How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

We are supporting foreigners, who come in Bulgaria to start a new business company. That is the reason, why the clients usually ask us how to set up company in Bulgaria ?

Bulgaria is situated in South-Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, the Black sea to the east, and Romania to the north.

The limited liability company is one of the most popular choices for starting business actities in Bulgaria.

Saving taxes is one of the reasons why many business people and companies have chosen to set up a company in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria offers an excellent fiscal climate: a flat corporate income tax rate of 10%, a flat personal income tax rate of 10%, a dividend tax of 5% (dividends distributed to parent companies in the EU are taxed at 0%) and a wide network of double tax treaties.How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

Our clients know and using the advantages of the favorable tax level and business climate in Bulgaria.

There are few legal steps, which need to be followed to register a company in Bulgaria.

t’s very important to note that foreigners face legal instrictions on set up a new business company in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a simplified process of registering companies for foreign businesses.

How to register a company in Bulgaria ?

The clients could register a company from their countries without visiting Bulgaria and spening a money for business trip.

A limited liability company is a commercial company formed by one or more natural or legal persons who are liable for the company’s obligations up to the amount of their contributions to the company’s registered capital.

The entire registration process could be done through the simple power of attorney.

Think about the name of your company and address in Bulgaria. This is very important for the contact with tax office and Bulgarian authorities.

The limited liability company is a simple legal form of business activities in Bulgaria.

This is special form of established by the small and medium companies in Bulgaria

The company should have a manager, appointed by the general meeting of the shareholders.

The name of the company must be unique – thnk about the specific name of your company in Bulgaria.How to set up company in Bulgaria ?

The limited company in Bulgaria should have a initial company capital which has to be deposited in a local bank account.

The minimum start-up capital is BGN 2, which must be divided into shares with a registered value of no less than BGN 1.

We suggest to use our address as a sit and adress of your company and settle a scope of activities, which will be nessesery for the documents.

The entire documents and process of drafting the papers finished with signing and verification of signatures and documents.

After the documents has been signed, you should get an apostile for them

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