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For more than 14 years, individuals and families in Sofia Bulgaria have turned to D.Vladimirov & Partners law office for help with personal injury lawsuits. Our personal injury lawyers have earned national recognition for their work on behalf of injured victims.

With over 14 years of experience representing personal injury victims, the lawyers at D.Vladimirov & Partners law office have the skills and knowledge necessary to handle cases involving many different types of injuries.

Our certified trials & litigation lawyers are not afraid to fight on your behalf to recover the fair and just compensation that you are owed by the party who caused the accident. Whether you were hurt by a private citizen’s actions or the negligent policies of a big corporation, we are prepared to hold the responsible party accountable. We offer legal counsel for a wide variety of personal injury cases including:

Car Accidents

We represent drivers, passengers, truckers, bikers, and pedestrians who suffered serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents in Eastern European area, in Sofia, Bulgaria . If you were hurt in a car accident with a drunk, distracted, or reckless driver, we can help. We have handled many car crash accidents in Bulgaria and are very familiar with the rules of the road. 

We have helped hundreds of motor vehicle accident victims and we are considered among the best car accident law firms in Sofia, Bulgaria. We represent all types of car accident victims: drivers, passengers and pedestrians.  If you live or work in our law office D.Vladimirov & Partners and have had an automobile accident, call our personal injury lawyers today.

Truck Accidents

Unlike most law firms in Sofia, Bulgaria, we are specialized in large commercial truck and tractor trailer accident cases. Eastern Europe countries seems to share a heavy truck traffic on their main roads. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a large truck, contact our truck accident team for a free consultation. Truck accident lawsuits can be very complex. 

You should be sure to hire a truck crash team that specializes in these big rig accidents.  The Bulgarian personal injury lawyers at D.Vladimirov & Partners Law office have been handling  truck accident lawsuits for decades and we know how to take on the big trucking companies to get you the justice you deserve. 

Whether you have had a collision with a tractor trailer, or you were a passenger in a car that was in a truck accident, or even the driver of a truck that was involved in an accident with another bug truck, we have the legal know-how to win your truck accident case in Sofia, Bulgaria

Workers’ Compensation

Some people & workers in Bulgaria work in dangerous industries: transportation, service, healthcare, maintenance, and manufacturing, to a name a few. The personal injury lawyers at D. VLadimirov & Partners law office help injured workers obtain the benefits they deserve.

We have practiced before many workers compensation judges in Sofia, Bulgaria and we have represented hundreds of workers’ comp claimants from the Eastern Europe area (Sofia, Bulgaria).  We would be proud to use our legal expertise in workman’s compensation law to help you get the benefits you are legally entitled to receive.

Premises Liability

If you suffer an personal injury while on someone else’s property in Sofia Bulgaria, the landlord or property owner may be responsible. We represent victims of dog bites, slip and falls, drowning, burns, chemical exposure, and more. Premises cases can be difficult to handle, but at D.Vladimirov & Partners law office in Sofia, Bulgaria, we have had had great success in premises liability lawsuit cases. 

Property owners are responsible for keeping their property free from hazards.  If they fail to do so, and you suffer an injury on another person’s property, then you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit in Sofia Bulgaria.  D. VLadimirov & Partners law office is well equipped to handle any type of premises liability claim, so call us today for a free consultation.

Product Liability

The personal injury lawyers at D. VLadimirov & Partners law office handle cases involving defective or dangerous products, including bad drugs, unsafe medical devices, recalled auto parts and vehicles, heavy machinery, and household consumer items. We are currently reviewing cases involving airbags, IVC filters, hernia mesh, and more.

We have decades of experience handling product liability cases and we had had some of the largest settlements and verdicts in product cases.  Product liability cases often require expert witnesses and advanced technology. 

D. VLadimirov & Partners law office has the resources to hire the best product  experts and uses state-of-the-art technology in all of its personal injury and product liability cases. 

Medical Malpractice

The Eastern European area, in Sofia, Bulgaria is home to many hospitals and medical facilities. If you suffered injury, illness, or lost a loved one due to medical negligence, call D.Vladimirov & Partners law office for a professional consultation. You should choose carefully when selecting a medical malpractice & personal injury lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria

Many firms claim they have experience in medical negligence lawsuits, but often that is not the case.  D.Vladimirov & Partners law office is one of the experienced medical malpractice law offices in the Eastern European area, in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Our team of medical malpractice legal experts are dedicated to helping our personal injury clients in Eastern European area, in Sofia, Bulgaria get the recovery they deserve.

Our personal injury lawyers are determined to help medical malpractice victims just like you cope with the pain, suffering and financial stress that come from a doctor or other health professionals medical negligence.

Personal Injury in Sofia, Bulgaria

Accidents can happen to anyone, but serious injuries tend to disproportionately impact working-class citizens, both in the number of accidents themselves and the cost of the aftermath.

Here in Eastern European area, in Sofia, Bulgaria , we understand the importance of working hard. Many people in our city have multiple jobs, and that means more time on the road, more time at work, and more time in potentially hazardous situations. Injuries can be absolutely devastating, leaving you without a source of income and forced to take time off to recover.

Sadly, workers’ compensation benefits can be withheld for unjust reasons. Big businesses might feel like they can take advantage of you. An insurance company may fall short after an accident.

Many negligent parties may delay your payments for months, forcing you into debt. Securing legal representation after you have sustained an injury can help you protect yourself from these sorts of illegal practices. At D. VLadimirov & Partners law office our personal injury lawyers are prepared to represent your interests and make sure you receive the injury compensation you are due.

  Please contact our personal injury law firm today to lean more about how we can help you recover for your accident and injuries.

How much will it cost to hire a top personal injury lawyer in Wilkes-Barre?

At D. VLadimirov & Partners law office we work on a contingent fee basis. This means that we do not collect a fee unless we win your case. You will not owe us anything up front or out of your own pocket, and our fee will never exceed the amount of money you receive. 

Our D. VLadimirov & Partners law office will invest in you and you accident case.  If we need to hire expert witnesses in your injury case, we front all of the costs for you and you only have to reimburse us for those legal expenses if we win your legal case. Thats right– we take all of the financial risk for you and your accident case.  We do this because we believe in all of our personal injury clients and we know that we will get you the best result possible.

Click here to learn what our past clients have to say about D. VLadimirov & Partners law office We would like to put our team of injury lawyers to work for you today. 

We understand that after a personal injury accident, you need someone who understands your needs.  Our legal team is here and we are ready to fight for you and to help you win your personal injury case. 

You can trust us– we have helped many accident victims  in the Eastern European area, in Sofia, Bulgaria and we want to put our injury law legal expertise to work for you.

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