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International Law Office D. Vladimirov and provides professional services in insolvency and liquidation procedures in Bulgaria. As the worldwide financial crisis had affected Bulgarian economy too, many companies have become insolvent. Most of them could not be restructured which means for creditors of Bulgarian companies to look into the future and secure their claims. Our law firm offers you a complete check up of clients’ relations with Bulgarian partners including liquidity and potential risks. We consider all security instruments provided by Bulgarian Law, such as liens, guarantees, bonds, conditional sales, retention of title, assignments of claims, etc. We aim at avoiding losses by providing you with precautionary legal advices.

Our international law office is specialised in insolvency and liquidation procedures of companies in Bulgaria. We work with several financial institutions and private foreign clients who need legal assistance in insolvency & liquidation cases. In this way we help them to survive the unstable economic situation and dynamic changes. Our lawyers prepare the legal framework for companies by working with several EU companies for liquidation of their assets in Bulgaria in the last few years.

We support insolvent companies in Bulgaria to save their funds and capital on the Bulgarian market. There has been a significant increase of the number of clients requesting legal help for winding up commercial companies operating in the country. This trend is still keeping on and Bulgarian companies are getting more and more vulnerable. We offer you solid legal help in your difficult situation. The extensive experience of our legal team of insolvency and liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria allows us to offer services to companies in insolvency, as well as to their creditors. Timely legal intervention opens a path to recovery of such companies or speeds up their liquidation with as little loss as possible.

Insolvency and liquidation lawyers. Our area of insolvency legal support includes:

  • Legal analysis of debtor’s company & liquidation condition – legal and financial reports.
  • Drafting legal strategy and surviving action plan for saving assets of foreign companies in Bulgaria.
  • Preparation and collection of all documents necessary to file insolvency or liquidations procedures in Bulgaria.
  • Legal representation of foreign companies in Bulgaria in court during insolvency & liquidation procedures.
  • Legal representation of creditors or debtor’ company in Bulgaria concerning the legal claims in court proceedings for voiding a transaction – entered into by the debtor and damaging to the creditor.
  • Provision of advice and assistance to debtors or their creditors during negotiation of voluntary contractual arrangements.
  • Preparation of a corporate recovery plan for every legal company in Bulgaria in insolvency issues.

We also provide full assistance to company wishing to go into voluntary dissolution. In a case you have any further questions to our insolvency and liquidation lawyers in Bulgaria, please call us on + 359 2 858 10 25 or send us an e- mail to

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