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Property Lawyer in Bulgaria

Property Lawyer in Bulgaria Every Bulgarian property lawyer will inform you for all the necessary legal steps for purchasing a property in Bulgaria. Working as a trustworthy property lawyers in our country, we would like to advise you on preparation…
Documents transfer of property
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Bulgarian property lawyer

Bulgarian property lawyer Many foreigners prefer to secure the property transaction in Bulgaria with Bulgarian property lawyer. Selling or buying property in Bulgaria, while an exciting prospect, can be a complex and daunting process, especially…
European Arrest Warrant in Bulgaria
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Purchase of property Bulgaria

Purchase of property Bulgaria Many clients asked in the last couple of mounts for legal support in the process of purchase of property Bulgaria   Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007. Since that moment is is very…
In the globalised world of today, marriages with an international element, usually in the form of couples with different nationalities and/or living in a foreign country, are becoming frequent, which poses challenges of its own. In this section, we only deal with so-called cross-border divorces. Divorces of purely domestic nature (between Bulgarians living in Bulgaria who have seised the local court) are governed entirely by Bulgarian national law.
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Litigation and disputes law

Litigation and disputes law Our clients come with questions for legal advices of Litigation and disputes law. Our team of esteemed global litigators and dispute resolution experts extends comprehensive guidance to a multitude of leading…
Legal documents apostiles
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Legal advices to imports exports Bulgaria

Legal services to import & export in/from Bulgaria Our legal team from corporate & company lawyers in Bulgaria works on the emerging market economy in Bulgaria. The country is a major exporter of industrial commodities. Also, it exports…
Appealing administrative acts
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Property law office Bulgaria

Property law office Bulgaria Many foreign clients comming with the questions for aquisitions  and advices from our property law office Bulgaria. Our law office D. Vladimirov & PArtners in Bulgaria specializes in providing comprehensive…
Transport logistic law
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Litigation Lawyer in Bulgaria

Litigation Lawyer in Bulgaria If the people need a legal help for collecting some debts, they are calling the Litigation lawyer in Bulgaria.  The litigation procedures in Bulgaria are very interesting and conservative Thsi process could…
Divorce Procedure in Bulgaria
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Family Lawyers in Bulgaria

**Family Lawyers in Bulgaria** Divorce is a challenging journey, even more so for foreigners navigating unfamiliar legal systems with Family Lawyers in Bulgaria. At Family Lawyers in Bulgaria, we understand the complexities of divorce proceedings…

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