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Our law office provide you a simple way getting a quick legal advise online by completing the form,We offer professional legal advices on commercial companies, export industries in Bulgaria, trading with Western Europe & Asia and US. We works as procedural representation before Bulgaria physical persons & legal entities, before the civil & criminal courts in Bulgaria, drafting the nessesery answers & letter to many administrative authorities. Our legal team comprises highly qualified lawyers, assisted where necessary by external experts in property - debt collection cases, insurance trials, and litigation procedures. The law office works in cooperation with some of the leading Branch offices in Europe and international partners in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Please read the terms which are standard contact ones.

To get online consultations, describe your legal problem and ask the questions you want to get answers to. Do write clearly.
You will receive an e-mail with a proposal for remuneration for online consultations. If you accept the offer, you must pay an advance amount to the account. The remainder of the fee is paid upon receipt of the written online consultation.

The legal fee amount depends on the factual and legal complexity of the case and the number of questions asked. 

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online consultations

online consultations

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