The  register is public. To carry out tour operator or tourist agent activity in PTTA is entered a person who meets all the requirements of the Tourism Act

  1. be a trader within the meaning of the  Commercial Act or a legal person who has the right under other law to carry out economic activity;
    2. have staff with appropriate education, language qualification and traineeship;
    3. the person performing the functions of management of tour operator or tourist agent activity has adequate education, language qualification and traineeship;
    4. have provided a suitable room for tour operator or tourist agent activity;



    5. has concluded a preliminary insurance contract (under Article 42, paragraph 1), which is concluded annually and covers its liability for damages caused by failure to pay sums due from its counterparties, including insolvency and insolvency, the insurance must to cover:
    – reimbursement of the amounts paid by the consumer before the start of the journey;
    – payment of the difference in cases where only part of the services agreed in the contract are provided during the trip;
    – the cost of returning the consumer to the starting point.
    6. not to be in liquidation or insolvency proceedings;
    7. not to have been a tour operator or tourist agent without a license / registration in the last 12 months;
    8. not have been revoked license / withdrawn registration for carrying out the respective activity in the last 12 months.
    For registration in the  Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents  , a model application is filed  with  the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism. The following shall be attached to the application:
    1. A declaration by the applicant that he / she is not linked to a trader whose registration for tour operator and / or tourist agent activity has been deleted or that he has not been a trader declared bankrupt or refused registration within the terms of art. 66, para. 4, items 1 and 2 of the Territorial Act;
    2. A requirement for education, language training and traineeship for the staff to be employed in the pursuit of tourism activities;
    3. A copy of the documents certifying the completion of education, experience and linguistic qualification of the person managing the tour operator or tourist agent activity;
    4. A requirement for the location, suitability and equipment of the premises  for tour operator or tourist agent activity;
    5. A copy of the property or rental agreement and any other document giving rise to the right of use of the premises under the preceding item, valid for at least one year from the date of filing the application;
    6. A copy of the preliminary insurance contract under Art. 42, para. 1;
    7. Document for paid fee for examination of documents according to the tariff approved by the Council of Ministers, namely: 500 BGN for tour operator, 500 BGN for travel agent.

3. In case you wish to carry out tour operator and / or tourist agent activity  only by electronic means , you submit an application to which you apply all the above mentioned documents  without a property or lease agreement  and additionally:

  1. a document certifying the ownership of the internet address in the domain;
  2. a template declaration that the applicant will perform the activity only electronically.

The above registration is also mandatory for group shopping site operators where they will be performing tourist agent activity. 

Deadline for the completion of the procedure
The deadline for the issuance or refusal to issue a registration certificate is two months from the submission of the application to the Ministry of Tourism and the same is instructive. Refusal to issue a registration certificate must be motivated.


In the sphere of tourism, for us ordinary consumers, the term  “travel agency”  is a concept we consider to be completely clear from the content and when we consider to book and organize our holiday, excursion, etc. we choose the most advantageous offer offered by any travel agency.

However, we need to know, not only ordinary consumers, but also all professionals who intend to operate in the tourism industry that this is an informal concept for all companies that offer tourist trips. Formally, according to the Tourism Act, there are two types of companies that offer different types of services in the field of tourism, namely “tour operators” and “travel agents”. Both tour operators and tour agents are subject to a prior authorization regime, a so-called Tour Operator license and / or tourist agent license. The certificate of activity as a tour operator and / or travel agent is issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

What is the difference between a tour operator and a travel agent and what license do we need?

In the first place, we have to answer the question of what “organized group and individual trips with a total price” are. PA provides the following definition: Organized group and individual trips with total price are trips, which

FIRST – include a combination of at least 2 of the following services: transportation; accommodation; other tourist services not related to transport or accommodation and making up a significant part of the journey;

SECOND – are offered or sold at a price that includes all costs;

THIRD – are for a period longer than 24 hours or include accommodation for overnight stays.

“Tour operator activity” is the organization of group and / or individual tourist trips with a total price offered for sale, either directly or through a travel agent for the purposes of tourism, recreation, entertainment, business, participation or attendance of events and events of cultural and educational character, of congress and business events or for any other purpose.

In a nutshell, tour operators are organizers of package packages that include several items and are available at a total cost. They can sell their own packages directly or via travel agents – travel agents. They are responsible for the trip themselves and have “tour operator liability” insurance covering customer damages.

With our service we:

  • We will complete the registration procedure for your new company as a tour operator and / or travel agent for you. 
    • We will prepare, fill in and submit the necessary documentation for your company registration in 
     the Tour Operator Register and Travel Agents. • We will provide appropriate  training and qualification for your staff if you need them. • We will save you valuable time, and with our knowledge and skills we will carry out the entire registration procedure of a tour operator / travel agent in the  Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents for you at moderate competitive prices.

  • The operation of the registration and the registration certificate is indefinite. 
  • Registered persons are issued a registration certificate, which is placed in a prominent position on the tourist site.
  • The tourist voucher is issued for domestic and outbound tourism only by a registered tour operator.
  • The tourist voucher can be provided to the tourist and travel agent only in the name and on behalf of a registered tour operator.
  • The travel agent is not allowed to issue his / her own tourist voucher.

If you have any queries or ambiguities regarding the registration of a tour operator or travel agent,  contact the team through the  ONLINE CONSULTATION form  and ask your question.

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