Criminal legal services

The last couple of years a huge number of clients has asked for legal support in Criminal legal services. 

In the context of Bulgaria, defining the scope for criminal laws involves a comprehensive examination of the legal framework

Bulgaria, like many other nations, classifies criminal offenses into categories based on the nature of the wrongdoing and the severity of the potential punishment.

Bulgarian criminal laws cover a wide range of offenses, including but not limited to crimes against persons, property, and public order.

The core functions of criminal legal services include legal advice, representation, and advocacy for individuals facing criminal charges.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys are instrumental in guiding their clients through the complexities of criminal proceedings, explaining legal rights

One fundamental aspect of criminal legal services involves conducting thorough investigations to gather evidence, assess the strength of the prosecution’s case, and identify potential legal defenses.

The legal support for criminalsCriminal legal services

Criminal legal services extend beyond courtroom representation, encompassing negotiations with prosecutors for plea bargains, presenting mitigating factors during sentencing

The legal support and advocating for the best possible outcome for the accused.

Attorneys may also challenge the constitutionality of laws or procedures, contributing to the development of legal precedent.

In addition to direct client representation, criminal legal services often involve educating clients about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Attorneys may provide guidance on navigating interactions with law enforcement, understanding the implications of criminal charges, and making informed decisions throughout the legal process.

Furthermore, criminal legal services may encompass post-conviction representation, including appeals and efforts to secure reduced sentences or alternative forms of punishment.

Attorneys in this field are dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive a fair and impartial trial, promoting the principles of justice and due process.

Criminal legal services contribute significantly to maintaining a just and equitable legal system.

By providing representation to those accused of crimes, these services uphold the fundamental tenet that every individual is entitled to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

As legal advocates, practitioners in criminal legal services play a crucial role in

  • safeguarding individual liberties,
  • protecting against wrongful convictions
  • contributing to the overall integrity of the criminal justice system.

Criminal law and litigationThese laws serve as the foundation for the criminal justice system, outlining the boundaries of acceptable behavior and the consequences for violating those boundaries.

The procedural aspect of criminal laws in Bulgaria involves the enforcement and application of the substantive laws.

Criminal procedure encompasses the methods by which the government investigates, gathers evidence, prosecutes, and adjudicates criminal cases.

This procedural framework ensures that individuals accused of committing crimes are afforded due process and a fair trial.Criminal law and litigation

The Bulgarian criminal laws distinguish between crimes and misdemeanors, with crimes being more serious offenses that carry heavier penalties.

The severity of a crime is often measured by the potential punishment it entails, such as imprisonment for over one year or even the death penalty in extreme cases.

The legal system further categorizes crimes into various classes with differing degrees of severity, allowing for a nuanced approach to sentencing based on the specific circumstances of each case.

On the other hand, misdemeanors in Bulgaria are less severe offenses, typically punishable by imprisonment for up to one year.

In Bulgaria, as in many legal systems, the proper functioning of the criminal justice system relies on a delicate balance between substantive criminal laws that define offenses.

Understanding the nuances of both aspects is crucial for maintaining a system that upholds justice, protects individual rights, and serves the interests of society.

What is criminal legal aid?

If you are accused of a crime and cannot afford legal representation, you can apply to get criminal legal aid from the country. You have a constitutional right to legal advice in criminal cases, including the right to legal representation where you cannot afford to pay for it.

When should I call a Lawyer?

As soon as you become aware that the police (or some other investigating agency) are looking for or investigating you, or if you believe that you may have committed a crime. A lawyer can intervene with the police and either prevent an arrest or, if you are going to be arrested, arrange for your surrender at a time and in a manner that minimizes embarrassment to you or your family. Hiring a lawyer may also protect you from being questioned by the police.

If I am innocent, why do I need a lawyer?

Innocent people do get accused of committing crimes. Also, people who may have committed one crime often get accused (sometimes wrongfully) of committing additional, and more serious crimes. As the accused, you have a constitutional right to counsel. You are always better off having a lawyer learn about the accusation, discuss it with you, and develop a strategy for responding to the charge.

What should I do if I am arrested?

First, be polite and cooperative. Arguing, struggling or fighting will never make the situation better. Rarely, if ever, will a person be able to convince an officer to stop an arrest. Finally, call a lawyer as soon as possible.

What happens if I am arrested and taken to the county jail?

You will be fingerprinted and photographed. You will either be released on personal recognizance or you will have to wait for a bail commissioner to set bail.

What is bail?

Bail is money or other property that is deposited with the court to ensure that the person accused will return to court when he or she is required to do so. If the defendant returns to court as required, the bail will be returned at the end of the case, even if the defendant is ultimately convicted. However, if the defendant does not come to court when required or violates his or her bail conditions, the bail will be forfeited to the court and will not be returned. Maine does not utilize the bail bond system; bail is set in a cash amount. The defendant may also post property as a surety in an amount set by the Bail Commissioner or Judge. The property must have a value (after all mortgages and liens have been deducted from the value of the property) that meets or exceeds the amount set in the defendant’s case.

How much will it cost to hire a lawyer?

The cost of defending against criminal charges will vary depending upon the charges, the facts of the case, and other factors. We usually charge a single fee for the entire case. On a rare and exceptional occasion we will set a separate fee for different stages of the case. We provide a free initial consultation so that we can asses your case and establish a reasonable fee. Do not be reluctant to ask specific questions of any lawyer with whom you meet. The lawyer works for you and should be open to any reasonable inquiries that you may have.

Child Custody law

Getting the Child Custody rights is the worst possible option for the development of relations between the parents. But these are also some of the most common family law cases, along with child Custody law.

The typical situation involving such a lawsuit is the termination of cohabitation of parents without marriage and lack of agreement

They need to clarify who will care for the child, how the visions with the other parent will be carried out and what maintenance will be paid for him.

If both parents are intelligent people who clearly understand the need for their child to have both a father and a mother

The parents are aware of their responsibility to provide means of support and the need to maintain good relationships, at first glance it seems unnecessary to reach until the trial.Child Custody law

But human nature is fickle, relationships get worse, selfishness or jealousy take a backseat and things go to court.

What we offer as a family lawyer ?

Our legal advice to people who are divorced but on good terms is after the divorce, to visit a family lawyer and to reach an agreement.

This agreement should be it notarized or judicially approved to regulate the relationship as between parents and their child, thus preventing future conflicts.

Another reason is the development of these relationships in conditions of uncertainty and uncertainty and as a result escalation of tension and deterioration of communication.

If you have a problem like this, though you may have aggravated the relationship, the most productive option is always to consult a lawyer specializing in parental rights and try to negotiate a settlement.

How can a divorce lawyer help us ?

First, after learning about the specifics of the case, you will receive legal advice on your chances of winning such a case.

Next, tips on how to properly arrange for the protection of your claims and assistance in obtaining documents and preparing witnesses to support your fair requests.

Thirdly, the parental rights lawyer will draft and file in court your documents in a way that you can prove your case and will successfully defend your claims to the judge.

Once the judgment is delivered, it will advise you on the options to enforce it and its interpretation on issues that are not clearly addressed in it.

Child Custody lawIf necessary, it will defend your interests in a further court of law in the event of an appeal.

Our advice is to bring in a case for parental rights for joint consideration and claims for a regime of personal relations with the father, as well as for maintenance. 

This will in no way increase the costs of the case, while at the same time enabling you to achieve the regulation of the full volume of relationships in a single production.

Insofar as a parental rights case concerns your future to that of your child

It will be absolutely irresponsible to believe something so valuable to you in the hands of a lawyer who lacks the necessary experience and knowledge.

We guarantee that by contacting us in connection with your parental rights case, you will receive quality legal services from highly experienced family law attorneys who will bring you the necessary attention. Child Custody law

We do not formally and formally approach, but build your protection with regard to the specifics of the case. 

For this, if you have a legal problem regarding custody rights, contact us to schedule a date and time for a consultation on your case.

Appealing administrative acts

Some clients has asked for legal help and support by Appealing administrative acts. 

In the course of their functions, various institutions frequently impose administrative penalties through the issuance of criminal decrees, electronic slips, or other regulatory acts.

However, the accuracy of the findings from inspection bodies is not always guaranteed, and the severity of an offense may not always warrant the imposition of a corresponding penalty.

Despite administrative acts being drafted by professionals well-versed in the relevant field, thereby obviating the need for legal services, challenges to their lawfulness are not uncommon.

The intricate and ever-evolving regulatory landscape across all sectors of public life, coupled with the dynamic and occasionally ambiguous European norms, contributes to the occurrence of unlawful administrative acts.

Our legal services in this issue : 

The issuance, contestation, and enforcement of administrative acts are regulated by the Administrative Procedure Code (APC).

These acts are promulgated in accordance with and for the execution of the law. Appealing administrative acts

Administrative appeals are applicable solely to individual and common administrative bodies, with normative acts being contested through judicial proceedings.

Certain state bodies, such as the President, Council of Ministers, Regional Governor, etc., are exempt from this appeal process.

Acts originating from bodies lacking a higher administrative authority are also exempt from appeal, and only interested parties, whose rights and legitimate interests are directly impacted, can initiate an appeal.

Article 146 of the APC outlines the grounds for challenging administrative acts, encompassing:

  • Lack of competence (personal, material, and territorial)
  • Non-compliance with the established form
  • Significant violation of administrative and production rules
  • Contradiction with substantive provisions
  • Non-compliance with the purpose of the law

Our law office boasts substantial experience in challenging administrative acts, offering specialized legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Legal representation and defense in challenging administrative acts, including the preparation of objections and assistance in obtaining and presenting documents
  • Appeal of penal decrees and electronic fiches issued under the Road Traffic Act
  • Appeal of penal decrees issued by regulatory bodies such as the Labor Inspectorate, National Social Security Institute (NSSI), National Revenue Agency, Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, and others
  • Appeal against administrative acts issued by municipalities
  • Administrative and judicial appeals

Legal support property deals

Our solicitor in Bulgaria acting and working on many property cases for transfer of properties in Bulgaria.

Couple of our last deals in Bansko, Pamporovo and Sofia, show us the real question of clients, concerning the legal support property deals .

Our law office in Sofia, Bulgaria provide a wide range of professional advices related to property buyers in Bulgaria. Legal support purchase of propertyLegal support purchase of property

We represent our customers legally before seller and notaries in Bulgaria.

Our legal advices are focused also to foreign investors, property developers and companies for property management and construction of real estates in Bulgaria. 

The foreign clients usually need a specific information for transfer of property in Bulgaia.

That is the reason,why we provide a legal support of foreign investors

Some clients are asking us for legal advices in real estate sector. 

The property lawyers  in the office work on diferent legal procedures, drafting and apealing reliminary contracts and conclusion of Notary deeds

The legal support before oreign investors include also a legal procedures- submission of offers on behalf of clients before private enforcement agents for purchasing specific real estates and industrial properties.

Legal support and registration of documents before the Municipality of the region of purchased real estate,  before the local authorities, as well as in the local Cadastre Agency.

Preparation & legal support for purchase agreement of land property

The legal representation before the Notary public include drafting and preparation of document for transfer real estate.

Our solcitors will help you with preparation of all legal proceedings & drafting of preliminary contract. 

Full representation of a seller or buyer during the signing of a title deed

Legal aid for all procedures of declaring the property at the local municipality. Full representation during legal proceedings for revoke of title deeds.

If you would like to buy a property in Bulgaria ?Legal support property deals

We offer our clients, complete legal analysis of the selected real estate, including the following services we :

– prepare a project and coordinate amendments on the text of a preliminary contract for

sale and purchase of real estate;

– examine the history of the property,

– perform a full check on whether the property is free of encumbrances;

– obtain previous property documents and other relevant papers;

– perform a check on the seller – their representative power, availability of information about court cases against the seller, marital status and other relevant information;

– prepare and put amendments on the draft of title deed,

– assist our clients before the notary public and accompany the client on the day of the transaction;

– assist our clients in obtaining possession of the property, including the preparation of an acceptance and delivery certificate, if such is needed and agreed;

 – coordinate the communication with the lending bank, if the client is going to use a loan for the purchase,

– monitor the issuance of a letter of engagement, assist in establishing legal/contractual mortgage;

– we cooperate, if the sale price will be paid through a trust account contract/escrow account;

In a case of needs or interesst, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at +359 897 90 43 91 or Email office@lawyer-bulgaria.bg 

Can a foreigner buy property in Bulgaria?

Yes, of course. Every foreigner could buy a real estates in Republic of Bulgaria. There are some legal restrictions for purchase of agricultural land depending on the origin of the buyers, which country they are comming from.
Basically all foreigners in Bulgaria could buy any property types if they settled a legal company in Bulgaria. We provide a legal support for citizen of European Union, outside of European Union and nn resident of EU countrties for removing the legal restriction of pruchase of property in Bulgaria by set up of companies in Bulgaria.

Why are properties so cheap in Bulgaria?

One of the legal resons for cheap properties and real estates in Bulgaria is the income situation and the financial market in the country. The property market is quite and relatively stable low prices, which is perfect for a new purchase of foreign investors in Bulgaria. Every foreigner should keep in mind that the average salary in Bulgaria, at the end of 2019 were about 650 euro.

How much is property tax in Bulgaria?

The property transaction taxes are usually about 3.6-4 % from the value of the property, written in the Notary title deed. If the price is law, the property transaction will be also very law. The annual tax fees in Bulgaria are also very law – usually  0.15% of the tax evaluation ( the value of the property as estimated by the tax evaluation) of the property. Simple example for the tax fees of rural property and about 100 Eur per year for apartments in small cities in Bulgaria.

Do we need a lawyer when buying a house?

If it’s an ordinary transaction, you will not need the help from an attorney. If legal issues emerge during the process, you agent might not be able to help you. A real estate lawyer can assist you during the review of the purchase of sale agreement until the point of closing.

What is an offer of purchase?

This is the document that will created after you decided to purchase property. Once the seller accepts this offer, it becomes a contract between the property owner and the buyer.

At What Stage Should I Contact A Real Estate Lawyer?

We recommend contacting a real estate lawyer for both buyers and sellers as soon you’re ready to sign an offer to purchase. This is a legal document that you’ll want a lawyer to review, so you understand the implications. A lawyer can explain this contract to you in plain English, so you’re familiar with the legal jargon. You’ll also need the help of your real estate lawyer when conditions are met, and you’re ready to close.

Getting enforcement letter Bulgaria

Many foreigners in Bulgaria call us when they need some legal help for getting enforcement letter Bulgaria. 

Discover the simplified process of obtaining an enforcement letter in Bulgaria through the order for payment procedure.

**Procedure for Issuing an Order for Payment**

The Order for Payment procedure serves to streamline the enforcement of monetary claims and property restitution without the need for a legal trial.

Our legal fees and Expenses:Getting enforcement letter Bulgaria

– Fees for initiating the procedure amount to 2% of the claim value.
– Additional expenses may include attorney’s fees, depending on the claim value.

**What Happens if the Debtor Objects?**

If the debtor raises objections against the issued order for payment, a trial ensues.

However, if the debtor fails to object, a writ of execution is issued in favor of the claimant, triggering the enforcement procedure with an additional 2% cost.

**Getting Enforcement Letter in Bulgaria**

Under the current Civic code, anyone can request the district court to issue an enforcement order.

This order, based on Art. 410 and Art. 417 CC, serves as a valid ground for obtaining an enforcement letter.

Quick and Economical Process:

The enforcement order acts as a replacement for a judgment, ensuring a swift and cost-effective process.

Claims can be based on various grounds, such as employment contracts, rent agreements, loan contracts, or any bonding relationship.

The entire process in Bulgaria: 

1. The applicant (creditor) submits an application to the district court, usually at the debtor’s permanent address.
2. The court examines the application for regularity and proceedings’ admissibility.
3. The applicant must specify the basis for their claim, supported by relevant documents.
4. The debtor has 14 days to object, but any objection during this period holds no evidential value for the claim’s existence.
5. If no objections are raised or resolved, the enforcement order becomes the basis for issuing a writ of execution, initiating enforcement proceedings.

**Claimant’s Response to Objections:**

– If the debtor contests the claim, the claimant has one month to file a claim with the same court.

Navigating the Order for Payment procedure ensures a swift, surprising, and economical process.

Should you need assistance in the enforcement proceedings, our experienced team is here to guide you through the legal intricacies. 📜

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Real Estate & Construction

As a leading figure in the Real Estate & Construction sector, our firm provides exceptional guidance to a diverse clientele

Working with international clients we are support the clients projects, including cooperation with developers, retailers, investors, financial institutions, and funds.

Flourishing in a revitalized real estate market, we specialize in steering significant transactions, solidifying our position as a market leader.

Our legal services 

Our skilled team consistently engages in high-level transactional work, earning praise for our dedication to understanding clients’ needs and the business landscape.

Real Estate & Construction

In the vibrant real estate sector, our Real Estate & Construction team maintains a stellar reputation for delivering comprehensive legal services to both national and international clients.

Our expertise covers various areas, including land acquisition, forestry land, construction and maintenance, permitting, residential, office and commercial projects, mixed-use scheme developments, and asset management.

Clients benefit from our extensive experience in managing complex, long-term projects, involving document drafting, negotiation facilitation, and adept handling of legal and regulatory intricacies.

What sets us apart is the seamless integration of our Real Estate & Construction practice with other areas such as corporate and commercial, infrastructure, PPP, and taxation.

Our proficiency extends to understanding international and internal financial mechanisms linked to real estate transactions, along with a keen awareness of security title ramifications associated with property.

Experienced team with strong connections with the real estate and construction market

The law office D. Vladimirov & Partners has solid and long-standing experience in the organisation and development of real estate projects, including the drafting of contractual documentation at all stages, the financing and tax structure of the real estate operation and client assistance during litigation.

The team is also strongly connected to the real estate market and enjoys an excellent reputation with public authorities. Moreover, we are very well known for our thorough knowledge of property law.

The team assists Bulgarian and foreign investors, banks, project developers, public entities, companies and private individuals (architects, contractors, engineers, etc.) in all their real estate operations, projects and issues, whether they concern public services, housing, office buildings, shopping malls or cultural centres.

Our advice also covers  the management, optimisation and reorganisation of real estate portfolios.

Simont Braun is also widely renowned for its expertise in all aspects of construction law, where we assist all types of operators in the market.

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