Transport legal services

Transport legal services

At D.Vladimirov & Partners, our esteemed Bulgarian law office, we take immense pride in our extensive experience in providing exceptional legal services in the realm of international Transport & Logistic law.

With a rich history of assisting numerous Bulgarian and international transport firms operating across Europe, the Middle East, and various other countries, we have established ourselves as trusted legal representatives in the transport industry.

Our seasoned team possesses substantial knowledge and unparalleled expertise in the intricacies of transporting goods across borders.

We have successfully handled complex legal matters related to road, sea, and air transportation, as well as the storage and distribution of goods.

Our legal services have proven instrumental in facilitating seamless and legally compliant transport operations.Transport legal services

What sets us apart is our profound understanding of transport law, coupled with our extensive experience in dealing with diverse transport-related challenges.

Our advantage in the transport & logistic law 

We recognize the complexities and nuances of land transport operations in and out of Bulgaria, providing a strong and sound foundation for our clients.

If you are involved in the transportation of goods by road, sea, or air, or if you are engaged in the storage and distribution of goods, our expert legal team is here to offer prompt, industry-specific legal advice, guidance, and support. We understand the urgency and precision required in the transport industry, and our dedicated professionals are well-equipped to address your legal needs promptly and effectively.

When you collaborate with D.Vladimirov & Partners, you gain access to a wealth of legal expertise tailored to the transport sector. We are committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions that not only safeguard your interests but also ensure compliance with the intricate web of transport laws and regulations. Don’t navigate the complexities of transport-related legal issues alone. Talk to our team, and let us guide you toward informed, strategic, and legally sound decisions in your transport operations.

Transport legal services

Services in the field of logistics and transport have a specific feature and it is equally good knowledge of local, European and international standards.

We advise both customers who are operating in the domestic market and others who are part of the international transport and logistics industry.

Our transport lawyers are qualified to provide the Transport legal services :

  • drafting of contract for carriage of goods and cargo,
  • general conditions to contracts, defining rights
  • obligations of parties involved in the transportation process,
  • negotiations for the purpose of resolving commercial disputes,
  • insurance claims and claims related to the environment,
  • advice on labour law and working conditions,
  • analysis of the feasibility of the regulatory framework, as well as
  • administrative and criminal proceedings and court representation, if necessary.

We are here with the specialist expertise to assist you with regulation and compliance, giving you the security of knowing that the legal aspects of your operations are in safe and experienced hands.

We serve to Cargo companies & Carriers abroadTransport legal services

Our firm has given and still been providing Transport legal services to local & international carrier and cargo transporters.

If you run a transport business, or a business which is heavily reliant upon transport and logistics, our team can help you.

By advising on regulation and assisting with legal claims we can help you mitigate the impact on your commercial operations.

Whether providing knowledgeable and timely assistance and guidance in relation to regulatory matters, or defending or pursuing civil claims

All this things are in relation to the storage or transportation of goods, our team will work alongside you to protect your business and minimise commercial disruption.

If you are transporting goods by road, sea or air, or dealing with the storage and distribution of goods.

We are here with the specialist expertise to assist you with regulation and compliance, giving you the security of knowing that the legal aspects of your operations are in safe and experienced hands.

Get in touch with our friendly team of advisors on info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg for help and advice on any aspect of law relating to Transport and Logistics and how it may affect you and your business.

**Navigating the Complexities of CMR Regulation in Bulgaria**

In the intricate world of transport and logistics, the establishment of a carrier’s status hinges significantly upon the fulfillment of administrative and legal obligations by the involved entity.

The adherence to these obligations is pivotal for the smooth operation of transport activities, making legal counsel an indispensable asset in this industry.

At our esteemed law firm, we boast a specialized team of transport solicitors well-versed in the complexities of the CMR (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) regulation in Bulgaria. With a wealth of experience, our team stands as a pillar of support for operators in both passenger and goods sectors, offering invaluable insights and expert guidance.

As an operator, you are undoubtedly aware of the vast and intricate set of rules that govern the day-to-day operations of your business.Transport legal services

The ever-changing legal landscape can be daunting to navigate, requiring a nuanced understanding of local and international regulations.

Our dedicated team of transport solicitors is readily available to provide comprehensive advice and practical assistance to local and national hauliers, regardless of their size.

Our commitment extends beyond mere legal counsel; we are dedicated partners in your success story.

We understand the unique challenges faced by operators, from compliance issues to contractual complexities.

Our team is equipped with the expertise to address a wide array of concerns, ensuring that your business operates smoothly within the bounds of the law.

Whether you are a local haulier dealing with intricate administrative procedures or a national operator grappling with multifaceted legal obligations, our transport solicitors are here to offer tailored advice and unwavering support.

We take pride in being the go-to legal experts for operators of all sizes, providing reliable solutions to the intricate challenges posed by the CMR regulation in Bulgaria.

When you partner with us, you gain access to a dedicated team committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring the seamless operation of your transport business.

Legal support for your trucks in Bulgaria

Our specialist road transport solicitors understand the needs of the haulage industry and can provide you business solutions to all road transport legal issues.

There are many contingencies that occur every day on the occasion of transport, such as non-payment of freight, claims for damage and / or loss of merchandise, etc. in transport & Logistic law services.

Our attorneys have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to assist clients throughout the continuum of transportation projects.Transport legal services

Areas of Transport legal services

  • Asset purchases
  • Corridor preservation, right of way and site acquisition
  • Design and construction contracts and claims
  • Infrastructure transmission and transportation agreements
  • Insurance
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project finance and innovative financing techniques
  • Project planning and development
  • Real estate, land use, planning, zoning and joint development
  • Regulatory and development permits and approvals
  • Risk and liability assessment and mitigation
  • Transportation technology
  • Utilities and facility relocation

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