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Real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria

Bulgaria has more advantage offering interessting offers for foreigners on his property market. To buy or sell your property in Bulgaria could be a very complicated story, if you are not prepared. Real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria

It can be a source of stress, especially if you live & work outside of Bulgaria.Real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria

Our lawyers will draft in each case a preliminary contract that clearly outlines the obligations of both parties, in particular any irregularities that the seller is required to resolve prior to completion. Once all of the obligations have been completed our lawyers will also prepare the final contract which is to be signed and notarised.

Both the company registration and purchasing a property in Bulgaria involve operating with company and personal bank accounts and registering your interests in various institutions.

It is always best if you can do all the transactions yourself but in many cases foreign property buyers do not have the option to spend weeks in Bulgaria whilst this process is carried out. Therefore we are able to act in your interests using powers of attorney.

We are acting to ensure a transaction closes in as little time as possible and with the least demand on you. While at the same time offering the highest levels of service at a price that is reasonable.

As real estates & property lawyers in Bulgaria we, are advising foreign clients regarding company formation in connection with real estates sector.

We are providing foreign companies with full consultations. Preparing legal documents for foreign investments in Bulgaria, assisting in property litigation procedures, real property issues, etc.

Property lawyers Bulgaria

Our experienced real estates & property lawyers in Bulgaria will support you legally for the legal check up of your property choice. Real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria

We are informing our clients for any additional encumbrances on the property. As well as providing advices during negotiations for the property purchase.

The real estates lawyers in our law firm will prepare all transaction documents, including registration of the property in the municipal tax office.

Our professional legal services work both for natural persons and legal entities. Property lawyers Bulgaria. For legal affairs of our foreign clients from Western Europe, incl. UK and Germany, as well as from Russia, we serve them in their fluent language.

Legal check up of real estates in Bulgaria

As experienced property & real estates lawyers in Bulgaria, we always advise our foreign clients. What to do best before their going to invest sufficient amounts in a particular property project in Bulgaria. They should get the legal checking and information from real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria about possible disputes and irregularities pertaining to it. We offer you professional legal checking &n juristic analysis of the history and the current status of the property chosen. This includes:

  • Legal checking and investigation of the history of every property.
  • Providing a legal information on all available documents for the property.
  • Legal check with the Registry Agency for existing encumbrances.

All information is analysed and presented to the client in a way which will allow him/her to make a decision as to the benefits of a future transaction. When working with foreign clients, all legal analyses are prepared in the relevant language. Property lawyers Bulgaria.

Legal representation of a client before a Notary Public

Our law office advises every single clients – physical person or legal entity to be prepared and suggest legal advices. As experienced real estates & property lawyers in Bulgariaconcerning acquisition of a real property.Real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria It requires preparation of many documents.

In order for you to be confident that all has been properly taken care of. You can entrust the acquisition to our experienced real estates & property lawyers. We will do for you the following:

  • Legal checks and preparations of property contracts & notary deeds (title deeds).
  • Preparation of legal documents & obtaining of all pertinent documents.
  • Preparation of legal documents, declarations and property assessments.
  • Legal help and representation before the Notary public.
  • Representation before commercial banks by opening of Escrow accounts and transfer of sales price for properties. Property lawyers Bulgaria.

Our experienced real estates & property lawyers in Bulgaria will prepare all documents required to use bank services (including Escrow accounts and agreements). And will represent you during negotiations providing you with essential advices when signing contracts.

Representation before Bulgarian municipal and administrative bodies

You can count on us for a proper assistance and professional legal services as real estates & property lawyers in Bulgaria as they can do:

  • Determine borders of a servient estate and real rights.
  • Handle disputes over real property with technical services and administration.
  • Provide legal advice when clearing title and in any associated administrative and legal issues.

 Property management lawyers in Bulgaria

real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria

real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria

Once you have acquired a real property, you will also need legal assistance from our experienced real estates & property lawyers Bulgaria for its management. We will prepare all legal documents necessary to rent. Manage and maintain private properties and industrial sites and will assist you in resolving legal issues with respect to the property.

Representation in litigation  proceedings in Bulgaria

We, as real estates & property lawyer in Bulgaria, will provide you with representation in property cases before any other court in Bulgaria. This is of a prime importance to our foreign clients who have invested in property in Bulgaria. They can rest assured that our lawyers at International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners will protect your legal interests in court.

We know how important it is to have a trustworthy, competent legal partner to help you during negotiations for the acquisition of a real estates & property projects in Bulgaria. To take care of the building permits, as well as allowance for extensions and additions.

We can provide you with a help in entire legal procedures for changes in Cadastre Agency, changing of zoning of plots of land, collecting for you all necessary documents for approval of investment projects to handle restitution claims.

We have excellent knowledge of our clients’ needs and provide help and assistance on each individual legal matter concerning investment projects and real property.

You can fully trust our professional legal services as property & real estates lawyers in Bulgaria.

Whatsoever regarding your property you need us, simply contact us on + 359 897 90 43 91 or send us an e-mail to info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg.

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