derivative disputes, fraud and misrepresentation claims, tortious interference with contract, creditor recovery, lender liability, breach of fiduciary duty, business torts, and many others claims and lawsuits.

A commercial lawyer is a specialist who advises companies and governments on relevant business matters. This covers a huge range of issues, and for this reason every law firm is specialized in a specific field of activity. 

Our commercial lawyers drafts and reviews the legal documents that underlie the successful client transactions he represents. He also helps his clients resolve legal disputes.

The main areas of practice are corporate law, finance and banking. Lawyers  of International law office D.Vladimirov & Partners will prepare the legal documents necessary for the client’s corporate activities as well as for the conclusion of transactions such as restructuring or acquisition. They also act as project managers, making sure that the legal aspects go smoothly and on schedule.

The financial services lawyer ensures that his clients are legally protected against the risks associated with financial transactions . Lenders run the risk of losing their money, and the borrowers’ problem is the risk that arises from the obligations they will have incurred in return for financing provided by the lenders.

Commercial law attorneys prepare or review the documents required to withdraw a bank loan and verify that all legal action required for financing has been completed. Our litigation lawyers in Bulgaria also advise their clients on legal issues that arise in connection with the financing of certain measures.

Legal Dispute resolution –  One of the responsibilities of litigationlawyers  is resolving disputes. They advise their clients on the legislation on the particular dispute in which they are involved and propose a strategy for resolving the dispute.

If these disputes progressed to the formation of contentious proceedings , they will prepare the necessary legal documents and will target customers in the trial . Some attorneys may act as arbitrators or mediators. They also advise their clients on how to avoid or minimize the negative effects of potential future disputes regarding their transactions.

Child maintenance Bulgaria

A maintenance case is usually filed when two people living in the form of an actual cohabitation have a common child and are separated. 

Then the child or children remain with one parent and the other either does not pay maintenance or pays it less than the needs of minors. Then, for the parent with whom the child lives, a legal interest arises in bringing a maintenance case against the other parent.

Whenever it comes to family relationships, my advice is to resolve the issue on the basis of dialogue and mutual compromise in the best interests of the child. In order for the negotiations to be successful, this should be entrusted to a family professional lawyers, the most specialized family law lawyer, to assist the parties in converging positions.

And only after all the possibilities for a peaceful and voluntary solution to the problem have been exhausted should the case be resorted to.

Child support case without marriage

In most cases, maintenance cases mainly concern children born out of wedlock. This is because a maintenance case is extremely rare in the course of the marriage, and in the case of a divorce the court is obliged to adjudicate on the issue of maintenance and in reality no other case is required.

Children born without marriage, have the same rights as those born in the marriage, and therefore entitled to alimony.

When should a maintenance case be brought?

It is not always the case that after two parents terminate an actual cohabitation, such a case is required. When both parents understand each other, do not call each other, and cover their child’s financial needs, litigation is superfluous, although in this case we personally advise the parties, given the volatility of human nature, to settle their situation after separation, at least out of court, in which they set clear boundaries on how their relationship will develop in the future.

If after separation, the other parent refuses to pay maintenance if he or she is able to do so and does not respond to attempts to resolve the issue peacefully and out of court, then without hesitation, the parent who actually took care of the minor child should bring the court with a claim for maintenance. 

Any delay, hesitation or excuse on the part of this parent not to institute proceedings is against the interests of his or her child and deprives him or her of financial resources for the upbringing and upbringing of the child.

What amount of maintenance can be claimed?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer can be given only after your lawyer becomes acquainted with all the facts and circumstances, namely, what are the needs of the child, what is the value of his / her monthly maintenance, are there any specific needs such as medicines, therapies, courses, etc. n., what is the approximate financial capacity of the defendant / usually the father / to provide alimony, and what evidence does the parent have for the expenses incurred to cover the child’s needs.

One can only say for sure what is the minimum amount of child support that cannot be sued in one case – it is 25% of the minimum wage for the country, which as of 01.01.2019 is BGN 560, which makes minimum amount of BGN 140 per month.

The maximum amount in a minor’s maintenance case will depend mainly on the child’s proven needs and, to a much lesser extent, on the parent’s ability to provide. Also important here are the income of the parent, where the child lives permanently, because contrary to the widespread opinion, he is also required by law to support his child and the amount of maintenance is divided between the mother and father in a certain proportion.

Past maintenance fees

A maintenance case usually takes a certain period of time from the actual separation to the filing of the claim in court.

 In order not to violate the rights of the child, it should be brought by the parent and a claim for maintenance for a past period, covering the moment from separation to the opening of the case.

However, this period may not be longer than one year, insofar as the law expressly provides that past due maintenance may be claimed for a maximum of 12 months before the date on which the application is filed. All the expenses from the previous period cannot be searched, which is the main reason why the case should not be delayed.

What is the cost of a maintenance case?

Maintenance cases are exempt from paying a state fee for their formation. The only cost is a lawyer’s fee according Tariff. These costs are awarded to the plaintiff if the claim is upheld in full and, therefore, it is important that, in determining the claim is well prepared in the light of the evidence available .