Insurance Law Bulgaria

Insurance Law Bulgaria

Our international law office provides a legal services of insurance litigation in Bulgaria.

The choice and design of the right insurance solution can be crucial for a company’s success.

We assist insurers and policyholders in all matters of corporate insurance, in particular, D&O insurance, individual insurance solutions.

We identify gaps in insurance cover, localise possibilities for optimisation and implement insurance cases.

We work on many projects in drafting tactical expertise, depth of resource and clout in resolving coverage disputes.

We specialise in advising on the resolution of large and difficult claims and in the defence of claims against companies of liability insurance policies.

Transport law case in BulgariaInsurance Law Bulgaria

The law office is ideally positioned to take on cross-border cases given our extensive office network covering the key insurance markets in Eastern Europe.

We are world leaders in the use of arbitration, typically the preferred form of dispute resolution in insurance policies.

Our insurance cases frequently involve catastrophic losses, difficult coverage and loss allocation issues

We are experts in:

  • professional indemnity/civil liability cases;
  • environmental, nuisance, property damage and business interruption claims
  • insurance and reinsurance advisory services

Have you been involved in a car or car accident on the road?

Our law office represents clients on a national, regional and local level in the transportation, trucking, shipping, cargo, property broker, freight forwarder.

The firm’s attorneys have successfully completed hundreds of jury trials in the transportation field and logistic litigation cases in Bulgaria

Our law office provides following legal services related to insurance law;

  • Legal claims assitance for receivables in relation with insurance,
  • Automobile, Aviation and Marine Insurance,
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability,
  • Errors and Omissions,
  • Legal claims support for fire claims,
  • Life and Disability Insurance,
  • Legal claims assitance for medical malpractice cases,
  • Legal claims assitance for personal Injury,
  • Property and Casualty Claims,
  • Subrogation.

Our insurance & transport lawyers in Bulgaria will help you negotiate fair insurance compensation.

Very often insurance companies take advantage of their potential customers who do not use legal help when they take out insurance policies.

Practically, they offer them insurance compensations in Bulgaria which are incomparably lower than the actual coverage levels.

The expert assessments they provide in case of an insurance event are not always accurate which, in turn, affects the amount of the final payout.

You have the full right to object it seeking for our legal help.

We handle with trucking accidents and litigations providing our clients with legal support in varied insurance cases.

We also help our clients in personal injury cases caused by transport incidents which had not been their fault.

The work in partnership with clients in the transport and logistic sector utilises our technical and regulatory experience.

Clients have got our support if they want to put the insurance company on trial/court procedures in Bulgaria.

Our law office has enough experience in many diverse topics as owner-operator liability

As part of our trucking and transportation practice, we commonly represent trucking companies on such matters as follows:

  • Transport (TIR) & Trucking accidents in the countryInsurance Law Bulgaria
  • Legal aid & legal assistance by personal injury claims.
  • Car accident and fatality claims & compensations.
  • Cargo insurance cases & compensations.
  • CMR convention compensations.
  • Owner/operator contracts and disputes.
  • Disputes with shippers.

Do ensure you have a real protection from unexpected events and ill-intention insurance companies.

Use our competent insurance lawyers’ services.

Our Insurance lawyers offers you the following services as well :

  • Proper advices when taking out insurance; renegotiation of conditions; occurrence of an insurance event.
  • Assistance in case of rejection of compensation and transfer of insurance property.
  • Legal protection and representation in proceedings on compensation claims for all types of insurances and road traffic accidents.

We understands that when a person is looking for an attorney they are looking for someone to guide them through the legal process.

That is why he has dedicated his career fighting for injured people and their struggles securing the best possible financial recovery.

Personal injury cases can leave a victim physically, emotionally, and financially destroyed.

Phone our law office at + 359 897 90 43 91 as quickly as possible or you can fill out our online contact form to receive quick feedback from.

Our qualified lawyers in the office will provide you the most professional legal assistants concerning your case.

If you need a legal support in Bulgaria, contact  us on + 359 897 90 43 91 or e-mail to info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg.