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Construction & Property Lawyers in Bulgaria

The interest of foreign investors towards real estate properties in Bulgaria led to rapid construction process along the Bulgarian cities, sommer Black sea coast resorts or winter complexes. Construction Property lawyers.

This final process of getting contraction documents and permits was fed up by the information for high profits which sometimes reached much more then 20-300% annually.

The foreign investors meets some legal problems in Bulgaria concerning issue of documents or problems with the regulation’s of property or changing purpose of the plots in the cities.

Some of the issues are – lack of central places for offering of attractive properties and clear procedures for getting construction documents and Building permits – some properties has been  connected with encombrances or have some ploblems with the construction plans, simply drafted on a sheet of paper or even before getting the required by the Construction Law legal permissions.

The fact that foreign investors ignored the Construction Law proceedings caused a lot of problems and financial loss for them later. In many cases despite of the fact that the investors had paid large sums many of the construction projects had never been either started or finished.

Our Bulgarian law law office has expert construction Law lawyers and consultants who will take over your law issues and will help you with the construction proceedings of your property from beginning to its completion.

The law office provide a professional legal services in a field of construction and property building sector. Themes such as sustainable building and development, giving old office or business premises a new lease of life by changing their designated use, or just creating “the home of your dreams” keep the construction sector lively and versatile. In the property sector economic circumstances keep the margins under pressure. That means that negotiations have to be tight and prompt switching, to make sure the parties will be able to fulfill their obligations.

What exactly we offer to you…. ??

Our International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners legally supports our clients advising them about possible issues, all necessary technical documents, acts and protocols during construction works.

The date of commencement of the construction works is deemed to be the date on which the protocol of opening of the construction site and of determining the construction line and level (Protocol 2) is signed by the buildings supervision.This depends on the category of the construction works & construction projects.

Our legal work covers all the steps of checking legal building & property aquisition contrtact,  acceptance protocols in construction works, order books and a number of other standard-form acts and which ought to be compiled during the construction process, such as acceptance of the executed works before covering, interim and final acts of acceptance of the various stages of works, etc.

Bulgarian Ordinance Nr.3/ 2003 determine the standard procedures of acts and protocols, their contents and the persons authorised to compile and sign them. The acts and protocols are the evidence for the circumstances recorded therein and concerning the commencement, execution and completion of the works. The participants in the construction process who sign these acts and protocols are jointly responsible for the authenticity of the facts written in them is the National Supervisory Board (DNSK). Construction Property lawyers.

Drafting a legal requirements concerning construction works

Our lawyers will prepare and draft legal documents and contracts for construction works. We look for the compliance with the legal requirements contained in various laws and regulations concerning:

 – Bearing capacity.

 – Stability and durability of structures and the foundation base under operational and seismic loads.

 – Fire safety. Construction Property lawyers.

 – Protection of people’s lives, health and safety.

 – Safety of operation; preservation of the environment during the time of construction and of use of the completed works.

 – Economy of heat energy and heat insulation, accessibility, etc.

The responsibility for compliance with these requirements is borne jointly by the contractor and the supervisor.

In case there are construction works which do not comply with the legislative requirements, they can be postponed and the access to the project site can be restricted. Then we additionally advise our clients what actions they should take, and to the investor can be imposed a monetary sanction.

Construction & Property Lawyers are helping you in disputes

We advise owners, developers, developers, contractors, sub-contractors and construction professionals (including architects and surveyors) in relation to disputes arising from both residential and commercial construction projects.

Our construction lawyers will work with you to ensure disputes are settled swiftly, cost-effectively and to your satisfaction. Construction Property lawyers.

Documents for Selling Real Estate

Documents for Selling Real Estate

Our lawyers can assist you with advice and litigation regarding disputes about selling and buying immovable property, contracting agreements, invitations to tender, construction disagreements, rent disputes and  neighbours’ statutory rights and obligations. Another important field of expertise is the litigation and advice about issues in the area of spatial planning.

We will handle all of the paperwork and other details involving your contract – because if you don’t handle it correctly from the outset, you may not have the success you deserve.

Matters we advise you on include:

  • The terms of construction contracts.
  • The legal regimes applicable to construction operations,
  • Payment disputes under construction contracts.
  • Disputes related to defective works/remedial works.
  • Disputes related to final accounts, including delay and extension of time claims,
  • Adjudication, arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions.
  • Professional negligence on construction projects.
  • Contractor or employer insolvency.
  • Retention of title claims. 

We aim to help clients avoid disputes or resolve them at an early stage. We offer a service tailored to the size and complexity of each case and provide practical and commercial advice to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Construction Property lawyers.

Should you have any questions or need more information, please let us know by e-mail  info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg or on phone : + 359 897 90 43 91. Call us now for more information & legal advise !

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