Banking law and procedures

International Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provides you with all legal services related to financial matters. We work for local and foreign clients regarding bank transaction, negotiations and contracts with banks and other financial authorities in Bulgaria. Our experienced lawyers can review, draft and amend all your legal contracts or clauses and find how to secure your business risks. Banking law affects every citizen, company or other kind of organisation doing business with one or more banks. It works for all types of loans, credit facilities, mortgages, credit cards and payment accounts, liens and transfers. If you plan to negotiate with banks or sign contracts, we recommend you to take advantage of our legal consultation.

Banking Lawyers and Legal Procedures


Our legal practice as a banking & financial lawyers give us the chance to work with people, having a problems with financial product marketed must be preceded by careful familiarization with all the terms and conditions applicable to it, as set out in the contract and the general terms and conditions applying to that product, are advised by the central bank.

If a consumer of financial products and services considers his interests to be affected, he can address both the financial institution with which he has a contract and the state institutions that are authorized to resolve disputes.

In cases where customer interests are affected, for example, incorrectly charged interest on a deposit or credit, improperly charged charges, unauthorized card transactions, the bank must first notify the servicing bank or the payment service provider. When the case concerns a financial institution that has granted a consumer loan, you should first contact it. This is the easiest and quickest way to reach mutual agreement between the parties,

Banks are very sensitive to the trust of their clients, so they seek to address and resolve disputes and frustrations in due time. Therefore, if the party concerned finds transactions that it considers to be unlawful, there is a doubt that the agreed deposit interest is not charged, the higher the interest on the loan or the difficulty of servicing the loan, the client is best to he / she shall first contact the servicing bank or financial institution.

In the letter to the bank / financial institution detailed information about the problem has to be provided as well as detailed identification data - name, PIN code, bank account number, credit / deposit contract number, etc. If necessary, copies of documents may be attached to the letter. The client must ensure that his / her letter is entered with an incoming number and informs him / her in what time he / she will receive an answer.

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Banking lawyers

Banking lawyers ensure that their clients are legally protected against the risks involved in a financing deal - lenders risk losing their money and borrowers risk problems arising from the obligations they'll have taken on.

They draft or review legal documents needed and make sure all steps required for funding have implemented, particularly that the borrower had fulfilled the conditions to the funds being granted. Banking lawyers also advise their clients on legal issues that could come up in the context of financing arrangements.


The banking law in Bulgaria is strongly connected with the business activity and transactions of many foreign clients and investors in Bulgaria. It also acts with different trans-border operations of our international and local clients. Bulgarian banking law regulates the legal relations between the banks as credit authorities/institutions and the clients.

Applying to banks for financing and financing through international trasnfer & transactions.

We assist for local & foreign clients by choosing of scheme of financing and concluding of credit contracts and collateral contracts – mortgages, pledges, special pledges, etc.,

Our legal support take care for legal restructuring of credits, collection of debts and consultancy of natural persons and legal entities which apply for credits, financing  for projects and investment ventures, consulting of acquisition of all types of assets, creation and applying for license of all types of banking and non-banking financial institutions, creation of branches of such bank authorities & supervision in Bulgaria.

We see that all natural persons, companies and institutions which have businesses in Bulgaria have to cooperate with the local bank from the Bulgarian bank system.

These activities are subject to the regulation by the Bulgarian banking law. Every week we are preparing for our clients legal documents, remittances, credits, pledges, loans, mortgages, etc. All these are directly related to the banking law. The regulations of the transactions in Bulgarian banking sectors have been coordinated by the Supervision division of the Bulgarian National Bank.

The main legal act is the Bulgarian Banking Law Act and several additional provisions concerning credits and financial institution settled in the legal act of Obligations and Contracts Act. The relations of loan & credits securities have been determined also in the Bulgarian Obligations and Contracts Act.


Our professional legal banking services

At our international law firm we have lawyers with tremendous experience in the banking area. They will review each of your contracts in order to protect you from signing documents which are beneficial solely for the bank and will also provide assistance with the following:

  • Financial & Banking lawyersLegal presentation and negotiations before any bank & financial authority.
  • Preparation of all types of contracts for collateral and bank credits.
  • Consultations in renegotiating loans.
  • Services during bank transactions, financing of acquisitions, etc.
  • Representation in proceedings and legal protection in trials involving lease companies, banks and non-banking financial institutions.
  • Drafting different contracts for bank negotiations and preparing documents for bank guarantees.
  • Legal advices on issuing different type of credit lines.
  • Preparation & drafting legal documents for asset management contracts and financing project.
  • Legal advices on preparation of documents in Public Private Partnership agreements.
  • Legal analysis of credit termination and cancellation.
  • Legal analysis in cases concerning guarantees and review of joint liability.
  • Examination of different financing models and contracts.
  • Legal advices on commercial & company loans & credits.
  • Legal advices on other financial transactions.
  • Legal assistance in rescheduling and repayment of debts.

Our lawyers in bank & financial legal procedures will also ensure excellent services for non-banking financial institutions. Clients rely on us to take a practical, business-oriented approach to achieving their goals.

Providing a legal services in bank law we consult our clients, and got a sophisticated understanding of the expectations and requirements of both sides to a financing transaction, and provide services tailored to each client’s needs.

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