Conclusion of Legal Contract with Our Office

  1. Contract

a/ Sending inquiries to our International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners is not enough to set an official relationship between you, as a client, and our law firm in Bulgaria. By accepting inquiries, our law office is simply invited to offer its services and is only  supposed to search for decision and solving the problem of the potential client, as well as to discuss the legal fees, regarding the client’s questions.

b/ We accept that the consultancy contract between a client and our international law office is concluded when the client send us his/her inquiry and confirm & transfer the legal fees into the bank account of our law office, in purpose to get an answer and the legal statement for his/her inquiry. After confirmation of receipt of the legal fees as the transfer had been already done, the contract between the client and our law office is acknowledged as concluded and accepted as a valid legal one.

After this moment, the International law office is obliged to furthfill the order and to provide the best solution for solving client’s problems, offering the legal statement in writing.

  1. Confidentiality

    а/ The international law office in obligated to keep protect the privacy of already received information by client’s inquiry.
    b/ If the client sends to the international law office unencrypted information and/or inquires, in the same way, the office could also submit to the client unencrypted information.

  1. General conditions and rules

    а/ The law office can work only on the submitted inquiry in the volume which has been initially received. Any furthered mistakes and/or incorrect information hasn’t got the liability of the law office. The same applies to any mistaken description of the information and inquiries.

    b/ The liability of our law office is limited to the exact amount negotiated with the clients personally and determined between the parties. For this limitation, they conclude a consultancy agreement and the law office states the conditions of this consultancy contract. The legal fees have been set by the minimum requirement of Ordinance № 1 from 9 July 2004 for stipulation the minimum legal fees of law offices & lawyers.

    с/  The law office could reject any requests for legal representation, if it already represents the opposite side and this could cause a conflict situation with the client.


The international law office is obligated to submit the required consultancy in writing by sending it up to three working days after the day following the contract conclusion. The law office is obliged to submit the answer to the client for a statement in court procedure up to 7 days after receiving the documents and information in writting regarding every legal case by mail or via e-mail.


The online consultancy fees depend on the legal and technical complexity of every case and need to be prepared in compliance with the rules stated in Ordinance № 1 from 9 July 2004 for stipulation the minimum legal fees of law offices & lawyers.

The fees of legal checks and investigations or legal research is a percentage from the material price of the case and need to be prepared according to Ordinance № 1 from 9 July 2004 for stipulation the minimum legal fees of law offices & lawyers.


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