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In our legal system, everyone is entitled to a fair trial, and defendants are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials and prosecutors often seem to forget this when filing charges or questioning people who have been accused of a crime. Don’t stand for mistreatment if you’re facing criminal charges, and don’t just assume your case is a lost cause. Contact experienced criminal lawyer for appealing court decisions or issued European arrest Orders

Criminal defense lawyer

Criminal defense lawyer, penalty lawyer

Our criminal law office in Sofia, Bulgaria provides legal services in criminal law and criminal defence services.

Our legal praxis in criminal & defence law in Bulgaria is focused on person, accused in  drugs usage, abuse violations, money laundering, white collar crimes, forgery and counterfeiting, fraud, financial crimes and tax fraud offenses, driving and traffic crimes.

We help to anyone involved in criminal proceedings due to one reason or another, whether (s)he is an aggrieved person, a criminal defendant (suspect or accused) or another participant in the proceedings.

It is important that a criminal proceeding does not start with the trial hearing. It is, therefore, practical to take care of professional defence as early as possible. The defence strategy may be worked out right after the start of the proceeding. It needs the help of a criminal lawyer.

The counsel of our office act on behalf of our clients with utmost care and professional experience.

The assistance of a criminal attorney, in defense of rights and legitimate interests, requires any person who has committed a crime or any person who considers himself / herself to have suffered a crime, if you are a   suspect , an accused , an accused in a criminal case, or a victim of a crime, seek our co-operation.

We protect the rights and legitimate interests of our clients with all possible legal means and provide qualified lawyer protection in criminal matters. Our law office have expertise in following crimes & accidents likeCriminal defense lawyer, Criminal lawyer, Bulgarian criminal lawyr, Criminal law Bulgaria, Appealing European arrest warrant, Bulgarian defense lawyer

1.Drugs cases in Bulgaria, abuse violations in Bulgariа;  

2. Money laundering in Bulgaria, white collar crimes in Bulgaria; 

3. Forgery and counterfeiting in Bulgaria, financial & tax frauds or financial crimes ( tax fraud offenses) in Bulgaria; 

4.Driving and traffic crimes in Bulgaria;

Legal support by issued criminal cases in Bulgaria. Legal aid for issued European arrest warrants

The interpretation given by the Court is relevant to the Bulgarian practice of issuing EAW in a pretrial period given that the legal ground for issuing such a warrant is art. 64.2 Bulgarian Criminal Procedures Code according to which the prosecutor shall immediately ensure for the accused party to appear before court and, if needed, he/she may rule the detention of the accused party for up to 72 hours until the latter is brought before court.

The ordinance of the prosecutor ordering such a detention is a non-challengeable act (neither upon request of a party nor ex officio).

The questions that arise as a result of that practice are whether in cases of detention by means of European Arrest Warrants the rights of the concerned persons are effectively guaranteed in conformity with European Union law and legal standing of the concerned person is substantially more disadvantageous comparing to a pure national situation since, on the one hand, the detention under art. 64,2 Bulgarian Criminal Procedures Code is permitted for a maximum period of 72 hours and, on the other, when issuing EAW the detention may continue to up to 90 days.

If you are suspected of a crime or charged with a violation of law, you may require the services of a criminal defense attorney to present your defense or negotiate a penalty.

As different rules and procedures exist for different offenses, you should seek a criminal defense attorney who has worked on your particular type of case to provide you with the best defense.

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows what information the government will need to prove your guilt.

The defense attorney will also know what information you need to prove your innocence, including whether there are any legal rules justifying your actions.

Acting as a criminal lawyer in Bulgara we investigate in depth each case. We investigate the case and offer the best solution according to the specificity of the case.

Our law firm will provide legal assistance & protection throughout the criminal proceedings to all appropriate Bulgarian authorities – Ministry of Interior, the Customs, the District Court, the District Court, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Specialized Courts, the Military Courts, and the relevant Prosecutor’s Office.

We will provide you with legal assistance and protection from the pre-trial phase of the trial until the trial is completed.

The office offers legal advice and criminal law protection in criminal cases, legal representation, advocacy and assistance regarding:

  • Legal protection upon detention by the bodies of pre-trial proceedings;
  • Drafting & preparation of legal ducments, submission of complaints to the prosecution, police, prosecution other authorities;Criminal lawyer, Penalty law, EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT
  • Counsel on  indictment of an offense;
  • Assistance to provide a translator if necessary;
  • Legal assistance in conducting investigative activities;
  • Possibilities for exemption from serving the imposed penalty;
  • Protection of the defendant in cases of private nature – for crimes prosecuted on complaint of the victim ie defamation, insult, mild personal injury, theft that has been committed by a relative, etc .;
  • Drafting and concluding a settlement agreement ;
  • Consultations on unlawful actions or crimes committed by natural persons or public authorities and opportunities for protection;
  • Protection against unlawful acts of state authorities;
  • Preparation and legal representation in connection with civil claims for pecuniary compensation for the damage suffered;
  • Legal representation and protection of various types of crime – robbery, theft , fraud, personal injury, road accidentsMurder, transportation crimes, intrigue, kidnapping and unlawful deprivation of liberty, coercion and making hostage, molestation and rape, non-payment of maintenance; football hooliganism, as well as crimes committed when the limits of inevitable defense or “civil arrest”, document fraud, embezzlement,
  • Legal  support of extortion, illegal hunting, fishing and logging, excise goods and non-excise goods, skilled smuggling – , drugs and precursors for them, illegal crossing of borders and trafficking of persons across borders, assault on crime, perjury, documentary and computer crimes, organization of a criminal group, hooliganism, cruelty to animals, no Act, possession of arms, ammunition and pyrotechnic articles crashes/
  • Legal aid and support for road traffic accidents and crimes with cars , buses, trams and trolleybuses, injured pedestrians, cyclists, wagons, collisions between boats / yachts, jets, yachts / driving after alcohol and / or driving without a license, crimes related to the production, possession, use and disposal of narcotics, their analogues or precursors; war crimes, etc .;
  • Representation and legal defense before a court on a request to impose and amend a detention on remand in custody and to impose other measures of procedural coercion;
  • Collection of awarded benefits in due order;Criminal lawyer, Penalty law
  • Appeal of unlawful acts – rulings, judgments, judgments, decisions;
  • Legal protection in criminal cases, Appealing criminal cases;
  •  Appeal of punitive decrees both  in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Hiring a defense attorney who is well-versed in constitutional and criminal law is crucial to your case.


You owe it to your case, yourself, and your family to seek legal help and closely look at the circumstances of your criminal matter. It is our duty to hold police and prosecutors to the high standards they must meet. Our law office can help you get through this difficult time in your life.

Don’t hesitate to contact our firm in the following instances:

  • If you are facing criminal charges for the first time
  • If you are afraid you may be arrested soon
  • If the police wish to question you “informally” regarding a particular incident
  • If you have been through the process before
  • If you wish to keep your record spotless
  • If you wish to avoid a devastating conviction and/or prison time
  • If you wish to appeal your conviction
  • If you are about to serve a prison sentence

The reality is that any of these scenarios may result in serious consequences. If you or a loved one faces any of these situations, it is important that an experienced criminal defense law firm handle your criminal case from the start.

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