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International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provides legal services in Bulgaria. We work with foreign companies and individuals supporting local companies in their business activities. Whenever you need a legal assistance in debt collection, litigation procedure, protecting properties or any other event or action you have to take, simply contact us.

Legal Services in Bulgaria

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Our law office has been settled to offer & support foreign investors to develop its business operations in Bulgaria and throughout the European Union. Our primary business activities will be as follows:

- Legal advices & legal support for invest in distressed or under market value real estate opportunities in Bulgaria
- Legal advices & legal support for expanding of international export companies & developers by their leisure operations in Bulgaria 
- Providing legal advices & support for financial constructions, bank loans, bridge financing to companies and individuals

We are very excited about the potential investment opportunities in the South Eastern Europe, particularly around the Balkans - BULGARIA, and with the real estate markets starting to perform again, we see a definite opportunity to provide short-term private finance to developers and private individuals.

Our corporate lawyers in Bulgaria working in International Law Office provide professional legal services in Bulgaria. In our office in Sofia, Bulgaria protect his clint in cases of civil, litigation and we act as commercial lawyers, experts in European law, debt collection, insurance and etc.

We offer retainer legal services in Bulgaria for export & trade companies, retaias well as court representation before all competent Bulgarian government and non-government courts and institutions.

We provide legal services and court procedures abroad serving many natural persons and legal entities in Western Europe, Israel, Russia and Great Britain.

In particular, we have a various legal experience in servicing legal aid & legal advises to our foreign clients, comming from countries in Western Europe & Asia (China & Indonesia). All this foreign investment companies are interested in undertake legal research or legal checks of assets or investments in Bulgaria.

The corporate & litigation lawyers of our team speak fluent English, German and Russian. In this way, we have the capability to communicate with our clients in their native language and provide them with more effective and prompt assistance.

Debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria

What is meant by out-of-court-proceedings in detail?

To avoid long lasting and event. unsecure court proceedings we will undertake all to come to a payment of your debtor without need of court proceedings. All our efforts to hit that target we call prejudicial or out of court proceedings.

Out-of-court-activities regularly involving to investigate the actual address and financial standing of the debtor, sending a dunning letter with a deadline for payment (within 8-10 days), correspondence with the debtor in written and by telephone, negotiations concerning an instalment agreement (if recommendable). Further on we check for information at different sources like trade register, internet databases, commercial agencies and resident's address registration office.

In principle, we always start the debt collection process with the extrajudicial phase.  At this stage, we try to avoid the need to go to Court. We will contact your customer to demand payment. Germany protects its debtors, which means that it is not possible to take action against debtors easy.

Comparing the european countries, there are fewer extrajudicial debt collection options. During the extrajudicial phase, we have the following options in Bulgaria:The legal costs & court fees

  • Written demand letters and phone calls: We send the debtor a written demand letter and contact them by telephone, requesting that they pay your claim within a few days, together with interest and costs;
  • Announcing legal proceedings: the most powerful manner of putting pressure on your customer is the announcement that you are going to start legal proceedings. Usually, this announcement convinces them to effect payment. That is why it is advisable to promptly engage the services of a debt recovery lawyer, who can announce such proceedings on your behalf.
  • This way, you prevent an unnecessarily protracted debt recovery process.

If your debtor refuses to pay during the extrajudicial phase, after discussion with you, we can go to Court. We will always provide you with information in advance regarding the potential costs, and we only proceed with your permission.

As the Bulgarian legal system is particularly debtor-friendly, there are more stringent requirements for legal proceedings. The Bulgarian Court demands that you demonstrate a valid claim. In Bulgaria, we have the following options to litigate against debtors:

  1. Enforcement letters procedures is an accelerated procedure for undisputed claims. Within a relatively short period of time, you can obtain an Enforcement Order; which orders the debtor to pay both your claim and the costs of the proceedings. Your debtor has only a few weeks to challenge this. If that does not happen, then the order for payment becomes legally binding and we can commence enforcement proceedings, such as seizure of the debtor’s bank account or sending a bailiff to recover the debt;
  2. Ordinary civil proceedings: This may be the suitable procedure if your claim is disputes, however, our Bulgarian debt collection lawyers will always be able to advise on the best solution for your claim. Both parties must present documentary evidence to support their position. After one or more hearings, the Court will render a decision. If the court enters a judgment in your favour, and the debtor still does not pay, we can use this to enforce your judgment, for example, by seizing the debtor’s bank account. Settling the matter prior to judgment always remains an option;

European Order for Payment proceedings in Bulgaria:

  • In the event of an undisputed claim between two parties based in EU Member States (except Denmark), it is possible to commence European Order for Payment proceedings. The debt collection lawyer handling your case can assess whether this kind of procedure is suitable in your case.
  • For European Order for Payment proceedings, the creditor usually completes a standard form and submits this to the Court. The Court is obligated issues a European Order for Payment. The debtor then has 30 days to state whether they object to the claim. If there is no response within the 30-day period, you may ask the Court to make the order for payment final (called a “declaration of enforceability”). This is a valid and enforceable judgment which is accepted in any Member State (except Denmark). The European Order for Payment is never appropriate for disputed matters (so not in cases where there is an argument about the invoice). The advantage of this procedure are speed and low costs (some Member States don’t even charge a court fee), but the disadvantage is that if it becomes disputed, the procedure comes to an end and an ordinary civil procedure will have to be started if the creditor wants to continue.

You can count on us when there is a need for the preparation of:

  • Legal procedures & documents before the Bulgarian courts and authorities (certificates, powers of attorney, notary instruments, notices, etc.).
  • Preparation & drafting of legal contracts for registration of non-profit organisations, civil associations, cooperatives and construction consortium for tender procedures in Bulgaria.

We are at your service for legal advice on civil law matters. Should a need arises, we can take your representation in proceedings before the judicial bodies of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Legal procedures Bulgaria

Many international companies come in Bulgaria searching a corporate experienced lawyer in commercial law to contact on. When you decide to permanently move to Bulgaria with the intention to make investments, it is very important for you to find a professional corporate lawyers. We demonstrate detailed knowledge of the Bulgarian commercial law and we are willing to take care of your interests in the country.

Our team of corporate lawyers will offer you quick and qualified legal services in the field of company & corporate law in Bulgaria:

  • Drafting & registration of trade & export companies, sole traders, transformation and termination of companies.
  • Drafting & preparation of contracts in Bulgarian, English, German and Russian.
  • Preparation of documents and providing legal advices for business transactions.
  • Providing legal advices on bank securities, guarantees, mortgages and loans.
  • Legal representation and participation in negotiations.

Property & Construction Lawyers in Bulgaria

We would like to inform you that our country has got liberal foreign investment laws concerning the real estate sector.

The main rules of property law in Bulgaria have been written down in the Constitution and in the Bulgarian legislation for foreign persons and legal entities. Every foreign investor has got the right to invest in real estate in Bulgaria either personally or through a local legal entity. Since 2014, as physical persons, foreigners can acquire buildings and agricultural land under specific circumstances. After the 2014, not only Bulgarian citizens and legal entities could obtain ownership of Bulgarian land. This is also valid for every foreign physical person and investor. Acting as property lawyers in Bulgaria, we would like to inform you about the most popular ways to buy a real estate in Bulgaria:

  • There is no restrictions anymore for acquiring of limited ownership rights. This refers to right of use, right to build a house, etc. You can directly purchase as a physical person or as a private company in Bulgaria. If foreigners would like to buy a real estate with land (for example - houses, villas, plots, etc.), they don’t have to set up Bulgarian company. They’d better split the ownership from private persons.
  • Setting up a Bulgarian company is quite simple and relatively easy. You just need to create the name of your company, to determine the head office, number of shareholders and the subject – scope of activity of your new company.
  • Legal companies and physical persons are allowed to buy a property in Bulgaria. It may include houses with gardens and regulated plots of land in Bulgaria.
    Business services

    Bulgaria Company Formation, Establish A Company In BG


  • Legal advices and preliminary legal check of the chosen property.
  • Preparation of documents and legal acts for company registration.
  • Legal check of documentation necessary for the purchase or sale of a property in Bulgaria.
  • Checking and verification the ownership of the property before any deal in Bulgaria.
  • Checking for the plot or the entire property for encumbrances (issuing Certificate of lack of encumbrances).
  • Legal checks and providing tax advices concerning your new established company in Bulgaria.
  • Drafting of legal documents & agreements, preparing contracts and preparation of notary deeds from experienced lawyers in Bulgaria.
  • Checking all legal acts & documents related to the property deal, including those drawn up by third parties. (For example, the power of attorney for presenting the deal before a notary public).
  • Legal representation for purchase or sale of properties before the notary public in every city in Bulgaria.
  • Drafting agreements, legal documents and power of attorneys, declarations for registration of properties in the Tax Office of the local municipality.

We offer qualified and certified legal services of our property lawyers in Bulgaria.They will provide you in a case additional services as well : 

  • Legal services and drafting of the documents in regards with receiving of Certificates & legal documents for opening your business permits according to the Bulgarian legislation. We provide consultations in regards with the current legislation and drafting of the necessary documents for every single case.
  • We provide all the mentioned activities and services to our clients in English and in German because we understand the need of our clients to receive information that they can understand.
  • Legal advices & juridical consultation of registration of physical persons and legal entities as freelance activities in Bulgaria ;
  • Consultation and assistance regarding performance of development of Energy projects and documents and procedures related to them;
  • Legal assitance, drafting of documentation and representation before government and administrative authorities in regards with the Territory Act and procedure for the change of the status of land plots and buildings related to this act, consultations in regards with illegal development and etc.;
  • Consultations and assistance regarding collection of the outstanding finnacial debts;
  • Consultations in the area of the industrial property legislation.

We are providing professional legal services for foreign clients who invest in real estates & property projects in Bulgaria. And we stand ready to meet the demands of our clients.

We offer legal services in the area of real estates & property projects and construction deals. We guarantee you a perfect deal in every aspect. We will take care of examination of the property you have chosen, as well as in obtaining information about its status and title deed.

We will represent you during the negotiations and will prepare the contracts in Bulgarian, English, German or Russian.

Court procedure concerning real estates & properties in Bulgaria.

In settlement of enforcement proceedings, civil and/or commercial law disputes we will ensure your representation and legal protection! We also offer you on-line consultations.You can contact us via sending an e-mail to Please feel free to contact me if you have any business opportunities that you would like us to consider.

By using our services, you ensure your peace of mind whether the matter concerns your investment intentions or personal disputes resolution in a court of law.

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