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Setting Up a Company in Bulgaria


Our international law office works with reliable company lawyers who can help you to register a Bulgarian legal entity or private company.  The whole procedure takes a couple of days to register a company in Bulgaria after submitting of the documents necessary in the Trade & Commercial Register. The minimum basic capital to set up a Bulgarian company is 1 EURO, but we highly recommend you to spend some more euros as a reasonable basic capital.

Our Bulgarian company lawyers are ready to accept your inquiry and to prepare the documents needed for registration of private limited company in Bulgaria. There are not any limits on the sphere of activity of your company, unless is prohibited by law. Usually, the company lawyers in Bulgaria will assist you to register a company in Bulgaria for special purposes like business activities or just in buying a property in Bulgaria. We are ready to support you legally by preparing quickly and efficiently the whole document necessary for setting up a company.

There are several advantages of registerring a Bulgarian company. The most common reason is avoiding tax issue. As the corporate tax in Bulgaria is 10%, you have an option to set up a new company in Bulgaria and to save the taxes in your country. The second advantage  which gives you a company registration in Bulgaria is refunding of VAT.

Other good reason for registration of a company in Bulgaria is purchase of a property and splitting the ownership between the physical person and the legal entity in Bulgaria. In some cases, the properties with land are as follows: houses with gardens, plots and, sometimes, apartments which go together with ideal parts of the land the block had been built on. Company registration will be needed also if you want to buy an agricultural land, forests or other allotments for special purposes.

Driven by our experience as reliable Bulgarian company lawyers and working with several foreign corporate clients meanwhile, we highly recommend you to get yourselves inform in advance on the following matters:

When can a foreign person register a company in Bulgaria?

Whenever that person is allowed to conduct business in compliance with the law of the country which the person is situated in.

Are there any specifics for doing business in Bulgaria?


A foreign person who has to register a new company in Bulgaria may not conduct business on his behalf because he is not a legal entity yet. Any transactions entered into through its mediation are carried out on behalf of the principal (foreign person). Any transactions with Bulgarian residents, if such transactions aim to satisfy needs of the company, are entered into pursuant to Art. 24, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Investment Promotion Act (in compliance with the procedure for transactions between residents).

The procedure for registration of a company in Bulgaria needs to be submitted in the Trade & Commercial Register of the Bulgarian Registry Agency, despite its not being a legal entity and not being allowed to conduct business.

How to register a company in Bulgaria and what are the fees?

  1. The documents for registration of a company in Bulgaria are specific forms which need to be signed by the physical person or a legal representative agent authorized through a power of attorney.
  2. Within 7 (seven) days of the registration date of the company in the Trade register, the registration must be completed in the BULSTAT register (pursuant to the provisions of Art. 12, paragraphs 1 and 4 of BULSTAT Register Act).

What are the registration fees for setting up a new company in Bulgaria?

The registration fees for setting up every type of a company in Bulgaria had already been settled by the National Tariff . Our company lawyers in Bulgaria from International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners will offer you a legal assistance on start-up a company in Bulgaria. You can contact us anytime when you need our legal help in Bulgaria on tel. +359 2 858 10 25, or via e-mail to


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