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Stages of court Litigation

Stages of court litigation in Bulgaria Bulgarian Legislation has a several levels of court litigation. Basically yhe court litigation in Bulgaria has been created and settled in four different instances (stages).            The first instance…
Company registration in Bulgaria by a lawyer in Sofia, Bulgaria

Criminal Lawyers & Defence Solicitors

Criminal Lawyers & Defence Solicitors Criminal litigation refers to the process of trying a criminal defendant in a court of law. Criminal litigators come in two varieties: criminal prosecutors, who present the government's case against…
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Getting enforcement order Bulgaria

Getting enforcement order Bulgaria Procedure for issuing an order for payment The order for payment procedure is a court procedure that is used to simplify the enforcement of monetary claims and the restitution of movable property. Its object…

Legal documents transfer of property

Legal documents transfer of property 1. Property title documents – certifying the title of the property. Most frequent documents of ownership: • Title Deed, registered with the Registry Agency – title deed for purchase and sale, title…

Transfer company shares LLC Bulgaria

Transfer Company shares LLC Bulgaria The most common and most popular legal-organizational form for performing micro, small or even medium business in Bulgaria is Limited Liability Company. Through the registration of a company,  usually a…
Bulgarian solicitor, Property solicitor, Debt collection lawyer, Insurance lawyer Bulgaria

Register tour operator, touristic agency

Register tour operator, touristic agency Bulgarian travel agency or tour operator businesses can be conducted only by Bulgarian companies that are listed in the Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents, part of Bulgarian National Tourism…


REGISTRATION OF A BRANCH The dynamics of modern business relations can make you aware of the necessity of doing business in different settlements. If you have such a need, you are generally faced with three options for doing business: A)…

Changing manager LLC Bulgaria

Changing manager LLC Bulgaria Change in the manner of management and representation or change of the person (s) representing the company A change in the management of a company may occur when two or more persons are elected in the place…

Applying transport licence Bulgaria

Applying transport licence Bulgaria Any carrier wishing to carry cargo on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and / or on the territory of the European Union must register a transport company and hold the respective license to carry…

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