Property acquisition lawyer

The last 10 years Bulgaria has been accepted as a place for investments and the people start searching Property acquisition lawyer.

Our proficiency in real estate law spans well over a eighteen years.

With a legacy spanning over a century, our prowess in property law is unmatched.

We engage with our clients at every stage of their property ventures, from acquiring buildings and sites to development, portfolio amalgamation, and sales.

As legal landscapes and economic conditions evolve, we guide our clients to ensure compliance with legal requirements and leverage available opportunities to their fullest potential.

Embedded in the fabric of the property industry, our property lawyer are prolific authors, working with many foreign investors in Bulgaria.

Our senior property team members actively participate in advisory boards and committees of property industry entities, showcasing our commitment to giving back through association with development bodies.

Discover a Century of property law expertise

Many of our professionals have prior industry or government experience before joining our legal practice.

Known for our practical and solution-focused approach, we excel in advising on development structures, especially in complex scenarios involving multiple uses, various stratum lots, shared facilities, easements, and contributions to expenses.

Catering to property developers, substantial portfolio owners, government authorities, and overseas corporate investors in the Australian real estate market, our expertise extends across residential, industrial, and commercial development, as well as rural property.

### Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Development Services:

– Acquisition of sites or existing buildingsProperty acquisition lawyer
– Drafting and amendment of bylaws
– Management statements
– Development contracts and similar documents
– Contamination and flood affectation matters
– Agreements with adjoining landowners on development matters
– Commercial and retail leases
– Resale contracts and sale of leased premises to investors

### Rural Property Services:

– Acquisition of large rural holdings
– Management, agistment, and cropping agreements
– Drafting long-term agricultural leases
– Easement issues
– Water rights
– Disposal of interests in rural property

### Due Diligence for Property Acquisition and Finance:

– Assessment of risk, including likelihood and severity
– Investigation of title, including review of restrictions, easements, pre-emptive rights, and encroachments
– Supply and standard of services to the land, including relevant agreements
– Access to the property or other property, including license arrangements
– Review of planning, construction, environmental, and heritage matters
– Compliance with statutory duties
– Review of tenancies, car parking, incentive, and other occupancy agreements
– Service contracts and management agreements
– Disputes and litigation relating to the property
– Strata title matters
– Intellectual property, including access to architectural designsProperty acquisition lawyer
– Insurance
– Depreciation, building allowance, and GST review
– Foreign investment review

### Easements and Restrictive Covenants:

– Creation, extinguishment, and variation of easements or covenants
– Easements for access, services, and construction
– Compulsory acquisition of easements and extinguishment by court order
– Litigation if required to secure a court order

### Tax Matters:

– Advice on GST matters affecting property transactions
– Stamp duty advice

In navigating the intricate world of property law, trust us as your seasoned partners for comprehensive and insightful legal support.

We closely cooperate with our clientele during every stage of property ventures, ranging from the procurement of buildings and land, all the way to their development, combining of portfolios, and eventual sale.

As the economic landscape and legal regulations shift, we provide guidance to our clients to ensure full legal compliance while also optimising the potential benefits they can reap from existing opportunities.

We are deeply woven into the property industry’s tapestry.

Our team of real estate attorneys are all esteemed authors who frequently contribute articles to various industry-related and professional periodicals.

We are often sought after to conduct workshops and deliver keynote speeches at conferences.

We take pride in being the pioneer legal firm in Australia to design an online platform for property contract exchanges, thereby transforming the mechanisms of how properties are bought and sold.

Every senior member of our real estate team holds a position on advisory boards or committees that are linked with the property sector and related entities.

We firmly believe in contributing back to the industry via our partnerships with developmental bodies.

A significant proportion of our professional workforce have had experience working within the industry or for government before becoming part of our legal practise.

Purchase of property Bulgaria

Thorough area research and companies contracted lawyers is highly recommended to the process of purchase of property Bulgaria.

Examine a range of properties suggested by different agents, compare prices and ensure you are paying a fair price.

Extreme caution is advised. Do not rely on estate agents, promoters or lawyers, who advise you to cut corners in order to save time and/or money.

Bulgarian property works much differently than property law in BulgariaPurchase of property Bulgaria

Seek independent legal advice

Many property owners are now having legal trouble, since they failed to look for independent legal advice

Engage a lawyer experienced in property transactions, who is not in any way related to other parties in the transaction.

If you are using a Bulgarian-based lawyer, make sure that lawyer has a registration with the Bulgarian Bar Association.

By the purchase of property Bulgaria there are no requirements for liability insurance for your Bulgaria-based lawyer.

Avoid signing any papers or paying any fees before you’ve consulted with an independent legal professional.

For all types of real estate transactions, we offer full legal assistance, from the initiation of the respective procedure to the conclusion of the final contract in the form of a title deed.

We take part and negotiate on behalf of the client with the other party and with any third parties.

 We prepare the texts of preliminary contracts and title deeds.

Based on an explicit authorization by a client, who is currently abroad or is not able to participate in the transaction in person due to other obstacles, we are able to act during the conclusion of the transaction.

For performing a sale and purchase of a property, you should review the entire history of the property for any vicious previous transactions made with it, as well as perform a check for any existing real estate encumbrances over the property.

Every buyer is at risk of buying property with a burden attached to it, or having the transaction declared invalid because of a vicious previous transaction with the property, if these checks are not carried out.

If you are a seller, one of the biggest threats to your rights is to sign the deed of sale, but not to receive the agreed purchase price, or e.g. to assume responsibility for penalties without knowing that there is a statement of claim filed against you.

If the parties have not established trust between themselves, it is advisable to consider a reasonable mechanism for making the payment for the sale of the property, including by using the trust account of the notary, who will execute the transaction.Purchase of property Bulgaria

Off-plan developments

  1. Off-plan developments in Bulgaria are properties, for which no Permit to Use (Act Form 16) have been issued.
  2. The regulated stages of an off-plan development are set forth in the laws and regulatory documents. A non-exhaustive list of documents follows below:
  3. Planning permission – this authorizes developer to draft architectural designs and construction plans for development;
  4. Construction permit – it entitles the developer to start the construction according to the approved architectural, construction technical plans
  5. Opening the construction site and designating the construction line and level (Statement for Start of Construction)
  6. Certificate for completion and approval of shell-and-core construction (Act Form 14)
  7. Certificate acknowledging the compliance of the construction with the statutory rules (Act Form 15)
  8. Permit to Use (Act Form 16)
  9. Buying an off-plan development without Construction Permit is not advisable.

Typical transaction for buying off-plan developments involves two stages:

A/ signing of a preliminary agreement

B/ signing of a title deed in the presence of a Bulgarian Notary

The transfer of property is completed with the signing of the Notary Deed.

It is advised that the payment for purchase of off-plan property shall be made in installments,

All installments shall be paid after the completion of the relevant development stage and obtaining the statutory certification document.

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