Child Custody law

Getting the Child Custody rights is the worst possible option for the development of relations between the parents. But these are also some of the most common family law cases, along with divorce cases. Child Custody law

The typical situation involving such a lawsuit is the termination of cohabitation of parents without marriage and lack of agreement

They need to clarify who will care for the child, how the visions with the other parent will be carried out and what maintenance will be paid for him.

If both parents are intelligent people who clearly understand the need for their child to have both a father and a mother, they are aware of their responsibility to provide means of support and the need to maintain good relationships, at first glance it seems unnecessary to reach until the trial.Child Custody law

But human nature is fickle, relationships get worse, selfishness or jealousy take a backseat and things go to court.

Our legal advice to people who are divorced but on good terms is after the divorce, to visit a family lawyer and to reach an agreement.

This agreement should be it notarized or judicially approved to regulate the relationship as between parents and their child, thus preventing future conflicts.

As our extensive practice shows, parental rights cases are being pursued precisely because of unresolved issues at the beginning of separation.

Another reason is the development of these relationships in conditions of uncertainty and uncertainty and as a result escalation of tension and deterioration of communication.

If you have a problem like this, though you may have aggravated the relationship, the most productive option is always to consult a lawyer specializing in parental rights and try to negotiate a settlement.

With the help of an intermediary, you can restore balance and lay the foundations of a more peaceful, mentally incapacitated future for you and your child, which is also financially secured by the other parent.

How can a divorce lawyer help us?

First, after learning about the specifics of the case, you will receive legal advice on your chances of winning such a case.

Next, tips on how to properly arrange for the protection of your claims and assistance in obtaining documents and preparing witnesses to support your fair requests.

Thirdly, the parental rights lawyer will draft and file in court your documents in a way that you can prove your case and will successfully defend your claims to the judge.

Once the judgment is delivered, it will advise you on the options to enforce it and its interpretation on issues that are not clearly addressed in it.

Child Custody lawIf necessary, it will defend your interests in a further court of law in the event of an appeal.

Our advice is to bring in a case for parental rights for joint consideration and claims for a regime of personal relations with the father, as well as for maintenance. 

This will in no way increase the costs of the case, while at the same time enabling you to achieve the regulation of the full volume of relationships in a single production.

Insofar as a parental rights case concerns your future to that of your child, it will be absolutely irresponsible to believe something so valuable to you in the hands of a lawyer who lacks the necessary experience and knowledge.

We guarantee that by contacting us in connection with your parental rights case, you will receive quality legal services from highly experienced family law attorneys who will bring you the necessary attention. Child Custody law

We do not formally and formally approach, but build your protection with regard to the specifics of the case. 

For this, if you have a legal problem regarding custody rights, contact us to schedule a date and time for a consultation on your case.

Often, in the exercise of their powers, the various institutions impose administrative penalties by issuing criminal decrees, electronic slips, or other acts. 

However, the findings of the inspection bodies are not always correct, and not always the offense committed is such or with a weight that implies the imposition of the appropriate penalty.

Given the fact that administrative acts are drawn up by professional staff in the relevant field who know the subject matter without using legal services, their lawfulness should not be called into question. But practice shows that this is not always the case. Against the background of the complex and ever-changing regulatory framework in all spheres of public life, as well as the constantly changing and often not completely clear European norms, the issue of unlawful administrative act is not so rare.

The issuance, contestation and enforcement of administrative acts are governed by the Administrative Procedure Code (APC). Administrative acts are issued on the basis of and for the implementation of the law. 

Only individual and common administrative bodies are subject to administrative appeal. Normative acts are attacked only by court order. The administrative acts of some state bodies (President, Council of Ministers, Regional Governor, etc.) are not appealed in this order. The acts of bodies which do not have a higher administrative body shall not be subject to appeal. The appeal itself can be done only by interested persons and not by anyone, ie persons whose rights and legitimate interests are directly affected by the act. The applicant’s interest must be legal, direct and personal (this does not apply to the prosecutor).

Art. 146 of the APC defines the grounds for challenging administrative acts, namely:

– lack of competence (personal, material and territorial);

– non-compliance with the established form;

– significant violation of the administrative and production rules;

– contradiction with substantive provisions;

– non-compliance with the purpose of the law.

Our law office has extensive experience in appealing administrative acts, where you can get specialized legal assistance on the following issues:
– Legal representation and defense in the appealing administrative acts – preparation of objections, assistance in obtaining and presenting documents;
   –  Appeal of penal decrees and electronic fiches issued under the Road Traffic Act;
   – Appeal of penal decrees issued by the Labor Inspectorate, National Social Security Institute (NSSI), National Revenue Agency, Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture and others;        – Appeal against administrative acts issued by the municipalities;        – Administrative and judicial appeals.

If you need qualified legal assistance in the process of appealing an individual administrative acts, you should contact us immediately and keep the terms for appealing before the Bulgaria courts.

Legal support property deals

Our solicitor in Bulgaria acting and working on many property cases for transfer of properties in Bulgaria.

Couple of our last deals in Bansko, Pamporovo and Sofia, show us the real question of clients, concerning the legal support property deals .

Our law office in Sofia, Bulgaria provide a wide range of professional advices related to property buyers in Bulgaria. Legal support purchase of propertyLegal support purchase of property

We represent our customers legally before seller and notaries in Bulgaria.

Our legal advices are focused also to foreign investors, property developers and companies for property management and construction of real estates in Bulgaria. 

The foreign clients usually need a specific information for transfer of property in Bulgaia.

That is the reason,why we provide a legal support of foreign investors

Some clients are asking us for legal advices in real estate sector. 

The property lawyers  in the office work on diferent legal procedures, drafting and apealing reliminary contracts and conclusion of Notary deeds

The legal support before oreign investors include also a legal procedures- submission of offers on behalf of clients before private enforcement agents for purchasing specific real estates and industrial properties.

Legal support and registration of documents before the Municipality of the region of purchased real estate,  before the local authorities, as well as in the local Cadastre Agency.

Preparation & legal support for purchase agreement of land property

The legal representation before the Notary public include drafting and preparation of document for transfer real estate.

Our solcitors will help you with preparation of all legal proceedings & drafting of preliminary contract. 

Full representation of a seller or buyer during the signing of a title deed

Legal aid for all procedures of declaring the property at the local municipality. Full representation during legal proceedings for revoke of title deeds.

If you would like to buy a property in Bulgaria ?Legal support property deals

We offer our clients, complete legal analysis of the selected real estate, including the following services we :

– prepare a project and coordinate amendments on the text of a preliminary contract for

sale and purchase of real estate;

– examine the history of the property,

– perform a full check on whether the property is free of encumbrances;

– obtain previous property documents and other relevant papers;

– perform a check on the seller – their representative power, availability of information about court cases against the seller, marital status and other relevant information;

– prepare and put amendments on the draft of title deed,

– assist our clients before the notary public and accompany the client on the day of the transaction;

– assist our clients in obtaining possession of the property, including the preparation of an acceptance and delivery certificate, if such is needed and agreed;

 – coordinate the communication with the lending bank, if the client is going to use a loan for the purchase,

– monitor the issuance of a letter of engagement, assist in establishing legal/contractual mortgage;

– we cooperate, if the sale price will be paid through a trust account contract/escrow account;

Can a foreigner buy property in Bulgaria?

Yes, of course. Every foreigner could buy a real estates in Republic of Bulgaria. There are some legal restrictions for purchase of agricultural land depending on the origin of the buyers, which country they are comming from.
Basically all foreigners in Bulgaria could buy any property types if they settled a legal company in Bulgaria. We provide a legal support for citizen of European Union, outside of European Union and nn resident of EU countrties for removing the legal restriction of pruchase of property in Bulgaria by set up of companies in Bulgaria.

Why are properties so cheap in Bulgaria?

One of the legal resons for cheap properties and real estates in Bulgaria is the income situation and the financial market in the country. The property market is quite and relatively stable low prices, which is perfect for a new purchase of foreign investors in Bulgaria. Every foreigner should keep in mind that the average salary in Bulgaria, at the end of 2019 were about 650 euro.

How much is property tax in Bulgaria?

The property transaction taxes are usually about 3.6-4 % from the value of the property, written in the Notary title deed. If the price is law, the property transaction will be also very law. The annual tax fees in Bulgaria are also very law – usually  0.15% of the tax evaluation ( the value of the property as estimated by the tax evaluation) of the property. Simple example for the tax fees of rural property and about 100 Eur per year for apartments in small cities in Bulgaria.

Closing a company in Bulgaria. Liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria

insolvency & liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria, liquidation procedures in Bulgaria

We would like to speak about liquidation lawyers. Closing a Bulgarian trade company is not easy to be done. Especially if this company has got any trade activity or assets in Bulgaria. Our company and liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria call this ”liquidation of the company”. The entire procedure should be approved by Bulgarian court, according to Bulgarian Trade Law. This act regulates the requirements for performing the closing and liquidation of trade & legal companies in Bulgaria.

Our company and liquidation lawyers provide the information and consultancy necessary by giving advices for dissolving and liquidation of legal companies in Bulgaria. The preparation of the documents for liquidation procedures starts with the submitting an application for certificate of company liquidation in Bulgarian Tax Authority. We work with many foreign companies in Bulgaria. Our company and liquidation lawyers will submit an application for issuance of written certificate in the Bulgarian Trade Register. And this – together with the decision of the management body of the company concerning the liquidation matter. We prepare all the documents needed for election of the official liquidator. In addition, we pay attention to the deadlines of the entire liquidation time of your company.

The elected liquidator has to complete all started deals and legal transactions with the company trade partners. He/she ought to cover all the outstanding debts of the company to its creditors. Usually, the liquidator represents the company in liquidation in advance.


Liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria

do completion of the employees’ labor contracts in the company, complete all rest contracts, and so on. All the payments must be covered, too. The lawyers has to submit an annual finance report to Bulgarian commercial register.

We would like to inform you about some important tasks. First of all, we have to send invitations to all the creditors of the company, and to submit the invitation through our company and liquidation lawyers in Bulgarian Commercial Register. The creditors have about six months’ time to prepare and submit legal claims in the Bulgarian courts against the company before the company gets completely liquidated.

We are acting as a company and liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria. We are making a legal check every week for our clients in order to avoid any surprises. That is the main reason why we keep a close contacts to all our clients. We keep them informed about submitting the legal claims and start the litigation procedures of claiming the assets of the debtor’s company in liquidation. When the trial period of invitation to the creditors of the company expires, the company will be erased from the Bulgarian Commercial Register.


We can offer you accountancy services provided by qualified & certified accountants. In addition, we suggest you preparing  the necessary accounting documents for the company liquidation in Bulgaria.

Every single case has got its legal specifics. If you need some assistance, call us now on + 359 2 858 -10-25