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The legal fees for dependency claims are also dependent upon the work that the attorney for the claimant performs on the case. That is to say that the legal fee could vary depending upon what items are at issue including: compensability of the death, proof of dependency or identity of dependency.

Frequently, there are appeals on cases and these appeals require a considerable amount of work. The attorneys are entitled to additional fees on the appeal depending upon how far the appeal was taken. Although some cases are appealed, they are ultimately settled on appeal and would obviously be subject to less of a fee since a final verdict was not reached.

There are certain circumstances where the attorney has already earned the maximum fee under the Ordinance Nr. 1 of 9th July 2004 regulations. That attorney could petition for an additional fee if the work they performed on the case warranted an additional fee.

The legal fees are in compliance with Ordinance Nr. 1 of 9th July 2004 on the minimum amounts of attorneys’ fees adopted by the Supreme Bar Council. The lawyers in our office work on the several line, which are settled in our main company policy.The most important is to protect the interessts of our clients.Legal fees, attorney fees Bulgaria, Legal aid costs Sofia, Bulgaria, how much cost a lawyer Bulgaria, Legal costs Bulgarian lawyer

Bulgarian Supreme Bar Council adopted the amendment of Ordinance 1 of 2004 on the minimum amounts of attorney fees (the “Ordinance”, promulgated in the State Gazette by issue 64/2004, as amended form time to time), which has been also promulgated in the State Gazette issue 84/25.10.2016 and has entered into force.

On the basis of Article 36 Bulgarian Bar Act, the Supreme Bar Council, which is the governing body of the autonomous attorney legal profession, delegated powers to adopt subordinated secondary legislation regulating the minimum amounts payable for legal services rendered by attorneys in Bulgaria. Pursuant to the same Article 36, attorneys are not allowed to provide services for remuneration in viola

• With regard to procedures under civil cases, the Ordinance provides for various fee levels depending on the particular band where the amount at stake in the case can fall within.

tion of the minimum levels regulated by the Ordinance of the Supreme Bar Council. Attorneys may agree higher fees, but not lower than those provided by the Ordinance.

The amendment promulgated in State Gazette 84 provides several key changes in the levels of minimum attorney fees:Legal fees, attorney fees Bulgaria, Legal aid costs Sofia, Bulgaria, how much cost a lawyer Bulgaria, Legal costs Bulgarian lawyer

• The Ordinance now explicitly states that the minimum amounts of attorney fees ought to be paid for each court instance.

The amendment expressly regulates that if the case is remanded to be reconsidered by a previous court instance, the minimum amounts of attorney fees are payable for the procedure on that instance as well. Moreover, the Ordinance now clarifies that the basis for calculation of the minimum amounts for civil cases concerns each submitted claim.

If several claims are consolidated into one application/statement of claim, the level of minimum attorney fees payable should be determined considering the type and amount of each claim, and not on the basis of the overall amount.

We aim at providing legal services perfectly aligned with the prices laid down in the regulation stated. However, please be advised that when the services or advices requested are of a greater complexity, you will be charged additionally  for obtaining information, investigations, consultations with experts or/and traveling.

Therefore, the price can be different than the one stipulated in the  Ordinance No. 1 of 9th July 2004.  Based on your inquiries & legal situations, we could determine the level of complesity of every legal case and to fix the exact attorney’s fee and will inform you in advance about it.

If you send us your inquiries  or call us to let us know about your case, we will be able to provide you the information for our legal fees in the next few hours.

In a case you need a additional information, please request for preliminary advise & answers from our lawyers about our legal service prices.

Have in minde at the minimum levels of the attorney’s fees pursuant to Ordinance No. 1 of 9th July 2004.

To save yourself unnecessary nerves and futher problems with debtors or contractual partners in Bulgaria as well as trouble in the course of court proceedings, please contact us to our phone contact details + 359 897 90 43 91 or send us an e-mail: info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg 

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