Child Abduction in Bulgaria

The last couple of years our law office has been visited from many family member who needs a legal support in child Abduction in Bulgaria

With the growing mobility of EU citizens in Bulgaria and the rise in international marriages and cohabitations, the risk of child abduction cases in Bulgaria has heightened.

Despite being a small European country, Bulgaria has seen an increase in such incidents due to its evolving demographics and international connections.

Child abduction, in this context, refers to the unauthorized relocation of a child by one parent, without the consent of the other parent or in violation of their established place of residence.

This act, when involving travel to a foreign country, is termed as international child abduction.

Such distressing situations inflict a significant emotional toll on both the child and the parent left behind, often resulting in trauma for the child.

In response to the challenges posed by international custody disputes, Bulgaria, as a signatory state, has entered into various international conventions.

These agreements delineate the processes for authorities and courts to expedite the return of the child to their rightful home.

Our law firm specializes in navigating the complexities of child abduction cases.

In these critical situations, our experienced team offers swift assistance, leveraging expertise in family law and immigration law.

We apply our comprehensive knowledge across relevant legal domains to effectively resolve your case, ensuring the protection of cross-border legal challenges.

Trust us to safeguard your rights and reunite families efficiently.

Safeguarding Families in Cross-Border Marriages

The removal of the child will be unauthorised if either parent did not agree or the removal is not approved by the court.Child abduction in Bulgaria

Although the words “child abduction” are used in this guide as a general term for the unauthorised removal of a child as described above.

If the unauthorised removal of own child is within the Bulgaria, it is not a criminal offence.

This does not mean that you do not have any options to have your child returned to you, but they will be different compared to if your child is removed from the BULGARIA.

It is a criminal offence for a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 16 to take or send that child out of the Bulgarian without the consent of everyone with parental responsibility for the child.

Our team of family lawyers act for parents whose children have been abducted and for parents who have removed their children without the necessary consent.

What is child abduction?

Child abduction is when a child is moved across an international border without the right consent in place. Child abduction can happen by:

In wrongful retention cases, it has usually been agreed that the child would travel, but isn’t returned home at the agreed time.

The other countries has more of a tradition in the field of international marital disputes.

Child abduction is a very traumatic experience for the both sides and for the kid.

There are legal procedures in place to ensure that the children were returned to their country of residence.

How long it will take will depend on the country concerned, the circumstances of the case and indeed whether the child can be traced.Child abduction case Bulgaria

The judges applied the return mechanism of the Child Abduction Convention in cases, where children were returned to the left-behind parent.

Legal support of case of abduction

It is important to establish as soon as possible what your parental rights are under the local law of the country to which your child has been taken.

You should obtain urgent legal advice about the laws and practice for the country concerned and the position regarding legal aid for legal costs.

If you appoint a child abduction lawyer the chances will be much higher then before.

This statement again concerns disputes relating to the unlawful detention or transfer of a child to a territory other than the country of habitual residence of the child.

Consideration of the issue is necessary due to the frequent cases in which parents living in different countries have a dispute over where and with whom the child should live.

At one point, usually due to a misunderstanding between the parents, one comes with the child to Bulgaria and refuses to return to the country where they all lived together before.

Bulgaria as a full member of EU is place for legal cases of international abduction of a child by a parent.

After the divorce or separation, one of the both parent decides to take the child to another country.

He dissatisfied with the court decision or in the hope that the court in his or her homeland will be more favorable to him or her.

Child Abduction procedure

Our experienced family law experts are well placed to help you in any of the following situations:

  • Your child has been taken from one part of the Bulgaria to another by the other parent without your consent
  • Your child is at risk of being – or already has been – taken overseas from the Bulgaria without your consent.

If your child is in Bulgaria, we can petition the courts on your behalf to have the child returned to your care.

We have decades of experience dealing with family law courts in Bulgaria, and will provide you with clear and detailed advice on your options.

According to the recommendations of the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference, states should promote legislation to reduce the risk of abduction.

Taking a child to another EU country without permission ?

Our law office is specialized in child abduction Proceedings in Bulgaria.

Our child abduction lawyers can help you if:

  • You believe the other parent or a member of the family might be planning to take your child abroad without your consentChild abduction in Bulgaria
  • Your child’s other parent or family member has already taken your child abroad without your consent
  • Your child has not been bought home after an agreed visit abroad
  • You have been accused of abducting your child or being threatened with child abduction proceedings

Services, we offer to the customors:

The procedure of legal support by Child abduction case Bulgaria

Our family law experts can also help if you:

  • Would like to arrange contact with your child who lives in another country and the other parent is not agreeable
  • Wish to relocate to another country with your child;
  • Have brought your child to Bulgaria from another country and the other parent objects.

Child abduction cases can be traumatic and often complex – especially when foreign laws must be considered. You need a team you can trust to work as quickly as possible to get the result you want.

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How do EU rules help to prevent child abduction?

The court in the country where the child had his/her habitual residence before abduction will remain responsible for questions related to parental responsibility, such as custody and access rights, until the abduction case has been settled. This is to avoid parents abducting their child in the hope of getting a more favourable judgement before the court in their own country.

How can a parent get an abducted child back?

in all EU countries to assist parents who are victims of cross-border child abduction. It is possible to launch a procedure to return the child. In this case, the court needs to rule on the matter within six weeks from when the case reaches the court. The court should provide a child capable of forming his or her own views the opportunity to be heard during the proceedings.

Can the country where the child was abducted to refuse the return of the child ?

The court in the country where the child was abducted to can only object to the return of the child: if there was no wrongful removal or retention (Article 3 of the 1980 Hague Convention); if the left-behind parent was not actually exercising his/her rights of custody at the time of the abduction (Article 13(1)(a) of the 1980 Hague Convention); if there is a serious risk that the return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm (Article 13(1)(b) of the 1980 Hague Convention). However, the return cannot be prevented if adequate arrangements have been made to protect the child. If a court finds that the child should not be returned, it must contact the court in the country where the child was abducted from (Article 27(3) of the Brussels IIb Regulation).

Will the decision of the court be automatically enforceable?

The final ruling by the court in the country of origin is automatically recognised and enforceable in the other EU country without the need for a declaration of enforceability (“abolition of exequatur”), provided that the judge has issued a corresponding certificate provided for in the Brussels IIb Regulation

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