Litigation and disputes law

Our clients come with questions for legal advices of Litigation and disputes law.

Our team of esteemed global litigators and dispute resolution experts extends comprehensive guidance to a multitude of leading corporations

We are supporting financial institutions worldwide, tackling intricate, high-value, and sensitive multijurisdictional disputes.

Our extensive proficiency encompasses navigating the complexities of both domestic and cross-border mandates, overseeing international arbitrations, conducting investigations, and enforcing actions.

What we offer in dispute resolution ?Litigation and disputes law

For over eighteen years the legal professionals at D. Vladimirov & Partners in Sofia, Bulgaria have been dedicated to representing individuals entangled in a myriad of legal disputes.

Our extensive experience has taught us that unresolved legal matters can significantly permeate your day-to-day life, casting an impact on both your professional endeavors and personal relationships.

Recognizing the profound implications in Sofia, our legal advice is designed to empower you with the knowledge necessary to determine the most appropriate course of action in your specific case.

Our legal team in Sofia, Bulgaria, drafting a

A/ Legal documents for cases of dispute resolution

B/ Our solicitors diligently works towards swift and cost-effective resolutions,

C. The legal team striving to preserve relationships with the involved parties whenever feasible.

Should you find yourself in need of expert guidance or assistance in resolving disputes with an employer, landlord, business entity, or individual, reach out to our dedicated team today.


We offer expert and pragmatic legal advice for individuals immersed in various private disputes, encompassing:

1. **Property Disputes:**

This includes addressing issues related to neighbor and boundary disputes, lease conflicts, and claims under the Landlord and Tenant Act.

2. **Breach of Contract Claims:**

Drawing on our specialization in contract law, we provide guidance on the enforceability of clauses and facilitate dispute resolution in accordance with contractual terms.

3. **Debt Repayment Actions:**

Catering to both debtors and creditors, we offer advice on the practical aspects of pursuing a money claim, including assessing the financial capacity of a defendant to satisfy any judgment.

4. **Religious Disputes:**

In instances of discrimination at work or in service provision based on religion or beliefs, our team is equipped to assist you.

Whether you’ve faced unfair treatment from a service provider, shop, bank, or other trader on the grounds of your religion or beliefs, we are here to support you in taking appropriate action.

We cater to an array of clients across diverse industry sectors, including financial institutions, energy, infrastructure and resources, transport, technology, life sciences and healthcare, and consumer markets.

Our approach transcends mere dispute resolution; we are proactive in preventing disputes by delivering practical and innovative legal counsel meticulously aligned with our clients’ strategic and commercial objectives.Litigation and disputes law

Our diverse experience covers the entire spectrum of dispute resolution mechanisms, from adept negotiation, mediation, and conciliation to the deployment of robust courtroom strategies.

We handle intricate multi-party and class action lawsuits, engaging in appellate proceedings with finesse.

Our illustrious track record includes active participation in some of the world’s most high-profile domestic and multijurisdictional investigations, encompassing regulatory inquiries, enforcement actions, criminal investigations and prosecutions, and associated civil disputes and litigation.

Our adeptness extends to providing invaluable guidance on risk management and addressing public relations matters in the context of legal disputes.

Setting ourselves apart with a distinctive on-the-ground strength, we extend our advisory services to clients embroiled in disputes across emerging markets, including EUROPE and Middle East.

Simultaneously, our team boasts extensive experience in navigating the complexities of mature markets such as the Europe, UK.

Our team members exhibit linguistic proficiency in more than 20 languages, ensuring seamless and effective communication on a global scale.

Integral to the success of our disputes practice, our global practice support team consistently delivers a proven methodology.

This methodology aids clients in complying with document preservation and production requirements throughout the entire dispute lifecycle.

We provide invaluable assistance in developing case strategies and priorities, all while effectively managing and reducing costs for our esteemed clients.

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