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Register a limited company in Bulgaria

Appealing administrative acts

Often, in the exercise of their powers, the various institutions impose administrative penalties by issuing criminal decrees, electronic slips, or other acts.  However, the findings of the inspection bodies are not always correct, and…
Commercial litigation in Bulgaria

Commercial litigation in Bulgaria

Commercial litigation in Bulgaria When you are involved in litigation, you need an attorney who can help you focus on your objectives and navigate you to a successful resolution. We understand that litigation is costly and often, mentally-taxing…
Child maintenance Bulgaria

Child maintenance Bulgaria

Child maintenance Bulgaria A maintenance case is usually filed when two people living in the form of an actual cohabitation have a common child and are separated.  Then the child or children remain with one parent and the other either…
Family & Divorce Lawyer

Divorce with Bulgarian

Divorce with Bulgarian If you are in process of divorce, but you have bought a holiday home in Bulgaria, most likely you will need to settle the ownership between yourself and your spouse. Аccording to statistics, in recent years the…
Car accident lawyer Bulgaria

Personal Injury Bulgaria

Personal Injury Bulgaria Thousands of people are killed in motor vehicle collisions each year in Bulgaria. Hundreds of thousands are injured. In 2017, that number equated more than 20-30 car accident injuries every day across the country. No…
Legal support purchase of property

Legal support property deals

Legal support property deals Our solicitor in Bulgaria acting and working on many property cases for transfer of properties in Bulgaria. Couple of our last deals in Bansko, Pamporovo and Sofia, show us the real question of clients, concerning…
How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

Enforcement legal acts

As lawyer We assist our clients in the enforcement of decisions of foreign courts, established in EU Member States, which have direct legal effect in Bulgaria, as well as of decisions not directly recognized in cases with an international element. Depending…
Claim insurance compensation Bulgaria

Grant a power of attorney

The Representation is a legal institution referring to legal actions of one person (agent) on behalf of another (principal) whereby the principal has to bear the consequences resulting from the agent’s legal actions. There are two forms of representation to be distinguished: voluntary representation – here, the representation is wanted and organized by the principal; and the second form is obligatory representation imposed by the law – in this case the law itself requires representation by certain persons.
Divorce cases in Bulgaria

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