Debt Recovery Solicitors

Our industry-leading team of debt recovery lawyers has been operating for more than 15 years as s debt Recovery Solicitors.

We combines the abilities of a debt collection cases with the expertise of a Bulgarian law firm.

Debt recovery for businesses requires prompt action being taken and quick recovery where possible to help with cash flow and ensure payment for goods and services.

We work hard to recover outstanding debts fast and cost-effectively, usually settling cases without the need for formal legal action.

Over the last ten years we’ve achieved outstanding results, we work as debt recovery solicitors recovering huge amount of fund for our clients.

Our specialist debt recovery solicitors act for SMEs and large businesses to help pursue and recover debts owed.Debt Recovery Solicitors

Our debt Recovery Solicitors can discuss with you the best way to try and obtain payment for unpaid debts.

We provide practical help whatever the situation and the amount of the debt.

We will provide clear advice on all the commercial factors to consider when pursuing repayment of a debt and will often provide funding options based on the amount of the debt and whether it is likely to be disputed by the Debtor.

Factors our debt recovery lawyers consider in the assessment include:

  • Whether legal costs will be recoverable as part of any claim.
  • Normally legal costs of representation are only recoverable if the debt is over the small claims limit of EUR 25,000.
  • Debt recovery options such as a letter of claim, statutory demand, court proceedings.
  • If the Debtor is in financial difficulty and incurring legal costs of court action and securing a judgment may not result in the debt being repaid as the Debtor has no assets against which recovery can be made.
  • If there is a possible dispute in relation to the debt or a possible counterclaim.
  • How the debt arose and what terms were agreed as regards repayment.

Our Debt Recovery team regularly advises on:Debt Recovery Solicitors

  • Pre-legal collection including lettering, telephone debt collection, and trace and collect
  • Legal collection, including county court proceedings, mediation services, defended legal actions, enforcement, negotiation and advocacy
  • Payment agreements, including instalment monitoring, chasing defaults and regular instalment assessments
  • Insolvency action, including bankruptcy, winding up, advice on debtor’s petitions, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), Company Voluntary Agreements (CVAs) and post insolvency trustee liaison
  • General debt recovery advice, including Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims compliance, process review, credit control and credit management advice

To learn more about how our specialists can help your business to recover unpaid debts,

please contact a member of our below directly  on  +359 897 90 43 91 or send us an email office@lawyer-bulgaria.bg

Why am I getting letters from a solicitor?

Some companies of solicitors also act as debt collection agencies. Your original creditor may have sold the debt to them, and if the letters ask you to pay the solicitor directly, this is probably what has happened. Or your creditor may be paying the solicitor to collect their debts. This is usually the case if the letter tells you to pay the original creditor. The solicitor may be part of your creditor's collection department using a different name. Check the small print on the letters to see if it mentions the original creditor, or compare the addresses to see if they're similar. This used to be common practice for many banks and other creditors, but most have now stopped doing this because it can be misleading.

What can solicitors do to collect debt?

A solicitor can't do anything different to your original creditor. They can write to you or call you to ask for payments but they don't have any extra powers. They could continue to add interest and charges or they could take you to court. But these actions are much less common than you might think. Solicitors have to follow the same rules from the Financial Conduct Authority as your original creditor when they collect any debts regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. This includes most common debt types such as credit or store cards, overdrafts, personal or payday loans, catalogues or hire purchase

Why choose our law office for your debt recovery case here ?

We will work closely with you to achieve the highest recovery rates and best possible outcomes. We settle many cases quickly and without the need for formal legal action. Where this isn’t possible, we’ll issue court proceedings and advise you on the most appropriate action. The success of our approach is shown by the number and value of debts we have recovered. We build long standing partnerships with clients, becoming a vital part of their team Our online case management system lets you send us new instructions and updates

Divorce procedures Bulgaria

For many people the concept of “divorce” is associated with stress and material loss, and so many people prefer not to take action on their personal lives, hoping that over time they will all sort and do not apply for divorce.  As we interact with many of our international clients and potential clients, we realize that most people do not understand the divorce laws in Bulgaria.

They are confused about the Bulgaria divorce process in general.  But, this is totally understandable.

The law is complicated and most people are not lawyers, so they do not need to know this information.  But if you are here reading this article, you are interested.  So I am going to try to explain some of the Bulgaria divorce laws in the simplest terms possible without all the arcane legalese.

Lots of law firms have articles about different aspects of the Bulgaria divorce laws.  They tend to be short articles about a particular subtopic, or they are covert advertisements about how great a particular law firm is, rather than an overview of the Bulgaria divorce process.

What’s the Process?

There may be some variations in the process depending on the facts of your case (like, whether you have children and where you live), but most divorces with agreement look something like this:

Divorce in Bulgaria is subject to the Family law in Bulgaria, governed by the Bulgarian Family code that settles relations based on marriage, kinship adoption, as well as well as guardianship and tutelage.  In Bulgaria, divorce procedures could be done in two ways:

  • Divorce by mutual agreement or
  • Divorce through breakdown of marriage, when both spouses are Bulgarian citizens. As such, the Bulgarian legislation is applicable.

As relationships get worse, spouses acquire children, different property is acquired, but in fact the family does not exist in the meaning of this concept of morality and law.

Suddenly he / she / decides that they want more than life and divorce, which is often absolutely unexpected for the other partner who should take action to get out of this unpleasant situation with minimal mental and material loss.

Divorce due to marriage disorder is a procedure that aims to end marriage due to a “deep and irreparable” disorder (Article 49 Family code). The claim is constitutive, is brought to the district court on the defendant’s permanent address.

The court is seized with the filing of a claim by one of the spouses meeting the requirements of the CPC and containing the requisite requisites – addressee, country data, relevant annexes, etc. and the request to the court to settle a divorce due to a deep and irreparable marriage disorder.

Divorce procedures Bulgaria

The personal appearance of the parties is mandatory at the first hearing. A consequence of the plaintiff’s unreasonable failure to appear is termination of the case.

The legal procedure of divorce by claim order 

The legal regulation of the procedure has been describen in art. 49-52 Family code.,

divorce by mutual consent is preferred when both parties agree on the reasons for divorce and the court allows for the procedure to take place without investigating the cause for the dissolution of the marriage.

This is the simplest type of divorce in Bulgaria and the costs involved in the procedure are much lower than in other cases.

Spouses must come to an agreement regarding the custody of the children, visiting rights, the division of the property acquired during the marriage, the use of the family name etc.

The evidence of the deep and irreparable disorder of divorce, which is the basis for divorce cases, must be proven in a competitive process .

The Court should establish the reasons for the occurrence of a temporary and disruptive disorder, but its profound and irreparable disorder – these may be objective circumstances, and or marital malfeasance of one or both of the spouses.

Divorce procedures Bulgaria

Divorce proceedings in Bulgaria due to marriage disruption should be initiated by only one spouse . If there is mutual consent for the divorce, proceed according to Art. 50 of Family Code – divorce by mutual consent.

Account should be taken of the restrictive legal norm of Art. 320 of the Code of Civil Procedure, according to which the divorce proceedings are suspended if the wife is pregnant (until the child’s 12 months of age) if she so requests.

Matrimonial claims must also be respected. procedural consumption (exhaustiveness of the marriage process), according to art. 322 of the Civil Procedure Code and according to the mandatory for the courts Interpretative Decision No. 1 / 4.01.2001. of the SCCS of the SCC:

Art. 322. (1) In a claim for divorce, the plaintiff must provide all grounds for the profound and irreparable marriage disorder. Any reasons not mentioned, which occurred and became known to the spouse until the oral hearing is completed, can not serve as a basis for bringing a new claim for divorce.

As stated above, as the basis for the divorce claim is the deep and irreparable disorder of marriage judged by concrete facts proving it, each of these facts is in itself a ground of claim. If a plea is not mentioned in the case, it is overturned and can not serve as a new claim on the basis of that fact. Therefore, all the facts of family life justifying the occurrence of a profound and irreparable marriage disorder should be indicated by the end of the oral hearings.

All matrimonial claims may be joined together. the following claims must be lodged and considered:family & divorce lawyers in Bulgaria

  • For exercising parental rights;
  • On personal relationships and child support;
  • Using the family home;
  • Maintenance between spouses and surname.

At the request of one of the parties, the court may prescribe temporary measures on the care and maintenance of minor children from marriage (if any), the use of family housing and other property acquired during marriage, etc. questions. The provisional measures shall have effect until the final decision is taken.

When selecting a divorce lawsuit – DIVORCE by mutual consent or DIVORCE by legal claim, apart from always the individual and personal specificities of the particular case, the due fees for the proceedings should be known and taken into account:

State fee are payable upon filing of the application. It is paid to the account of the relevant District Court.

Final state fee should be paid  on the account of the respective District Court in case of divorce. 2 per cent on maintenance payments for 3 years maintenance fees for the child on bank account of the District Court.

Other costs may arise in the proceedings, such as expert opinions on one or other matter, the value of which is different and depending on the complexity of the expert’s task.

The burden of all costs in the case – state fees, lawyers’ fees, expert opinions are assigned to the guilty or ill-conscious spouse when there is a ruling on the guilt (according to the norm of Article 49, paragraph 3 of the Family Code, the ruling on wine matters is no longer official, but only if one of the spouses has requested such a ruling) or remains at the expense of each of the parties – as they have done in the course of the proceedings.Divorce procedures Bulgaria

In this comment, the issues of divorce proceedings are examined in principle.

Always consider and choose the procedure best suited to the specific case.

Our family law office provides legal consultations and representation during the contested divorce – a procedure that is quite emotional for the parties.

The information provided below will help you find more about this procedure.

If you need our assistance please call us on + 359 897 90 43 91 or send us a mail office@lawyer-bulgaria.bg

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