Construction Lawyers

Construction Law

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provides professional legal services and full assistance in Bulgarian investments & property aqusition law in Bulgaria.

We support many international corporations by preparation of all nessesery documents required in order to completely fulfill the conditions, both in procurements and auctions of the construction industry and public sector.

We serve not only Bulgarian but also foreign companies. Our investments lawyers advise you in any structuring tender process and its implementation (including regulatory compliance). Investments in Bulgaria are governed by the Investment Promotion Act (referred below as “IPA”) and the regulations on its application.

The law office provide to many foreign clients

  1. legal representation in cases of disputes regarding proprietary and other limited property rights;
  2. Verification of Bulgarian proprietary rights which are to be transferred and verification of presence or absence of any legal burdens (mortgages or property rights of third persons for example);
  3. Legal advice regarding the preparation and fulfilment of investment projects and the related contracts in the construction process in Bulgaria.

Construction Law

Performing  direct negotiations with property construction companies, we serve to building & developers companies, technical suppliers, surveyers,  investors, and final buyers of assets in Bulgaria.

We also provide our clients’ Bulgarian property legal survey and comparing prices of similar real estates for clearing the client’s view about the investment rates on the local real estate market.

We can also help where there is needed building and/or survey of constructed buildings (prior to purchase or obtaining a mortgage loan to be secured with the said property). We are capable to search Bulgarian property locations and to visit properties on spot to check their condition.

We offer legal representation to construction companies which build residential and office complexes, factory buildings, temporary buildings, moveable houses. We provide full legal service from the moment of choosing a plot to build, acquiring of Title and obtaining all permissions, towards the end of the construction works and the sale of the built properties. Public procurement lawyers.

The law office provide legal consultation to property developers & assets investors, who would like to develop their infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, including first-class roads and highways.


Construction law relates to all aspects of the legal process necessary for building–from initial bid to final contract and project completion. Condominium law, of course, deals with all areas of the law pertaining to the establishment, creation and maintenance of a condominium and condominium associations.

This usually begins with the conversion or construction of a building and includes such aspects as financing, common areas and expenses, assessments for maintenance and improvements and even the marketing of condominium projects.

There are almost as many facets to condominium and construction law as there are different projects.

Whether you are an owner, developer, architect, general contractor, subcontractor, vendor, or surety, the lawyers at International law office D.Vladimirov & Partners have experience in dealing with the more complex aspects of this important area of the law.

Condominium legal services are within our sphere of practice, where we in our capacity of Bulgarian solicitors we have dealt with many local complexes through the last 10 years – on the seaside in Bulgarian summer resorts, located on the Black sea coast like – VARNA, BURGAS, SUNNY BEACH, NESSEBAR, POMORIE, ST.VLAS, RAVDA, etc. at the mountain resorts like Bansko and Pamporovo, in the capital Sofia..

Therefore we offer various legal services in these areas, and where needed, we can establish on behalf of the apartment owners, a General Meeting as an entity to look after the common parts of local residential buildings or holiday apartment complex.

We can register the entity with the Bulgarian authorities, and also take care of its legal standing, via performance of the annual Meeting of the apartment owners.

We are capable to solve disputes with maintenance companies and to appeal taken decisions by the entity at the local civil court.


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