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Our law office has a strong and proven history in the area of family law and civil litigation. We are protection the philosophy of succesfull family law practice – effective listening, practical solutions – to all areas of our legal work, adopting a client and child centred approach to legal disputes and practice.

We have more then 10 years experience working in Family Law and has been described as “decisive, strong willed, and supportive”. Our main legal points are : Family Law, Divorce Law, Separation Law, Access, Custody & Maintenance,  Child Law, Child Abduction, Civil Litigation, Family Mediation, Co-Habitees Rights & Civil Partnership Law, Collaborative Law, Personal Injury Law, Sexual Abuse law etc.

When things between two spouses hadn’t been going well and one day they found themselves in a situation of divorce, the emotional state can make it more difficult to take the right steps to protect yourself.

The feel of insecurity about what the future holds can cause huge tension and anxiety. However, the more informed you are about your rights and options, the more actively you can participate in decisions about your own future. Our Bulgarian divorce & family lawyers (Family and Inheritance lawyers )will support you legally in dividing the assets between the family members and solving your problems.

In contrast to legal consequences of the marriage, family life partners enjoy limited, if at all, legal protection of their rights as family members. Based on our legal practice, we would note that family life partners without marriage should carefully consider the legal consequences in advance in each case before they make the important decisions on property and finances. Even if this was not the case, there are still some possibilities to seek for a legal protection of the rights, however this should be considered individually.

We provide advice on all legal aspects of family life without marriage, including, but not limited:

  • Legal consequences of the family life without marriage;
  • Rights and obligations of the family life partners concerning their property and children;
  • Protection of the rights of the individual, concerning family life without marriage;
  • Drafting legal documents, concerning family life without marriage

You can trust our legal assistance of the countless issues facing families and relatives, from marriage and divorce to adoption ( Family and Inheritance lawyers) , domestic violence and inheritance disputes. We provide you with helpful information about all matters arising out of divorce, such as child custody and visitation, alimony and spousal support, and the division of marital debts and assets.

We offer you legal help in the following areas of family and inheritance law: 

Acting as Family and Inheritance lawyers in Bulgaria, we always aim to offer to our foreign clients the full specterе of legal services they need. We could beginn from initiation and performance of litigation procedures in Bulgarian courts, continue with conveyance services in relation to Bulgarian real estates, legal servicing of corporate bodies, consultations in the Bulgarian Family and Inheritance Law (Family and Inheritance lawyers) , towards disputing administrative orders, etc.

We  understand that the good and long-term beneficial relations between client and their lawyer are based mostly on on-time and understandable communication. Acting as Bulgarian legal advisor, family law lawyers we analize every single case during contacts & consulting our clients. We offer deep investigation process of his needs and suggest him mutual trust – therefore we follow strictly these principles in practice, in order to develop the quality of our legal services which we deliver to clients.

On the menu on the left on the present page, you will find the precise list of familly law legal services, which we deliver in Bulgaria.

We concider that when couples get married the last thing on their mind is divorce, yet statistics show that a significant percentage of the marriages end up in this way. Regarding the law, in the absence of a prenup all the property is divided equally between the spouses.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal step taken before marriage. It will provide assurance to you both and will help you save money and time, as well as to avoid negative emotions in the divorce process.

To draft a prenuptial agreement, you can use blank forms to sign a prenup, however we would recommend you to leave that to a our Bulgarian Family and Inheritance lawyers who will prepare a pre-marital agreement tailored to your specific case.

Specialist Family and Child Law Solicitor / Collaborative Practitioner / Family Law Mediator / Litigation Solicitor

How a prenuptial agreement works for you:

  • It protects specified assets of one party.
  • It simplifies the property division process in the event of divorce.
  • It clarifies financial responsibilities of both
  • It determines the way in which property is passed on after death.
  • Protects one party from taking on the debts of the other.

Bulgarian Family and Inheritance lawyers

We understand that family problems can be complex and traumatic. With our professional advice and sensitive approach we will guide you through all your options and will help you to achieve the best possible outcome. We aim to accomplish this in the most practical, efficient and cost-effective way.

The split could be a mutual decision with respect and nice manners. But often it is hard for one person in particular and the actions that need to be taken can be time-taking and quite upsetting. Not only the couple has to go through the difficulties of assets separation and the pain from the break up, but also the children. Much harder is especially if one person is unwilling to cooperate.

There are numerous decisions during a split-up, such as who will get alimony, child custody and visitations. You only have to choose a skilled divorce & family lawyer from our site to handle your case properly.

We take into concern the interests of all, especially any children.

We suggest our clients to choose the best we getting the divorce closed by the legal way, according the Bulgarian legislation

A/ Divorce by Mutual Consent – This could happen in case of serious and inflexible consent of the spouses on divorce the court permits the divorce without searching for their motives for dissolution of their marriage. Family and Inheritance lawyers.

B/ Divorce by Disruption of Marriage – Any of the spouses may request divorce when the marriage is deeply and irreparable disrupted. Bulgarian court urges the spouses to reconciliation through mediation or other methods of voluntary settlement of the dispute.

Briefly, we can do for you the following:

  • Assistance in division of assets during or following the divorce.
  • Advices based on Bulgarian law regarding which assets belong to which spouse.
  • Advising on which jurisdiction is the best for commencing divorce proceedings.
  • Conducting divorce proceedings on behalf of a spouse.
  • Any other help you may need.

Paternity, Custody and Adoption

There can be many reasons for you to undertake an adoption. You may want to legally adopt the children of a new spouse or biologically you may be unable to build your own family. You may need to provide a home to the children of a sibling or other family member who has lost parental rights.

All those processes include requests for establishing paternity, contesting and acknowledging paternity, custody challenges, guardianship, claims for awarding, modifying alimony, court orders for taking a child abroad by one of the parents, etc.

In our team we have Bulgarian family & divorce lawyers who will provide you with effective assistance throughout the adoption process.

Beyond acknowledging paternity, unmarried fathers must meet a larger requirement demonstrated commitment to parenting in order to gain constitutionally protected paternal rights.

When it comes to children, we can advise on your rights of contact and of custody. If the case is a mixed marriage, we will inform you about the nationality rights of your children. We also can represent you in any issues connected to paternity, child maintenance payments, or can represent the child as a ward of court.

Bulgarian Family and Inheritance lawyers

Inheritance law governs the rights of a decedent’s survivors to inherit property. A surviving spouse may be able to claim an inheritance despite what you may have written into your will. Children, and sometimes grandchildren, also have a right to claim an inheritance when a parent or grandparent dies.

What is a will?

A will is a legal document that sets out a person’s wishes for his/her property, assets and children when that person dies. An experienced wills and trusts lawyer can advise people who are writing up their will of all legal requirements involved in estate planning, such as probate laws.  

Will Contest

A will contest arises when one or more parties contests the validity of a will. Specifically, that party argues that the will does not represent or reflect the actual intent of the person the will represents (the testator). For example, the contesting party could argue that the testator was subject to undue influence when writing the will or lacked the capacity to write the will.

What is a trust?

A trust is a right in property that is held in a fiduciary relationship by one party for the benefit of another. The trustee holds the title to the property on behalf of the beneficiary, who will receive the benefits of the trust. A trust fund is a separate legal entity that protects property and assets from probate and taxes. Amongst some trustees can arise a conflict of interests. Cases like this often involve allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or failure to protect the assets of the trust.

How we can help you

Whether you are looking for help in the event that you will be rewarded with an inheritance or you are soon to receive one, it is very important to act quickly. What you need to accomplish to secure your property is very important and prevents possible fines, tax payments and other costly fees

Family and Inheritance lawyers –  As a specialist in family and inheritance law, I hereby present to your attention a set of legal services in this area. In my practice as a lawyer I gained tremendous experience and I provide legal aid and assistance in carrying out consultations on the new Family Code, effective as of 21.12.2010, upon drawing up of marriage agreements, agreements on divorce by mutual consent and claim order, origin claims, adoption of children, recognition, acceptance, refusal of inheritance, partitioning of inheritance, drawing up wills, etc. I perform express divorce procedures in various locations in Sofia district.

Lawyer specializing in family and inheritance law –  Our law office provide legal consultations, statements, procedural and legal representation in litigation regarding:

  • Legal claims for establishment of origin;
  • Check & court procedure concerning the origin of children;
  • Legal adoption cases before Bulgarian courts;
  • Complete and partial adoption;
  • Legal representation and custody assistance; Limitation of parental rights;
  • Deprivation of parental rights; Alimony; Claim for awarding of alimony; Reduction and increasing of alimony;
  • Divorce claims as per claim order;
  • Divorce claims by mutual consent;
  • Guardianship and custody;
  • Inheritance by law;
  • Inheritance by will; Ability to dispose through will;
  • Form of will; Notarized will;
  • Restoration of reserved portion; Reduction of will order; Reduction of donation;
  • Revocation of will; Invalidity of will;
  • Acceptance and refusal of inheritance;
  • Refusal of inheritance; Partitioning of inheritance; Types; Partitioning table; Shares;
  • Judicial partitioning; Stages of judicial partitioning;

Whatever solution you need, just contact our Family and Inheritance lawyer for a legal advice and assistance on +359 897 90 43 91  or send us an e-mail to info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg


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