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Iternational Law Office D. Vladimirov and Partners provides you with all necessary legal services connected to property and contract law. We can assist you with property acquisition and selling giving you expert advices on the best way for you to transfer the ownership. Also, you will be informed about all the specifics of a deal and the moments that require your attention and precise decision. We provide legal assistance on buying property with a mortgage and clarify the obligations of the parties. Our advices in the area of real estate begins with the preparation and drafting of all necessary documentation, negotiations with the counter party, the investor and builder and continues with assistance with the spot on choice of property and finishes with the successful outcome of the deal. All these actions we are doing before the Notary public in Bulgaria.

Our professional property & contract lawyers are experienced in many legal cases involving property & contract law. By choosing our legal services you will guarantee your self profitable transactions, successful return on your investments, the smoothest and beneficial resolution of your property case and other disputes.

International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners’ legal services for property deals covers everything from the due diligence of the property’s status, full assistance during negotiations and preparation of the documentation necessary to the final acquisition and subsequent management of the property.

That includes but not limited to the following:

• Property acquisitions, buying or selling property, including its tax and financial aspects.
• Preliminary contracts for a property and proclamation their validity in court.
• Litigation and consultation on property cases; suggesting solutions  regarding the choice of property.
• Establishing right to build over a property.
• Voluntary and court partition of co-owned property. Contract lawyers.
• Termination of contracts due to their invalidity.
• Assistance in obtaining compensation for broken clauses of preliminary or final contract.
• Rental or lease contract.
• Management and maintenance contract.
• Building contracts, obtaining building permission, change of land statute.
• Restitution claims.
• Investment projects. Contract lawyers.
• Representation of major infrastructural projects.

Our property & contracts lawyers in Bulgaria prepare and draft all types of various contracts necessary – commercial contracts, preliminary ones, to the benefit of a third party, agreements for contracted worВещно и облигационно правоk, commercial contracts, public procurement contracts, lease, loan, tenancy, deposit, management agreements, etc. We are the perfect legal experts in collection of receivables and satisfaction of creditors, as well as in drafting amendments and supplements to the contracts.

Also, we assist you in case of non-performance of agreements, objective inability to fulfill obligations; objections against non-performance of contracts, etc. Contract lawyers.

We employ security measures which motivate the debtor to make immediate payment. We prepare documents for assignment of receivables, damages, subjugation, compensation, etc.

Our professional legal services in the area of property & contract law in Bulgaria have various specifics and requirements. The lawyers must demonstrate a special approach and strong communication skills.

When it comes to debtors and possess, we expertise in:

  • Legal support by debt collection overdue payments.
  • Legal checking & investigation of the debtor’s assets.
  • Legal obtain and preparation of documents for the courts in Bulgaria like performance of enforcement letters.
  • Legal support in preparation of lease, rent and other agreements certified by a Notary Public. Contract lawyers.
  • File statements of claim and recover receivables in insolvency proceedings.

The work of our property & contractual lawyers in Bulgaria is immediate and allows you to participate on every legal transaction. Depending on your specific case, you have options and we will advise you best what they are. Simply contact our property & contract lawyers and we will help you.

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