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The Bulgarian tax law is quite simple. However, it is getting more complex due to newly implemented EU regulations thus making business and tax planning more important. Our tax attorneys and accounting specialists will assist you in developing the right tax strategy and solutions. We do not only provide you with competent tax advice to Bulgarian Law but also consider the double taxation issues.

Our Tax & legal exper­tise includes following legal ser­vices for res­i­dents and non-residents in Bulgaria:

  • Legal & Tax plan­ning and assess­ing of res­i­dents’ cor­po­rate tax exposure, income tax due date as well as annual tax assess­ment in con­nec­tion with the year-end clo­sure of accounts and annual income tax return
  • Legal assis­tance to res­i­dents for tax on self-employ­ment, social secu­rity tax brack­ets, due date for income tax and annual tax return for self employed indi­vid­u­als
  • Con­sul­ta­tions on Bul­gar­ian VAT Tax Act, the applic­a­ble VAT in Bulgaria, VAT reg­is­tra­tion and prepa­ra­tion of monthly VAT tax returns. Tax lawyers.
  • Acting as a Bulgarian VAT agent for claiming VAT refunds in Bulgaria
  • Rep­re­sen­ta­tion before the national insti­tu­tions for taxes of non-residents for with­hold­ing taxes and taxes on div­i­dends, sub­mis­sion of non-resident tax returns, income tax on for­eign income, pay­ment of tax on income from shares and income tax on div­i­dends;
  • Estate plan­ning, prop­erty tax ser­vices, inher­i­tance tax and inher­i­tance tax rates, advices about with­hold­ing tax, taxes with­held from Bul­garia, with­hold­ing treaty and cor­po­ra­tions tax

If you con­sider that your busi­ness activities in Bulgaria is not cur­rently in need for tax advice, you can seek for tax infor­ma­tion as at the moment Bul­gar­ian tax sys­tem almost apply tax free levy­ing of income for res­i­dents and non res­i­dents. Tax lawyers.

Bul­garia offers an excel­lent income tax sys­tem with the low­est within EU tax rates – 10% tax rate for cor­po­rate tax and with­hold­ing tax rate for non res­i­dents, 5% rate of tax on div­i­dends and tax on income from shares and 20% VAT rate in Bul­garia.

The Corporate Tax Rate in Bulgaria stands at 10 % (ten) percent.

The Corporate Income Tax Rate is a tax collected from companies. Its amount is based on the net income of companies obtained while exercising their business activities, normally during one business year. The benchmark we use refers to the highest rate for Corporate Income. The Value Added Tax Act declares the VAT in Bulgaria for 20% of every good and service provided in the country.The International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners provides professional legal services in terms of Tax & Taxation Law which  include but not limited to:

  • Quick registration of private companies.
  • Professional tax investigations. Tax lawyers.Tax lawyers
  • Developing tax strategies and cross-border transactions.
  • Tax issues related to sale and purchase of companies.
  • Tax-related due diligence examination.
  • Tax issues in company structuring and restructuring.
  • Collection and remedy proceedings before Bulgarian tax authorities.
  • Permanent tax advice and accountancy services.
  • Legal support in case of tax examinations and inspections.
  • Company VAT registration to NRA – National revenue Agency
  • Reclaiming VAT and determining the amount of the taxes in commercial transactions.
  • Objections and protests against tax inspection findings.
  • Appeals of administrative penalty citations.
  • Tax obligations of foreign persons and legal ways to avoid double taxation.
  • Drafting and preparation of documents for transactions and payments between residents and non-residents.
  • Drafting of documents for cross-border transfers and payments.
  • Cross-border transportation of cash.
  • Preparation of foreign exchange transactions in the line of business.
  • Legal transactions in precious metals and precious stones, and articles made therewith or thereof in the line of business, as well as their cross-border transportation and processing.
  • Exercising of foreign exchange control.
  • Collection, maintenance and reporting of statistical information on the balance of payments and international investment position of Bulgaria.

With the evolving nature of tax, our tax lawyers understand the importance of providing you with relevant, up to date tax advice and changes in tax law and practice.  By working with your accountant and financial adviser, we will ensure that your solution is the right one. We take our duty of care very seriously for you know clarity is everything. You will know exactly where you stand, what your liabilities are. Then you will be able to predict possible contingencies and attain optimal tax results in all aspects. Additionally, we help international clients to gain significant tax benefits through our understanding of the cross-border regime regarding residence and domicile.

Our law office empha­size on your spe­cific tax needs and look for plain and work­ing solu­tions. We would advise you on income tax in Bul­garia, Bul­gar­ian VAT, Inher­i­tance tax level and taxes due dates, with­hold­ing tax in Bul­garia, div­i­dends and shares income and returns sub­mis­sion.

Our legal counselors and Tax lawyers & accountants will prepare for you effective tax strategies, will lead effective company tax policy. Take advantage of lawyers specializing in tax law because they will guarantee a significant portion of the security and prosperity of your business. Our team has got rich experience in working with Bulgarian and foreign clients who need advice and assistance in the field of tax law. Trust our competent care for your affairs and call us on + 359 2 858 10 25, or send us an e-mail to info@lawyer-bulgaria.bg.

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