Legal steps after accident in Bulgaria

If there are more than 2 vehicles involved, get all nessesery information from them – insurance policies & driving licence etc. inform us for the legal steps by accident in Bulgaria

If anyone is injured they should be helped, but not moved unless they are in danger of further injury.

The solution is to find a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience of helping clients to make road traffic compensation claims, including those car accidents that have taken place abroad.

You may think claiming compensation after a car crash in Bulgaria is complicated, but it needn’t be if you have the right information and support to make your claim.

If the injured person needs immediate transport to a hospital, the person accompanying them must return the scene of the accident as soon as possible.

All vehicles in Bulgaria are required to have Liability insurance and proof of the documents of this special insurance must be carried at all times.

The Legal steps by accident in Bulgaria in case of a minor traffic accident, every single driver in Bulgaria has the traffic simple protocol are following

his guide covers every aspect of making a claim after a car accident in Bulgaria, from time limits to the evidence needed to make a claim, as well as more detail on what is involved in making a claim.

It can also be a great source of information if you are planning on visiting this beautiful country because knowing what to do should the worst happen you are in a far better position for making sure you can claim the compensation to which you are entitled to.

Bulgaria Car Accident Injury Compensation Claim Specialists

This protocol needs to be completed by the both parties, responsible for the crashCar accident lawyer Bulgaria
  • Name and identity card details of the other driver
  • Full insurance details of the other driver including insurance number and expiry date
  • Place of the accident, names and contact details of possible witnesses
  • An explanation of the accident with details of the damage caused
  • Both parties must agree and sign the Car accident Report Form

Asking for insurance compensation 

Payment of compensation for damages is amount payment of money to compensate you for all material and immaterial damages, accured in the accindent. Legal steps by accident in Bulgaria

You need to have an official prolice road traffic protocol, which describe direct and immediate consequence of the traffic accident.

Claiming the immaterial damages, you need to get a consultantion with your insurance lawyer to include all negative consequences.

Concerning the material damages you and your lawyer need to calculate all material & future costs, borne by the driver with regard to the accident

Claiming also the surgery costs, medical hospitalization costs, costs for medicines, costs for future rehabilitation, repair of the car damages etc.

It is nessesery to provide direct connection for your insurance compensation procedure between the car accindent damages and the occurred accident.

This means, there should be direct connection between the accindent, the injuried people

The resulted from this traffic accident, the negative health consequences to be a result of the injuries in this accidentLegal steps by accident in Bulgaria

The minimum insurance cover in Bulgaria is:

  • for pecuniary and non-pecuniary loss caused by personal injury or death;
  • for damage to property (material items) — BGN 2 000 000 for each insured event, whatever the number of injured parties.

Serious car accidents in Bulgaria

The first thing, you should do, participating in a serous car accident is to see & check if there are some damaged people.

Everyone should get the actions to protect yourself at the moment

  • You should call the traffic police & your insurance company, and to your personal injury & insurance lawyer as soon as possible;
  • Get the injured people out from the vehicles and from the road
  • Get the information from their documents and immediately alert oncoming traffic traffic & lawyers
  • Take the names, contact details, licence plate numbers of witnesses:
  • Preserve all evidences and find the withnesses on the place

The Accident Report Form is filled in by the Bulgarian road & traffic Police who will give a signed copy to all parties involved in the accindent on the road.

Road Traffic Accidents in Bulgaria

Before you meet your lawyer , don’t sign any paperwork unless certain it’s understood and agreed with.

Send the report form to the insurance company (many demand it within seven days of the accident).

Legal steps by accident before file a claim against the insurance company

Following an accident, take the Report Form to the insurer and fill in an application form for claims

You could just contact the insurance company’s emergency line for advice on the procedure for making a claim.

The vehicle undergoes inspection and insurance is transferred to the insured person’s bank account within a few days or up to two weeks.

If the accident is serious the Traffic Police will complete the form and give a copy to all parties involved so they may forward to the relevant insurers.

The Bulgarian insurers insist on the form being received within 7 days of the incident.

It is important to understand and agree with any paperwork before signing, after consulting your  insurance lawyer in Bulgaria.

Immediately claim from the Bulgarian traffic police officers to provide you with the required copy of the car accident protocol from the traffic police.

This is the most important documents for every car crash in legal steps after accident in Bulgaria

How we could help you legally in this accident ?

Without getting this protocol from the traffic police, you could not submit the claim in the court after the documents has been already prepared and collection for insurance compensation from the Bulgarian insurance companies.

The latter is an official document, which proves the occurrence of the insurance event, as well as the participation of the listed parties.

If you are not listed as an injured person within the protocol, immediately claim the amendment of the latter by the traffic police authorities.

After the entering into force of the new Bulgarian Insurance Code the injured persons were deprived of this right

Now they shall first submit their claim before the insurer, having attached all relevant documents.

The insurer shall take a decision within a 3-month period whether to pay an insurance compensation or to refuse paying it.

Upon the expiration of this 3-month period, the injured persons, who have not been paid any insurance compensation

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Child abduction case Bulgaria

After the increased mobility of EU citizen in Bulgaria and common marriages, cohabitations with foreigners increases the risk of child abduction case Bulgaria

Child abduction is a very traumatic experience for the both sides and for the kid.

There are legal procedures in place to ensure that the children are returned to their country of residence

How loChild abdiction in Bulgariang it will take will depend on the country concerned, the circumstances of the case and indeed whether the child can be traced.

Legal support of child abduction cases Bulgaria

It is important to establish as soon as possible what your parental rights are under the local law of the country to which your child has been taken.

You should obtain urgent legal advice about the laws and practice for the country concerned and the position regarding legal aid for legal costs.

If you appoint a Child abduction lawyer the chances will be much higher then before.


This statement again concerns disputes relating to the unlawful detention or transfer of a child to a territory other than the country of habitual residence of a child.

Consideration of the issue is necessary due to the frequent cases in which parents living in different countries have a dispute over where and with whom the child should live.

At one point, usually due to a misunderstanding between the parents, one comes with the child to Bulgaria and refuses to return to the country where they all lived together before.

Bulgaria as a full member of EU is place for legal cases of international abduction of a child by a parent.

After the divorce or separation, one of the both parent decides to take the child to another country.Child abdiction in Bulgaria

He dissatisfied with the court decision or in the hope that the court in his or her homeland will be more favorable to him or her.

Child Abduction Proceedings in Bulgaria

The exact definition of  child abdiction has been given in Hague Convention of International Child Abduction.

Parental child abduction occurs when a person takes a child away from the country of habitual residence.

That is the country they normally reside in, without the permission of either those with parental responsibility or the courts. In these cases, however, decisions are made in the

А/best interests of the child,

B/if it turns out that the return of the child would put him or her at risk of physical or mental harm, the court will not order the child to be taken away or detained. the return of the child to the country of his habitual residence.

According to the recommendations of the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference, states should promote legislation to reduce the risk of abduction.

Taking a child to another EU country without permission ?

Our law office is specialized in child abduction Proceedings in Bulgaria.

The procedure of legal support by Child abduction case Bulgaria

We could help you take the necessary steps to get your child back.

 The central bodies, determined according to Hague Convention is Bulgarian Ministry of Justice

  1. International Legal Protection of the Child and International Adoptions Directorate
  2. International Legal Cooperation and European Affairs Directorate

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction aims :

1. to ensure the immediate return of the child transferred illegally or detained in one of the Contracting States
2. to guarantee effective observance of the laws related to the exercise of parental rights and the right to personal relations.
The Regulation № 2201/2003  for the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility.
The Regulation applies between all Member States of the European Union, with the exception of Denmark. A court desicion in one state shall be recognized without special procedure.

Does your partner take your child in breach of a court order?

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How to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

At times when we are facing a certain legal obstacle, whether it is a traffic accident or a commercial dispute, we often want to be aware of our legal rights. The question always will be how to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

How to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

In these cases, everyone usually turns to a law firm seeking legal assistance.

efore starting your research, characterize the legal case and find out to which branch of law it belongs.

The field in which your legal problem is located also determines the type of lawyer you are looking for.

Most lawyers  has been specialized in specific areas of law – family and inheritance, commercial, accident law, criminal, etc.

Finding a good attorney may be the most important step you can take toward winning a legal case and it doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

You will, however, need to take your time with the search.

Focus your efforts on finding a lawyer that has dealt with your specific legal issue in the past and that you get along with personally.

Taking the time to find the right lawyer will be worth it, as they are more likely to help you win your case.

Finding a good lawyer in Bulgaria ?

The reputation of the respective company is extremely important, in addition to a guarantee of good faith and professionalism, it is also a reliable tool in choosing a legal representative.

    • By recommendation of friends or Internet users

Recommendations and references from friends, relatives and acquaintances are the best way to find a lawyer

Usually these people have no direct interest, nor are they financially favored by the recommendation of a particular lawyer.

Your relatives could share with you their objective opinion about the work of the respective specialist or team, revealing both the positives and the negatives.  

  • Through cyberspace resourcesHow to find a good lawyer Bulgaria ?

If you are unable to find a loved one who has used the legal services of a specialist, take advantage of cyberspace resources.

You could do online research in official directories, forums, on the websites of law firms.

Determine what type of attorney you need. 

It is always preferable to locate an attorney who has specialized expertise in the practice area that your case involves (e.g., malpractice law, bankruptcy law, etc.).

It’s also a good idea to find attorney familiar with the courts and laws of the area where you live. This will enable your attorney to best represent your interests.

Prepare & Draft a short list of your potential lawyers and their contact details. This would help you organize your search.

Before arranging a meeting with the chosen person, try to describe the situation briefly and clearly on the phone.

This would allow the specialist to prepare and make your conversation more productive.

Our Bulgarian business law firm offers reasonable options for work and flexible fees doing business in Bulgaria.

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Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian business lawyers offer a range of start-up business legal services to entrepreneurs, inventors, and business professionals throughout Sofia. 

We work closely with each new start-up from organization through each phase of growth and expansion, handling all business transactions and business litigation matters that every start-up in the first few years of operation. Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

Our Corporate lawyers offer more than just legal counsel

Because our Bulgarian law firm’s main focus is providing counsel to entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups – and have been successful in helping launch start-ups in a variety of business industries – we are more than just a business law firm to our clients. 

Our Bulgarian business lawyers have the capability to offer strategic insight on how to quickly integrate into new or existing markets and industries, and our business law firm will help connect new business owners and entrepreneurs to experienced, hardworking service providers; such as, legal accountants, business developers, project designers, home network professionals, insurance agents, etc.

If you’re ready to take the next step, and are looking to efficiently and effectively launch your new start-up business, or take your brand to the next level, please contact our Bulgarian business law firm to learn more. Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian Business Law Firm’s Philosophy in Working with New Start-up Business’

Regardless of the level of assistance you and your Bulgarian start-up business needs from our law firm, you can be assured of receiving quality, efficient, and personalized legal and business counsel. Start-Up Business Lawyer Bulgaria

We truly believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our new start-up clients.  Our Bulgarian business law firm has a wealth of resources that will save you and your company time and money, and allow your business to hit the ground running in a short period of time. 

We understand that new start-up has budget limitations and we will work hard to provide reasonable flat-fee’s for our legal services.

How to set up a company in Bulgaria ?

Company formation in Bulgaria falls under the requirements of the Commercial Code and to set up is quite easy and simple.
To open a company in Bulgaria you must select a type of entity, submit the required share capital and prepare the nessesery documents for verification and futher registration into commercial Register in Bulgaria.
When it comes to setting up a business in a foreign country, it is best to be aware of conditions to be met and of related procedures. Bulgaria, located in South-East Europe, is very open toward foreign investment.

Over the years, many foreigners worldwide, but especially from European countries, have successfully managed to set up a business there thanks to incentives provided by local authorities, as well as rather simple procedures.
In fact, there are no restrictions on foreign investment, but you must have a tax address to be allowed to do so. In fact, the tax address can be created by a third party and changed once the company has been set up. Our corporate lawyers in Bulgaria will help you start your brand new company in Bulgaria.

How much time need to open a new company in Bulgaria ?

Usually setting up of a business company in Bulgaria takes between two and three weeks. In the first instance, partners have to meet before a public notary to jointly define the company’s status and adopt the company’s constitution, along with establishing the hierarchy. The founder will then sign a notarized agreement. A certified copy of the declaration of incorporation will subsequently be issued. Note that these formalities should be completed within a single day.

Business contracts in Bulgaria, like any business agreement, involve an exchange of promises that the law will enforce, or a writing which contains the principal terms to which the parties have agreed.  Business Contracts in Bulgaria

An enforceable business contract executed in a business transaction will generally include the following elements:

  • Offer – an offer by one party to do something;
  • Acceptance – one party’s agreement to the terms of the offer;
  • Consideration – right, interest, profit or benefit accruing to one party;
  • Intention to Be Legally Bound;
  • Legal Purpose – the contract must be for a legal purpose;
  • Capacity – age, mental capacity, and legal existence are all issues of capacity;
  • Mutual Assent  – a meeting of the minds or mutual agreement; and
  • Certainty of Terms – the promises of the parties must be clear.

It must be clear from the business agreement https://lawyer-bulgaria.co.uk/the promises that each party is making.  Without some description of the terms and conditions of the parties, a court will be unable to enforce the business contract against either party.   Our Bulgarian business lawyers call this type of contract an illusory business contract. Business Contracts in Bulgaria

An illusory contract is most often between two parties whereby one party making the promise to perform is under no obligation to fulfill the promise and thus the contract is unenforceable against said party.  The terms and conditions of the business contract must be sufficiently definite to allow for the business agreement to be enforced.

Business Contracts in Bulgaria

Every written business contract in Bulgaria should describe the substantive terms of the parties’ agreement, as noted above. 

In addition, there are numerous boilerplate clauses incorporated in every business contract that are equally important.

The following are a few business contract boilerplate clauses that our Bulgarian business attorneys frequently use: a business contract in Bulgaria like any agreement, is an exchange of promises that the law will enforce, or a writing which contains certain terms and conditions to which the parties have agreed.

An enforceable business contract will generally include the following elements: offer, acceptance, consideration, intent to be bound, legal purpose, capacity, mutual asset, and certainty of terms.

Business Litigation Law

Commercial litigation, often referred to as business litigation, is an area of law comprising the various types of disputes that can arise in the business context. Business Litigation Law Overview

These cases include disputes such as a breach of contract, partnership and joint enterprise disputes, class actions, business torts, civil litigation, breach of fiduciary duty, and shareholder to shareholder litigation.

In business-to-business litigation, both sides often have claims and defenses rather than in consumer litigation where there is a clear plaintiff and a clear defendant (think personal injury law where there is an apparent victim and defendant).

This is because it is relatively rare for a contractual dispute to arise without both parties playing some role in the resulting disagreement (either justifiably or unjustifiably).

The situation in Bulgaria 

Our Bulgaria business litigation attorneys provide legal counsel to small businesses, inventors, professionals, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and private corporations.Business Litigation Law

Our law office in Bulgaria provide a wide range of corporate litigation matters.

The legal services including, drafting of  statement for breaches of:

A/legal contracts, solution for completion of business disputes0

B/debt collection samples

C/legal steps for preventing the business frauds.

Business court procedure matters often set a variation  in levels of complexity, ranging from simple contact disagreements

Our law office, based in Sofia offer a sufficiant business solution and professional services, including legal advices for partnerships, LLC’s, corporations and other entities.

We provide wide range of legal services like business litigation  to our clients and businesses, partners, shareholders, members.

The services has been delivered also to individuals, which require an understanding of the applicable law and the particular litigation issues involved.

Legal procedure before the court authorities

Our business litigation lawyers works on various types of business litigation matters, representing export companies and individuals by trading with their contractual business partners abroad.

Whether it be for a start-up or a private corporation, commercial litigation in Bulgaria can often be a long and costly effort for any business and its officers and owners.

Business Litigation

Our Bulgaria law office works invensiv with start up busineses

The law office is working also with corporate lawyers appreciate that the involvement of legal counsel.

The business  litigation aptly responds and cultivates economic stability out of such legal hardship.c and mental strains of corporate litigation,

Our servces include gathering the necessary funding for legal fees.

In turn, our Bulgarian business law firm offers reasonable billing options and flexible fees doing business in Bulgaria, with foreign businesses, employees and customers.

Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria

Dealing with family law issues and divorce in particular can be an emotional and stressful experience, in a situation, you needa divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria


Together with “mutual consent” the second reason for divorce in Bulgaria is the deep and irreparable breakdown in marriage”  according the Bulgarian Family code

This is the legal motive for divorce. This is what makes it important to have professional and impartial advice

This is the way to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

The legal praxis of our law office has many cases in the field of family law, with more than half being divorce cases.

Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria Turning for help in divorce in Sofia, we offer clients a guarantee they will receive adequate legal protection from a divorce lawyer in Bulgaria with extensive professional experience

You will have the opportunity to find the best solutions in the most complex cases concerning the divorce process in Bulgaria.

We recommended to use a highly specialized lawyer – a divorce lawyer in Bulgaria , who brings the clients the main information, instead of using somebody else

How to Pick a Good Divorce Lawyer ?

Many divorce lawyers in Bulgaria offer divorce services.

To find out the difference between a really good and reliable divorce lawyer in Bulgaria and others who just claim to be such, you should meet with him in person.

Each divorce case is different and requires an individual attitude

To approach the issue, requires to appoint the divorce lawyer to get acquainted with your problem in detail.

If you decide it is time to end your marriage or consider divorce as an option, there are many factors to consider. 

It is crucial that you find the right lawyer for you to advise you on all the options available to you in order to protect your shared assets

How long do divorces take?

Every year in Sofia just over 2000 marriages end in divorce. 

If you are going to have this procedure too, do not consider yourself an outsider – about 10,000 families in Bulgaria annually terminate their marriage. 

In general, the divorce procedure in Bulgaria is a pretty quick process, even if there are children custody case involved or one of the spouses shows disagreement.

The simple divorce will take up to 3-5 months.Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian court will not look at the questions for division of property.

The court will just look at the divorce case the custody and child maintenence payments for the kids. 


Despite some differences between the laws of different states of the country, the general pattern of divorce is the same everywhere. 

After submitting of legal claim for divorce and providing a evidences for the divorce in the court forward the documents to the opposite site.

There is a formal divorce process and we can assist you at any stage to ensure that your claims are taken into account by the court. 

There are also many different approaches to how you may want to separate your total assets.

We are here to help you decide what is the best solution for your situation.

Call us now on + 359 897 90 43 91 for consultation

Get a legal protection of your family rights with our divorce lawyer in Bulgaria !

How long does it take to get a divorce in Bulgaria ?

The divorce by mutual agreement in Bulgaria take usually between 4 to 6 mounts. All steps and time depends on the workload of the Family court. 
There are no spesific deadlines, but the court instructions is to limitate within 6 or 7 mounts. Usually about siseveral months, but if there are difficulties in summoning the parties or one of them takes actions that slow the progress of the case, it can take longer.

Who will take care of child after divorce in Bulgaria ?

When a divorce claim is already filed in the Family court, cares for the the child/ren remains to be given to the mother.  However, in deciding this issue, the court is guided by a set of criteria on which parent it is in the interest of the child to remain in foster care after the marriage. 
The both parens could considered who will take care of child after divorce in Bulgaria. Also important is the social environment of the parents, the possibility of assistance from loved ones in raising the child, living and material conditions, although the latter is not a leading one.

How much are the child maintenance costs after the divorce in Bulgaria ?

The child maintenance costs cannot be less than ¼ of the country’s minimum wage and at the moment it cannot be less than 152.50 BGN per month for 2020. The question is there is not upper limits to the child maintenance costs. In the case of a divorce by mutual agreement, the amount of the maintenance is determined by agreement between the parties. When an agreement cannot be reached on the amount of maintenance, it is determined according to the needs of the child and the options of the parent who will pay it. The needs of the child are determined according to their age, the lifestyle they have led up to now, the necessary means for food, clothing, study and sports activities and social contacts. 

Personal Injury Bulgaria

Thousands of people are killed in motor vehicle collisions each year in Bulgaria. Hundreds of thousands are injured. In 2017, that number equated more than 20-30 car accident injuries every day across the country.

No one is ever expecting a catastrophic vehicle crash to happen to them. But in the aftermath, victims and their families are left with the burden of devastating injuries and mounting bills.

There’s also the expense of repairing or replacing their vehicles and dealing with the pressure of the insurance company. It’s hard for anyone to endure.

If a careless driver caused the crash that injured you, our law office D.Vladimirov & Partners can hold that person responsible for your losses. If applicable, the firm’s skilled lawyers can investigate defective car parts or roadway defects that led to an accident.

With two full-time investigators on staff, ​​​​​​​ our law office D.Vladimirov & Partners car collision legal team can get started on your case as soon as you call.

Sofia, Bulgaria Car Collision Lawyers with Knowledge, Compassion and Commitment

D.Vladimirov & Partners in Sofia, Bulgaria has the experience to help injured victims. As the oldest plaintiffs’ law firm in Sofia, our team has a decades-long groundwork of knowledge to go the distance against negligent parties.

We put our clients’ interests at the forefront and help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

It has been our job during more than 14 years of practice to protect victims and advocate for them during tough times. We know Bulgaria automobile accident law and the complex rules of the road that govern drivers.

If you were injured or a family member was killed in a car crashes in Bulgaria, please contact our Sofia law office lawyer for Car accident lawyers at “D.Vladimirov & Partnrs” law office in Sofia,Bulgaria could call us on + 359 897 90 43 91 or fill out the form below to get started.

We can discuss what happened to you, the next steps, and what you can expect.

Grant a power of attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal and written document that allows you to appoint any other person or any organization to handle your business affairs when its  needed to Grant a power of attorney.

The person appointed referred to as an agent, or attorney-in-fact, and the person who appoints is known as the Principal.

This power of attorney is also known as a Letter of attorney. There are several types of power of attorney that can be used for a different purpose.

POAs are powerful documents that authorize someone to make important decisions about your family, finances, and healthcare, even when you can’t make them consciously

The notarial credentials of a power of attorney include the signature of the person’s signature and the validation of the content of the document.

The power of attorney needs to be explicit.

The property must be described in detail as location, quadrature, the basement or ceiling, the common parts of the building, the right of construction or the yard.

You must indicate whether the authorized person has the right to negotiate the terms of the notarial deed, whether he has the right to receive the sale price, and so on.

Grant a power of attorney

TIP: Read carefully the documents  & power of attorney before you sign them.

Do not authorize people you do not know or trust in a case of grant a power of attorney

A power of attorney is a document to be signed only by the party issuing it, that is, the authorized person does not undertake to perform the assignment.

To make arrangements for this, you need an additional contract signed by both parties.

A power of attorney is required when the owner of a real estate wants to dispose of (sell, donate, replace, transfer over viewing and maintenance, establish a right in rem, etc.).

According to the legal requirements in a power of attorney of this type, it is necessary to have a description of the specific properties to which it refers.

For this reason, carry and submit a document of ownership to the notary in order to make the document true.POWER OF ATTORNEY

It is still debatable whether the sale price should be explicitly stated.

The power of attorney for disposal of a real estate may be temporary or indefinite, but together with it 2 signatures are signed. declarations –

The first is under Art. 264, para. 1 of the Tax law- with which the person declares that there are no outstanding obligations for taxes, duties and obligatory insurance contributions, which have not been extinguished;

The second declaration – the one under Art. 25, para. 8 of the Notary act is for citizenship and civil status.

The first statement is valid for 6 months, so even if the power of attorney is indefinite, the declaration must be renewed – signed and authenticated again before a Notary.

Validity of the power of attorney

The validity of the power of attorney is determined by the authorizing person, but it also depends on various factors, especially those in practice.

There are several ways to determine the validity of the power of attorney.

In order to determine its validity, the power of attorney may contain any of the texts listed below.

(Third countries, authorities and individuals (notably banking institutions and notaries) to whom the power of attorney will be addressed have the right to set their validity requirements on a time-limit.)

1. The power of attorney shall record the period of its validity by the authorizing officer.

2. The power of attorney is valid until the designated action for which it has been issued.

3. Power of attorney applies until it is withdrawn by the Authorizing Officer (but not more than 10 years from the date of issue).

4. Power of attorney is indefinite. (but no more than 10 years from the date of issue).

Termination of the power of attorney

The power of attorney shall terminate upon one of the following:Grant a power of attorney

1. The authorizing officer shall withdraw the power of attorney.

2. The authorized person shall refuse to execute it.

3. The term specified in the power of attorney has expired as a term of validity.

4. With the death of one of the parties under the power of attorney.

5. With the seizure of the document by a body of authority or its detention as a written proof by a notary and others. (Here the document is valid but can not be used by the authorized person).

Important facts about the power of attorney

1. The power of attorney shall be valid only in the original. If the original of the power of attorney is not presented, it may be assumed that it was withdrawn by the authorizing officer.

2. The notarial power of attorney is the most commonly falsified / falsified document. We remind you that this act is being prosecuted and punished by the law enforcement and judicial authorities.


To withdraw a notarized power of attorney, please contact the notary who certified it.

The withdrawal of the power of attorney shall be by several means, depending on the reason for the withdrawal.

What are the relationships between the parties; is there a danger of abuse? what volume of rights (types of rights) contains the power of attorney; and others.

Tip : If the power of attorney is entitled to operate a bank account, first notify your bank to note this fact in your bank account.

Types of power of attorney

There are generally two types of POA which are as follows:

1.General Power Of Attorney (GPA)- A General Power Of Attorney that gives all the powers and rights to your attorney-in-fact to manage all financial decisions including properties, paying bills, making the investment and any financial transaction that will be conducted on your behalf.

This is a position of significant trust.

2. Special or Limited POA (SPA)- A special or limited POA gives the power to an agent to manage financial, investment and banking matters.

For example, Special POA gives any person the right to sign a deed to the property for you on a day, when you are not present at that time.

– Re-authorizing. It is issued on the basis of a notarized power of attorney in which it is explicitly stated that the authorized person has the right to re-authorize other persons (to grant the rights under this power of attorney to third parties, in whole or in part).

Types of powers of attorney according to Notary Tariff

1. According to the number of delegates (signers).

2. By type of authorization and re-authorization.

3. According to the number of redeployed persons, and as such, the redeployed person is the proxy. Cumulatively with the following conditions.

4. According to the type of power of attorney and from the point of view of the LNHM Notary Public:

– usually;
– for lease;
– for the acquisition, sale, exchange, division of real estate (in the case of transfer or establishment of real rights over immovable property);