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Bulgarian Construction Law Requirements

 Based on the Costruction Law in Bulgaria the construction of a building could be divided in four major stages:  Getting of building permission - that document represents the official start of the building process. It is issued by the municipality…

Car traffic accident Bulgaria

Car traffic accident Bulgaria The last years the numbers of Road Traffic Accidents in Bulgaria has been increased dramatically. The courtry is on the first place with the huge number of people who lost their lives in car accidents in the EU,…

Liquidation trade companies

Liquidation trade companies  Although undesirable, events such as the liquidation of commands do happen, so our law office provides legal advices and professional assistance ias dissolution of business activities, when liquidating commercial…

Business services

We advise global companies to incorporate, develop and administrate their business in Bulgaria. We manage your environment to ensure the success of your business.

Start a business in Bulgaria

We created this article to help the investors who wish to start a business in Bulgaria. What should a foreign investor consider when thinking to open a business in Bulgaria? Lowest tax rates in Europe...

Legal Services for Financial Institutions

Our legal company has got experts in the regulations determined in incorporating, registration and license of credit and non-banking financial institutions in Bulgaria...

Bankruptcy proceedings

What Bulgarian legislation is doing in bankruptcy proceedings? When a bankruptcy procedure is initiated? There are two reasons enough for a bankruptcy proceeding to be initiated...

Documents sale properties Bulgaria

 DOCUMENTS FOR SALE OF PROPERTIES IN BULGARIA Preliminary Contract for transfer of title) is usually concluded when the parties are not ready to sign the final contract for transfer of ownership in the form of Notary Deed because at the moment…

Preliminary contract Bulgaria

Preliminary contract Bulgaria The practice established in real estate transactions, considering the usually high price, is that the parties enter into a preliminary contract which stipulates the conditions for the future performance of the formalities…

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