International Law Office D.Vladimirov & Partners

We are Lawyers in Bulgaria, providing wide range of professional legal services to Bulgarian and foreign companies, natural persons investing and expanding their business in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian lawyers

Our law office D.Vladimirov & Partners provides legal advice in connection with the structuring of clients’ investment intentions, offering the optimal legal form and structure from the perspective of management efficiency and tax planning.

Lawyers in Bulgaria have been involved in the incorporation and maintenance of all forms of business activity envisaged by existing laws: small and medium-sized enterprises, big companies, holding companies and consortia, public-private partnerships, etc.

We have substantial experience as a Business lawyers with branches and representations of foreign companies. Our lawyers aim to strike the right balance between foreign investors’ interests and the specific features of local government.

Business activities of our lawyers in Bulgaria

Some of the legal services offered by law office D.Vladimirov & Partners are focused on corporate & business clients, and include:

  • Legal analysis of clients’ investment intentions and choice of optimal legal form for business development; Bulgarian lawyers
  • Structuring/restructuring of company shareholder/ partner relations (including subsequent transfers of shares) and relations between shareholders and company (including cases where the state or municipalities act as shareholders/ partners); Bulgarian lawyers
  • Drafting of all sorts of corporate documentation (articles and memorandum of association, organisational and internal rules, management contracts, shareholders’ books, etc), holding of general meetings and registration of companies in all relevant registers; Bulgarian lawyers
  • Making Legal arrangements for
  • business start up
  • development projects
  • Purchase contracts
  • Leasing or renting of premises;
  • Industrial investments and vehicles projects;
  • Obtaining of industrial & legal permits, licenses and tax registrations required by law
  • Adjustments to the capital structure and re-organization of investments (increase or decrease of capital, capitalisation of cash contributions, non-cash contributions in the form of real estate, movables or accounts receivable, transfer of enterprises as a going concern or parts thereof);

Construction companies, landlords, hotels, stores and nightclubs, and even parking lot owners find themselves defending against claims arising from security, property defects, slips, trips and falls, or even acts of negligent third parties that affect them. Bulgarian lawyers.

Legal issues arising from the ownership, operation or management of commercial properties can represent an existential threat to businesses large and small. It pays to have attorneys on your team who understand the complex legal issues arising from this area of the law.

Our Lawyers in Bulgaria can draft that contract to protect you in the event of a claim. If it’s too late and suit is imminent or in the works, Bulgarian lawyers are seasoned before the court on summary judgement and seasoned before the jury should trial be warranted

Our legal team in Sofia, Bulgaria includes legal experts, property & litigation Lawyers in Bulgaria.

They are international experienced lawyers and legal counselors, professional specialists, solicitors, property and legal advisers, specializing in the following fields:

  • International legal advices for set up a new business or companies formation.
  • Drafting & preparaton of preliminary contracts &  legal advises for property acquisitions in BulgariaLitigation lawyer Bulgaria
  • Company registration
  • Drafting & preparation of legal documentation necessary for purchase & sale of property in Bulgaria
  • Legal check & verification the ownership;s documents  of every property in Bulgaria
  • Legal checking for encumbrances over the properties in Bulgaria. Bulgarian lawyers
  • Legal & tax advices by aqusition of properties & companies in Bulgaria
  • Drafting & preparation of legal greements and preparation of notary deeds
  • Legal representation before the Notary Public in Bulgaria; Bulgarian lawyers
  • Legal checking all documents related properties transactions drawn up by third persons
  • Legal representation for purchase or sale of a property in Bulgaria
  • Drafting legal documents & contracts such as Preliminary contracts, title deed, etc.
  • Legal checking of documents and preparation of preliminary contract, notary deeds and advices in property & construction law. Bulgarian lawyers
  • Public procurement law, tender procedures & law of obligations.
  • Civil litigation & civil law, inheritance law.
  • Public procurement & administrative law.
  • Providing legal advices in family and inheritance law, divorcing procedures.
  • Litigation lawyer & debt collection advices.

International Law Office D.Vladimirov & Partners’ team features well-seasoned specialists guided by our principles of professionalism, loyalty, individual approach and confidentiality.

We provide legal representation & litigation in all court proceedings for Bulgarian and foreign citizens.

Our lawyers serve legal entities and business companies before civil courts, governmental, municipal authorities, administrative bodies and arbitration.

We work fluently in English, Russian and German for our foreign clients providing them with professional legal advices in their native languages.

We help our clients to start their business in Bulgaria.

Provide them with services to open a new private company, we are working for extending their activities in our country.

We operate with numerous external domestic and foreign-based experts and maintain excellent relations with notaries public, public and private enforcement agents, economists, accounting firms and houses, technical experts.

Our company is a serious and reliable partner.

We do our best if you choose us as your trustworthy property & litigation lawyer & debt collection adviser in Sofia, Bulgaria..

Bulgarian lawyers

Mrs. Elena Vangelova

Collecting the accounts receivables and maintaining the flowing in the capital levels.

Ensuring the invoices are paid accordingly; escalating any querie regarding a dispute with the customer concerning mainly the payments terms, quality, quantity of the goods or any other category that could appear.

Escalating to the Team Leader or Account Manager cases in which the customer denies the payment and the reasons of it.

Liasing with the credit risk team any information relating to the credit amount and the maximum amount available for the customer.

Processing weekly reports of the ongoing disputes and accounts receivable aging.Organising and participating in regular meetings with the Business Unit to communicate and escalate account issues, and to make actions plans going forward.

Legal services Mrs. Elena Vangelova provides are following :

 Bulgarian documents Review
– Contract Review and Drafting
– General Drafting of Legal Opinions about Bulgarian Law
– Filing of legal papers & documents for Bulgarian Courts
– Information about Government Regulations and many other

Mrs. Elena Vangelova is a Bulgarian lawyer.

As expirienced family & property lawyer in Bulgaria Mrs. Vangelova provide legal services to Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and physical persons.

Her practice area is in insurance, corporate, company and commercial law.

She has specialized contractual law, litigation, preparation of all kind of contracts and agreements.

It is all regarding the property law, drafting notary deeds, legal checking and ownership rights of the physical persons.

Mrs. Elena Vangelova is an external legal expert in several Bulgarian authorities, preparing & drafting legal agreements, private declarations concerning issues of legal acts and transaction of assets & properties, support the foreign english & russian clients in  court procedures & intermediation & negotiations, representation before the notary publics in Bulgaria.

She can also help you in the following matters:

  • Litigation expertise representating foreign clients and property investors before Bulgarian courts  in divorce, property aqusitions & inheritance cases.
  • Drafting & preparation of extra juridical agreements and memorandums  between companies and physical persons, for splitingt of assets & companies.
  • Legal representation before Bulgarian courts in criminal law cases.
  • Drafting & preparation of property & contractual relations
  • Drafting & preparation of preliminary contracts & notary deeds in Bulgaria.
  • Drafting & preparation of preliminary legal documents & declarations for marriage & divorces in Bulgarian courts;
  • Drafting & preparation of legal documents for company registration
  • Preparation of the documentation for purchase or sale of a property in Bulgaria
  • Legal checking & verification the ownership of the property
  • Legal check of or encumbrances over the properties, mentioned for the aqusition or sale
  • Legal representation for purchase or sale of a property before the Notary public in Bulgaria..
Адвокатска кантора: Увеличение размера на издръжка на дете, адвокат семейни дела, Родителски права, определене размер на издръжка, Иск по чл. 150 СК, Оспорване размер на издръжка на дете, увеличаване размер на издръжка, адвокат родителски права, адвокат семейни дела, адвокат издръжка дете, адвокатска кантора издръжка на малолетно дете

Mrs. Rumiana Todorova

Mrs. Rumiana Todorova is the office manager and administrative secretary of International Law Оffice D. Vladimiorov & Partners from the very beggining of our law office, establishment in Sofia, Bulgaria. She support our legal advisors by providung the legal Document Reviews and preparation of technical tasks & translation.

As a technical & language specialist with long-term administrative experience and several languages speaking skills, she has got the same position in couple of international companies providing a technical and administrative support to the staff. She has worked in international insurance & financial companies in Germany & Switzerland.

Mrs.Todorova support technically our clients by their questions & problems concerning the following field of expertise, like : 

Bulgarian Corporate Law

  • Debt collection cases in Bulgaria – Bulgarian lawyers
  • Bulgarian/European insurance cases – Bulgarian lawyers
  • Bulgarian Contractual cases & Legal advises – Bulgarian lawyers
  • Investment cases & Litigation  Law – Bulgarian lawyers
  • Real Estate Law – Bulgarian lawyers
  • Bulgarian Business Law – Bulgarian lawyers

Mrs.Todorova support technically all clients, who needs a documents, provide an information for our lawyer’s activities and orgsanize the meetings with the clients in our offices.

Her main activities are technical and administrative support. Serving to the clients of the law office, she is doing translation and technical services to the clients’ need.

Also, she is preparing and sorting documents for the corporate clients in Bulgarian, English, etc.

Mrs. Rumiana Todorova speaks fluent English and German, and has got basic knowledge in French and Russian.

Lawyers and legal services: confidential and loyal professionals with individual approach and communication

If you want to be represented by the best law firm for your case, do not hesitate to contact us: info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg

Our Principles

At the core of the successful teamwork of international Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners lie three main principles. They are adhered and observed by the entire team and serve as a basis for making decisions on the development of each individual case.

Individual approach is a must for achieving success

For us it is of utmost importance to provide services of high quality to our clients. To that end, we gain full knowledge of their cases and/or business. We turn to Bulgarian and foreign experts for matters outside our field, if necessary. Client’s success and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Professionalism requires constant care and upgrade

Law firms operating in multiple countries often have complex structures involving multiple partnerships, particularly in jurisdictions such as UK and Germany which restrict partnerships between local and foreign lawyers.


We are perfectly aware that we handle confidential information so we do observe rigorous confidentiality rules. The duty of confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege encourage our foreign clients to trust us as a trustworthy Bulgarian lawyers for their projects in Bulgaria. The attorney-client privilege, especially, help our clients to tell us all nessesery circumstances, concerning their cases. Having the complete information, our lawyers could provide the best and most appropriate advices & legal solutions. Our clients’ success is ours, as well, and it does depend on that great factor called confidence. Clients referring to us can be assured that we are there to help them find the best solution.

Loyalty, Communication

The personal relationship is what really helps a lawyer stand out to a client, especially when clients can have their choice of lawyer.Confidentiality and loyalty are fundamental to the relationship between a lawyer and a client because legal advice cannot be given and justice cannot be done unless clients have a large measure of freedom to discuss their affairs with their Bulgarian lawyers. We also know that the shortest way to gain one’s trust is loyalty that has been proven in practice, as well as the prompt, open communication with the clients, and we abide by those principles.

Нашите принципи

В основата на успешната работа на екипа на адвокатска кантора „Владимиров и Партньори“ са залегнали три основни принципа. Те се спазват от целия екип и на тяхна база се взимат решенията за развитие на всеки отделен случай и на самата кантора.

За постигане на успех е необходим индивидуален подход

За нас е най-важно да предоставим качествени правни услуги на нашите клиенти. За целта опознаваме отлично особеностите на техния случай и/или бизнес. В случай на нужда се консултираме с български и чуждестранни експерти извън нашата област. Поставяме на първо място успеха и спокойствието на клиента.


Наясно сме, че в нашата адвокатска кантора боравим с конфиденциална информация и спазваме най-строги правила за поверителност. За успеха на нашите клиенти, който е и наш успех, е от огромно значение те да ни се доверят и да са спокойни, че ще им помогнем да вземат най-доброто решение.

Професионализмът трябва да се поддържа и развива постоянно

This is just placeholder text. Law firms operating in multiple countries often have complex structures involving multiple partnerships, particularly in jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Japan which restrict partnerships between local and foreign lawyers.

Лоялност и комуникация

Знаем също, че най-краткият път към доверието е лоялността, доказана на дело и бързата, открита комуникация с клиента. Стремим се да спазваме тези принципи на поведение.


The team of International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners is united by a common understanding of both job well done and professional ethics.

Lawyers in Bulgaria

All of us work as a Lawyers in Bulgaria we realise the need of taking individual responsibility.

In order to be united and to offer you effective legal services, we comply with the main principles which lie at the core of the work at our law firm.

We are experts with rich professional experience in various fields of law.

We take pleasure in professional challenges as our goal is to provide our clients – foreign and Bulgarian nationals, natural persons and legal entities, with comprehensive legal services of highest standard.

Our main advantages as Lawyers in Bulgaria are following:

  • in-depth knowledge of our clients – we strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients because this enables to provide the best legal services;
  • fluency in English, German and Russian – our clients come mainly from English and German speaking countries, and Russia; this allows us to offer swift and to-the-point help;
  • our cooperation with colleagues from all over the world; capability to checking information promptly or obtain an insight from an expert with a profound understanding of the law of the respective country; continuous upgrade of our knowledge and skills.

Check out the services of our Lawyers in Bulgaria, which we offer and the areas we work in.

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Whom We Advise

International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners is focused on representation of small and medium business. We offer professional consultancy and comprehensive legal services to:

  • commercial banks and financial houses;
  • legal departments and legal counselors;
  • business sectors and entrepreneurs;
  • property investors, brokers;
  • producers, traders and distributors;
  • commercial companies with development operations.

Our Bulgarian lawyers handle the many international legal affairs of Bulgarian and foreign companies, operating in diverse fields of civil litigation and enforcement do foreign legal acts & court decisions. It is important to us to gain your trust from the very first consultation and become your trusted partner in all legal endeavors. We believe that this is the way for us to be most beneficial for you and contribute to your business prosperity.

Inquire for an online consultation or visit our office in person.


Този сайт съдържа обща информация, която в никакъв случай не представлява качествен правен съвет или правна помощ за клиент, тъй като за възникване на отношенията с клиент е необходимо да се подходи конкретно към всеки случай индивидуално.Нашият съвет е да се консултирате предварително с нашите адвокати, тъй като не носим отговорност, без да сте получили професионален съвет преди това. Съветваме Ви

  • Своевременно прибягвайте до услугите на адвокат, за да спестите времето си, парите си и да нямате притеснения.Нека някой друг носи отговорността за Вашите дела и документи.
  • Свържете се с адвокат веднага, още преди сключване на договор, при подготовката и подписването на всякакви книжа и документи, регистрацията и промените по търговското дружество или юридическото лице с нестопанска цел.
  • Изберете комплексно абонаментно обслужване. В крайна сметка винаги ще се окаже, че то ще Ви струва по-малко.

Дори да имате проблем по правен въпрос,за който не сте открили информация в настоящият сайт, моля потърсете ни ! Ние своевременно ще намерим решение на Вашия проблем.


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